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What Is The Birthstone For March?

In this article, we will discuss what is the birthstone for march. The official birthstones for March are aquamarine and bloodstone. Since replacing bloodstone as the principal birthstone for March in 1952, aquamarine has become more popular. A zodiac stone for Pisces, which is also associated with March, is aquamarine.

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In this article, we will discusswhat is the birthstone for march. The official birthstonesfor March are aquamarine and bloodstone. Since replacing bloodstone as the principal birthstone for Marchin 1952, aquamarine has become more popular. A zodiac stone for Pisces, which is also associated with March, is aquamarine. The birthstone for March is a blue variation of beryl, which is also known as heliodor when it is yellow and emerald when it is green. Aquamarine is the ideal birthstone for March since it has a name that derives from the Latin for "seawater," as well as a color and purity that reflect its peaceful namesake.

The traditional and substitute contemporary birthstones for March are both bloodstone and heliotrope. In the traditional Hindu, Arabic, Hebrew, Polish, and ancient Roman calendars, the bloodstone was also the birthstone for March. Bloodstone was the zodiac stone for Aries and Pisces prior to becoming the birthstone of March in these ancient calendars, with both zodiac signs somewhat corresponding to the month of March. Bloodstone, the birthstone for March, seems to have had a special place in the ancients' hearts.

What Is The Birthstone For March With Color?

Aquamarine has long been prized for its crystal-clear blue hue, which sometimes shows some green. Depending on the trace elements found in its crystal lattice, the mineral species beryl, to which aquamarine belongs, may have a range of hues, including pink, green, and yellow. Iron is the source of the aquamarine variety's stunning blue color.

The combination of hue, tone, and saturation is used to assess aquamarine, as it is with other colored gemstones. Being a naturally light-colored gemstone, aquamarine does not produce very dark tones or saturations. A handful of the darkest stones may have a hue similar to sapphire's blue, although aquamarine is often considerably lighter. Pure blue hues or blues with faint undertones of green, together with fairly high saturation and medium-dark tone, are the most desirable combinations of elements.

Small aquamarine gems often have lighter tones and saturations than bigger ones since the color of the March birthstoneis accentuated by the size of the crystal. The best, most vivid blue and green colors are often only possible with stones that weigh at least five carats. A few sources, most of which are in Africa, do, nevertheless, provide stones with greater saturations than is common. These might be tiny, but they still have vibrant colors that are appealing.

Aquamarine Birthstone Meaning & History

Belonging to the beryl family, aquamarine receives its name from the sea and obtains its color from minute quantities of ferrous iron. The hue of aquamarine may vary from a bluish green to a blue-green to a greenish blue to a deep blue, and its tones can be anywhere from very light to somewhat dark. Generally speaking, bigger stones have a hue that is more saturated.

Aquamarine is produced in a number of countries, including the United States, Madagascar, Pakistan, and Nigeria, with Brazil being the primary producer of the gem. Aquamarine may also be found in Nigeria. The vast majority of aquamarine stones have a greenish hue when they are first extracted from the ground; but, when they are heated, they take on a more true blue color.

Because it forms in enormous crystalsthat may reach up to one foot in length and have six sides each, aquamarine is an excellent choice for being faceted into big stones. One crystal discovered in Brazil had a blue-green color and was 19 inches in length and 16 inches broad. It weighed more than 240 pounds.

Bloodstone Birthstone Meaning & History

Bloodstone, the second birthstone associated with March, has an interesting history. Bloodstone displays the dark and dramatic aspect of March with its streaks of crimson against the dark green background, in contrast to the brilliant blue spring sky that is associated with aquamarine.

Bloodstone is also known as heliotrope, which is a combination of Greek words that translate to "sun changing." The rich crimson color of bloodstone was said to remind people of the color of the setting sun in ancient times. One of the legends surrounding bloodstone is that the very first heliotrope was produced when Christ's blood came into contact with the stone. Following that, the jasper that was found at the base of the cross was transformed into a bloodstone. Because of this, some people believe that bloodstone has mystical capabilities.

Because of the significance of this emblem, Christians in the middle ages would carve crucifixion images into bloodstones. In certain circles, it is also known as the stone of the martyrs. Given that March is traditionally considered to be the beginning of Lent, bloodstone jewelrywith its associated religious connotation might be an appropriate present for a March birthday or for Easter. The collections at the Louvre were expanded not too long ago to include a bloodstone that has the seal of the German Emperor Rudolf II etched onto it.

It is thought that wearing jewels like these would help one become more pure, strong, and protected. People who suffer from blood-related conditions are thought to benefit from the crimson streaks on their bodies. It is stated that wearing a bloodstone to bed can bring about dreams that are both clear and vivid, in addition to providing protection.

Rod Shaped Raw Extracted Gem Stones
Rod Shaped Raw Extracted Gem Stones

Aquamarine Birthstone Care & Cleaning

This March birthstone is suitable for day-to-day use thanks to its Mohs hardness rating of 7.5–8, making it an excellent choice. It is simple to take care of the diamond. Scrub the area behind the gemstone, which is prone to collecting grime, using warm water, a drop or two of dish soap, and a toothbrush. As long as there are no fractures or liquid inclusions in the gem, ultrasonic cleaners and steam cleaning are often two choices that may be used without risk.

Bloodstone Birthstone Care & Cleaning

At home, you can simply clean your bloodstone birthstone using warm, soapy water and a gentle brush. It is essential that you store your bloodstone in a place that is free from harsh chemicals and temperatures that are excessively high. Clean and gentle cotton should be used to dry off this March birthstone. It is essential that you wrap your bloodstone birthstone in a gentle cloth so that the stone does not get damaged while it is being stored. The Mohs hardness scale rates bloodstone as 6.5–7.

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People Also Ask

What Are The 2 Birthstones For March?

Aquamarine and bloodstone are the birthstones for March, the first month of spring, which is fortunate for those who were born in that month.

What Color Is March?

The birthstone for March, aquamarine, has a deep hue and has long been associated with youth, health, and optimism. Its captivating hues, which vary from light to deep blue, are evocative of the ocean.

What Color Pearl Is In March?

The birthstone for March, aquamarine, is colored. from a light pastel to a dark blue or green hue.


The aim of this article is to help you explain what is the birthstone for march. Aquamarine and bloodstone are the birthstones for March. The brilliant blue hues of aquamarine make for stunning daily and special occasion jewelry. Because of the fascinating history of bloodstone and its distinctive hues, impressive jewelry is produced.

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