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Birthstone For March - Aquamarine's Strange Properties And Meaning

People think that the birthstone for March itself has healing powers that can help them get over emotional problems like depression and anxiety. Different countries give different meanings to March birthstones based on where they come from.

Jun 24, 202226 Shares1K ViewsWritten By: Johnny K.Reviewed By: Luke Williams
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  2. What Is The Birthstone For March?
  3. Aquamarine Birthstone Description
  4. Aquamarine Meanings And Symbolism
  5. What Is The Birthstone For March 28th?
  6. Best March Aquamarines By Color & Shape
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People think that the birthstone for Marchitself has healing powers that can help them get over emotional problems like depression and anxiety.

Different countries give different meanings to March birthstonesbased on where they come from. For example, in Italy, children born in March are given marbles as gifts because it is thought to be a good month for them to become adults.

What Is March Birthstone?

March birthstoneis a term used to refer to the birthstonesfor the month of March.

March people think that birthstones represent hope, renewal, and new starts. These stones are connected to the earth and water elements, and they come in all different colors.

What Is The Birthstone For March?

The colors of the sea are reflected in the aquamarine birthstone. Faceted aquamarines can range from a deep green-blue to a light, slightly green-blue color. They are often free of inclusions and as clear as water, which is a sign of purity of spirit and soul.

Oblong-shaped aquamarine gem
Oblong-shaped aquamarine gem
Hardness:7-1/2 to 8 (Mohs)
Specific Gravity:2.67 - 2.71
Cause of color:Heated to get rid of the green and bring out the blue

Aquamarine Birthstone Description

The word "aquamarine" comes from the Latin word for water, aqua, and marines, which means sea.

The sea is linked to the meaning of the gem aquamarine. "Water" is what the Latin word "aqua" means. Because of this, the ancient Greeks, who were the first people to study gemstones, thought of aquamarine as a sign of purity and healing.

Aquamarine is a blue gemthat comes from the same family as beryl. It sparkles and looks greenish-blue.

The color of aquamarine comes from ions of beryllium and aluminum that are in their crystal structure. Its blue color is both natural and caused by the way light bends when it passes through certain crystals, making a prism effect.

The birthstone is also known for being strong and hard. It can withstand high temperatures without breaking or chipping.

Aquamarine Meanings And Symbolism

Given its name, it's probably not a surprise that this birthstone has been linked to the sea for a long time. According to some experts, aquamarine is the treasure of mermaids and is connected to the peaceful energy of the ocean.

Crystal expert like Heather Askinosie says:

Aquamarine has a special connection with water, vibrating with the energy of fluidity.

Because this birthstone is connected to water and the sea, it is also connected to emotions and intuition and helps people stay calm and clear.

Because of this, it can also be a good stone for communicating and being creative.

There are some beliefs that it was also used to protect sailors and warriors in the past. It was also a sign of friendship to the ancient Romans, especially when it was carved into the shape of a frog.

The expert said:

It was even thought that you could give an aquamarine frog to an enemy, and it would turn that person into a friend.

Aquamarine Birthstone Meanings In Different Regions Around The World

  • Aquamarines remind people in Europe of the sea and the color blue.
  • In Asia, they are connected to religion and good fortune.
  • They are linked to wealth and success in North America.
  • In India, aquamarines are linked to wealth and happiness.

Aquamarines have different meanings depending on where they come from and what color they are.

Aquamarine Metaphysical Properties

Aquamarine and 5 Things You Should Know About This March Birthstone-Fun Gemstone Facts(2020)

People think that the healing properties of aquamarine have a lot to do with how you breathe.

Aquamarine is sometimes called the "breath stone". It is known to help with sinus, lung, and breathing problems. People also think that it can help with bronchitis, colds, hay fever, and different types of allergies.

What Is The Birthstone For March 28th?

Sphene is a birthstone for March 28th, it brings out the "charm" and "talent" in people. A good piece of sphene shines as brightly as a diamond. People like it because it is thought to have the energy of "light" or "glow." It will bring benefits you didn't know about to the forefront.

Sphene is a stone that looks like a wedge. The Greek word "Sphenos" was used to name it. The shape of a "wedge" stands for "enhancement," "association," and "reinforcement." It is an amulet that helps a wide range of wishes come true, from loveto businessgrowth.

Best March Aquamarines By Color & Shape

March aquamarines are a type of gemstone and also a birthstone that is usually found in March. They are often shaped and colored in different ways.

By color and shape, the best March aquamarines are:

  • March Aquamarine - Medium blue-green, Oval cut
  • March Aquamarine - Light blue, Oval cut
  • March Aquamarine - Light green - Pear cut

Did You Know?

It can be cut into many different shapes, aquamarine is often used as a gemstone or as a part of a gemstone in jewelry. March Aquamarine can also be used as the center stone of a pendant necklace, earrings, or other jewelry.

A finger with an aquamarine ring
A finger with an aquamarine ring

People Also Ask

Are Aquamarines Rare?

Even though aquamarine and blue topazare both pretty stones, aquamarine is much rarer and more valuable. Aquamarine and emerald are both types of Beryl, which is a type of gemstone.

Can I Wear Aquamarine Every Day?

Yes. The Mohs scale of hardness gives aquamarine a score of 7.5 to 8. It is in the Beryl family. This means that it is a very strong gem that can handle a lot of daily wear.

Can Aquamarine Be In The Sun?

Aquamarine is a fairly hard stone, but it is easily damaged by sunlight and temperature changes. Aquamarine should be kept cool and dry in the summer, like in a jewelry boxin an air-conditioned room.


Aquamarine is the March birthstone, and it is one of the stones that has been used for a long time. By using it, you may be able to feel the properties mentioned by the experts and some people who used it already. Apart from that, it works well in jewelry and fashion. It is obvious that you can apply it to all aspects of your life.

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