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Celebrities Who Use Crystals - How Famous People Trust Their Power

Talk about a popular alternative form of healing used by famous people themselves! Celebrities who use crystals together with some gems believe in the power these things possess.

Jun 04, 2023852 Shares85.2K ViewsWritten By: Johnny K.Reviewed By: Luke Williams
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Celebrities who use crystalsattest to their ability to energize, to heal, to invite pleasant vibes, and to generally bring good luck and anything nice.

Back in 2016, Kim Kardashian flew to Paris for the Fashion Week. One night while in her hotel room alone, male intruders went in, tied her up, and took away some jewelryworth approximately $10.7 million.

The robbery incident, which occurred on her birth month and just 18 days before she turned 36, apparently shocked the voluptuous reality TV star.

A year after, Kim Kardashian told Women's Wear Daily (WWD) what several friends gave her to recover from the horrible experience.

“Healing crystals,” she said.

“For me it [the crystals] meant something so different,” added the former Mrs. West (she’s still married to Kanye at the time of the interview, though).

She further shared in her 2017 WWD interview that after researching and learning more about crystals, she went to Culver City in California to buy from crystal warehouses.

Kim Kardashian is just one of the numerous celebrities who use crystals for a variety of reasons.

Why Celebrities Are Using Crystals | How they Work

Celebrities Who Believe In Crystals

From Hollywood A-list stars to TV personalities to supermodels, celebrities who use crystals believe in the power they possess.

Angelina Jolie, according to Mail Online, believes in the healing capabilities of crystals.

Victoria Beckham, in a 2017 Instagram post, wrote how crystals inspired her Pre-Autumn-Winter 2018 Ready-to-Wear collection.

In the said post, the former Spice Girls member associated crystals with “positive energy,” acknowledged their “healing properties,” and compared them to “good luck charms.”

As for Kim Kardashian, the gemstone opalbecame the inspiration behind her perfume KKW Fragrance Opals launched in November 2021.

For opals, she has this to say, via Instagram:

They are known to intensify love, passion, loyalty, and confidence.

Kim and Victoria are just two of the celebrities who use crystals and who even incorporated their faith in crystals into their business.

With love mentioned earlier, there’s this female Grammy nominee who believes that rose quartz, to quote her from a Cosmopolitan interview she did a long time ago, “attracts the male.”

We’re talking about Katy Perry.

According to Yahoo! News, the current 37-year-old “American Idol” judge placed a strong confidence in the power of the rose quartz.

I sleepwith a rose quartz in my hand at night. It's supposed to help you find love and also heal your heart.

She consulted a crystal healer and most probably that’s one piece of information she received.

Can you guess who advised Katy Perry to turn to crystals for healing and gave the number of a crystal healer to contact?

No less than Madonna

Yup! The “Material Girl” is also into crystals, and she recommended her personal crystal healer to Katy Perry.

If celebrities who use crystals either got introduced to them by friends (like in the case of Kim) or by fellow celebs, for others, it seems to run in the family.

Based on her online TV interview in “Drew” with host Drew Barrymore, supermodel Miranda Kerr took the inspiration from her grandfather.

The Victoria Secret Angel shared that her “grandpa” would give “these big geode crystals” to her grandmother. The family would place them “at the base of the willow tree.”

“That’s were my love of crystals came into it,” she said.

Like Katy, Miranda’s “favorite” crystal is the rose quartz, describing it to Drew as a “soothing, calming, and nurturing crystal.”

Drew Barrymore and Miranda Kerr each holding a huge rose quartz crystal
Drew Barrymore and Miranda Kerr each holding a huge rose quartz crystal

Celebrities Who Use Crystals

Nasty rumors, breakups, divorce, scorching criticisms from one’s performance, poor ticket sales… these could just be some of the things that hurt the feelings, to say the least, of celebrities.

Perhaps these things prompt those celebrities who use crystals to hold on to their supposed healing abilities. For them to heal from the pain they get while juggling their professional and personal lives.

When OK! Online interviewed crystal healer and psychic Eva White, she said that crystals can pave the way for healing, especially among the stars.

For celebrities, crystal healingis a beautiful way to openly display effort towards maintaining harmony with the mind, body, and spirit.

In a 2018 Instagram post, Victoria Beckham said, “I carry crystals with me all the time.”

The better half of David Beckham does so, especially during the fashion shows she would stage for her eponymous clothing line, according to Mail Online. Victoria particularly uses black tourmalineand pink quartz in her own fashion show “backstage ritual.”

“I carry my crystals with me, which some people might think as odd, but it works for us,” attested the mom-of-four designer.

Heather Askinosie, a holistic healing advocate and author of “CRYSTAL365” (2019) and coauthor of “Crystal Muse” (2017), has this to say, as quoted by The Sun:

Crystals are a tool that help you get where you want to go.

If crystals help Victoria achieve a successful fashion show, they also do their wonders for Adele.

For one, crystals help the 34-year-old English singer-songwriter stay calmduring a show, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Jenna Dewan poses with her crystal collection
Jenna Dewan poses with her crystal collection

For communication, dancer Jenna Dewan – she has approximately 200 crystals! – chooses lapis lazuliwhile model Bella Hadid goes for blue celestite, reported Shape.

Other celebrities who use crystals include British writer and fashion designer Alexa Chung; American rapper and singer-songwriter Brooke Candy; and Tinseltown’s Jennifer Aniston, Cara Delevingne, Megan Fox, Kate Hudson, and Uma Thurman.

Crystals To Become Famous

Celebrities who use crystals also aim for stability in their respective careers.

The no-shortcut-to-success maxim ringstrue even when it comes to becoming a famous celeb. It will take good old hard work and perseverance to reach stardom.

Holistic healthand life coach Tori Boughey affirmed how crystals can aid an individual realize a goal, according to beauty and fashion site Grazia Daily. The founder of TBalance Crystals in London, Boughey said:

Whatever you might be trying to draw into your life, there is a crystal to help you do it.

New York-based crystal healer Alden Gagnon recommends, through the acting workshop website Actor Therapy NYC, the following crystals to become famous:

  • aragonite (boosts one’s confidence)
  • black tourmaline (to be grounded)
  • carnelian and turquoise(for singers)
  • citrine(improves one's creativity)
  • selenite (recharges or cleans up your inner force or aura after long hours of people interaction)

When the going gets tough, amethystcasts away self-doubts and aquamarine calms the mind, per Artsy. To remain inspired, try pyrite, and to ward off negative energy and increase invite energy, there’s the clear quartz.

People Ask

Does Oprah Crystal?

Yes, the Queen of Talk is one of the celebrities who use crystals. In fact, she adds them to her bath. According to her eponymous website, a heart-shaped bowl filled with rose quartz made it on “Oprah’s Favorite Things 2021.”

Does It Matter Where I Put My Crystals?

Yes, it does because, according to the Colby College Community Web, putting them at the appropriate place takes full advantage of the energy the crystals possess.

Crystals and their proper places in the house:

  • main entrance: carnelian, pyrite, black tourmaline
  • living room:
  • bedroom: selenite
  • child’s room: celestite and
  • kitchen: rose quartz, quartz crystals
  • garden: green aventurine

What Crystals Should You Keep On You?

Bring with you any of these crystals:

  • amethyst (peace of mind)
  • black tourmaline (protection)
  • jade (luck and prosperity)
  • jasper (relieves stress)
  • labradorite (to accomplish things)
  • malachite (illness prevention)
  • moonstone (inner strength)
  • obsidian (anti-negativity)
  • pyrite (confidence)
  • tree agate (balance)
Makeup-free Debra Messing wearing a huge malachite pendant
Makeup-free Debra Messing wearing a huge malachite pendant

What Are Good Crystals For Reiki?

Some of the recommended crystals to use for Reiki:

  • amethyst (for the third eye)
  • aquamarine (calming effect)
  • citrine (upper abdomen/diaphragm)
  • rose quartz (heart)
  • sodalite (throat)


For the celebrities who use crystals, it appears they’re doing something right.

Heather Askinosie told The Sun:

Crystals are a touchstone to becoming grounded, balanced and centered. And when we’re in this state, we can make better decisions.

One can easily get drunk with fame.

No wonder several celebrities who use crystals do so because they want to keep their act together while in the glitzy yet dizzying world of glamor and opulence.

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