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Crystal Healing - The Properties Behind Each Birthstone

Gemstones serve far more than just ornamental purposes. Both ancient and modern cultures believe that nature’s gorgeous gems come with a wide range of healing properties.

Dec 09, 2022339 Shares339.3K ViewsWritten By: Johnny K.Reviewed By: Luke Williams
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  1. January: Garnet
  2. February: Amethyst
  3. March: Aquamarine
  4. April: Diamond
  5. May: Emerald
  6. June: Pearls
  7. July: Ruby
  8. August: Peridot
  9. September: Sapphire
  10. October: Opal
  11. November: Topaz
  12. December: Turquoise

Gemstonesserve far more than just ornamental purposes. Both ancient and modern cultures believe that nature’s gorgeous gems come with a wide range of healing properties. From dark and moody black gemstonesto vibrant and joyful crystals, it is believed that gemstones have more than just a decorative appeal and that they can, in fact, heal, improve mood, boost energy, focus, and many more. Let’s take a look at each of these birthstonesand the healthbenefits they’re said to bring.

January: Garnet

Garnet is connected to the fire element, which relates to passion, energy and inspiration. Being connected to the root chakra, this cherished stone opens your heart, improves confidence and stimulates awareness. As for physical benefits, it is believed that Garnet detoxifies the blood and keeps the heart healthy by regulating the blood circulation.

February: Amethyst

February birthstone
February birthstone

Amethysthas been one of the most popular semi-precious stones since ancient times. This deep purple gem is a soothing crystal with peaceful properties that is said to release your creativity. It is also believed to bring inner strength, courage, and peace to the wearer. Its amazing tranquil qualities make Amethyst a great gift for anyone suffering from anxiety. As for its physical healing properties, Amethyst is used for strengthening organs, improving blood circulation, treating insomnia, headaches and digestive problems.

March: Aquamarine

With its glass-like luster and stunning ocean-blue color, Aquamarine is a well-known crystal which has been associated with many emotional healing properties and soothing energy. This gorgeous crystal is believed to inspire communication, motivation and tranquility and it is said to help relief stressand calm panic attacks. People also believe that this stone can help with teeth problems, lung issues and can also boost the immune system.

April: Diamond


If you are born in April, you should consider yourself lucky to have been attributed such a precious stone. Perceived as the world’s most popular and sought-after gems, Diamondsare just as tough as they are stunning. The precious gem is said to create strength, longevity and love, while offering the wearer a sense of mental clarity and balance. The Diamondbirthstone is believed to possess various physical healing properties including purifying the blood, rebalancing the metabolism and counteracting poisoning.

May: Emerald

The Emerald crystal is one of four precious gemstones together with Ruby, Diamond and Sapphire. This mesmerizing green crystalis believed to help release negativity and provide strength, hope and courage. The Emerald’s physical healing propertiesare connected with its ability to combat aging and restore damaged organs. This crystal is also considered a great healer for liver, lungs, kidneys, eyes, skin and heart.

June: Pearls

One of the world’s oldest gemstones, Pearls are associated with bringing balance to your body's natural cycles. Their soothing and calming properties help bring positivity and happiness to the wearer. Pearls are also known for a wide range of physical healing properties, including heart problems, lung infections, liver and kidney issues.

July: Ruby


Ruby is a precious red gemstone associated with royalty and nobility. It is said that this gorgeous gem helps release negativity, anger and suffering while increasing love and joy. The physical healing properties of this stone are associated with infertility, sexual dysfunctions and menopause problems. It is also believed that the Ruby is a great way of stimulating circulation and blood flow while also improving heart problems.

August: Peridot

This beautiful crystal is considered to be one of the most amazing gemstones associated with emotional healing. It is believed that Peridot helps transform negative emotions into positive feelings. The crystal brings love, happiness, patience and compassion, while helping people detach from the past and move forward in life.

Peridot is also a great physical healer, as it is said to help balance the endocrine system, improve digestion, relief pain and improve the function of the liver.

September: Sapphire

Famous for its majestic blue color, this royal stone is said to create balance and calmness in the mind while increasing intuition and inner strength. The Sapphire also promotes positive feelings and positive energy as it diminishes negative emotions like anger or frustration. The energy of the Sapphirecrystal also produces physical healing properties such as detoxification, reducing infections and inflammation or even curing blood clots. The healing energy of this crystal is also beneficial to people who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer disease and it provides a calming effect to those going through a post-surgery healing process.

October: Opal

Opal, also known as "Eye Stone", is believed to be an amazing shield against negative energy and a rich source of love, hope, purity, luck and happiness. It is said that wearing this stone will help a person fall in love with life and live in harmony with their emotions. Physically, Opal is known for cleaning the blood and kidneys and removing infections. The stone is also believed to help regulate insulin production and boost memory.

November: Topaz

A joyful and rejuvenating stone, Topazimproves clarity and helps in the process of manifestation. This beautiful gemstone is soothing and can be used to calm anxieties and treat depression by balancing emotions. In addition, Topazis believed to help fight off infections, reduce inflammation in the body and stimulate the metabolism. It can also help cure blurred vision and soothe tired eyes.

December: Turquoise


As one of the oldest healing stones in history, this gorgeous blue gemlooks like it has been painted in the shades of the ocean. Turquoiseis a purification stone that cleanses negative energy and brings good fortune to the wearer while stabilizing mood swings and instilling inner calm. Deeply connected to breathing, the December birthstone is said to help with respiratory issues, allergies and migraines. Full of anti-inflammatory properties, Turquoise can improve the immune system and rebalance the body.

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