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Aquamarine Birthstone Month - A March Birthstone

The aquamarine birthstone month is March. Aquamarine is mined from very deep beneath the earth and has a hue that is evocative of the sea. Aquamarine, which was also referred to as "Tarshish" in Hebrew, was one of the precious stones that were set into the breastplate worn by the high priest of the historic Israelites.

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The aquamarine birthstone monthis March. Aquamarine is mined from very deep beneath the earth and has a hue that is evocative of the sea. Aquamarine, which was also referred to as "Tarshish" in Hebrew, was one of the precious stones that were set into the breastplate worn by the high priest of the historic Israelites.

Aquamarine was considered by many ancient societies to be a representation of hope, the future, and the promise of a better life, as well as heroism and everlasting love. Aquamarine was thought to have the ability to predict the future and was also utilized as a remedy for eye conditions throughout the Middle Ages. As a result of its hue, it came to represent youth and joy, and it was also worn as a protective amulet against unfortunate events.

Aquamarines were formerly referred to be "the stones of perpetual life," and possessing one was thought to bestow good fortune on its possessor. Some people held the belief that aquamarines might improve articulation while also relieving eye and throat discomfort.

Aquamarine Birthstone Month And History

The Latin terms "aqua" and "marina," which denote the color of the water, are the origin of the English phrase "aquamarine." Aquamarines with facets usually don't have any inclusions, giving them a transparent, aquatic aspect that makes them stand as a sign of spiritual purity. The ancient mariners thought that the birthstone for Marchcontrolled the waves, keeping the sailors safe at sea. It is also believed to encourage joyful marriages.

For the last 200 years, Minas Gerais in Brazil has been one of the primary producers of aquamarine. It may also be found at a greater altitude in Pakistan's Karakorum foothills. Additionally, several regions of Africa, the US, Russia, China, Myanmar, and Ukraine mine this "water clear" birthstone.

The hardness of aquamarine, which varies from 7.5 to 8 on the Moh's scale, makes it suitable for daily use. It is a specimen of the mineral beryl that varies in color from greenish blue to blue and is of gem quality. While the majority of aquamarine is quite pale in color, those with a strong blue tone are very uncommon and expensive. This birthstone for March comes in translucent and transparent forms.

Given its durability, cleaning and caring for it are rather simple. The reverse of the stone may be cleaned with a toothbrush, warm water, and mild dish soap. Aquamarines without liquid inclusions or fractures may be cleaned using steam and ultrasonic cleaning techniques in a secure and acceptable manner.

Aquamarine Birthstone Characteristics

Since ancient times, collectors have placed a high value on this aquamarine gem. In addition, it is an interesting and budget-friendly option for any piece of aquamarine jewelryyou could be considering. The term Aquamarine originates from two Latin words: aqua, which means "water," and marina, which means "of the sea." Together, these phrases are from the English word "aquamarine."

There are historical connections made between aqua gemstonesand the medieval ages, the Greeks, and the Romans. Held in reverence as a symbol of the Roman god Neptune, who was the god of the sea.

Origins Of Aquamarine

Valuable examples come from Brazil. Other places include Australia, Kenya, Nigeria, Madagascar, Zambia, Tanzania, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Russia. Kenya and Nigeria are both in Africa. Madagascar, Zambia, and Tanzania are in Africa.

Health And Healing Gemstones

The gemstone aquamarine is said to represent both youth and optimism for the future. A lot of people think that this gorgeous stone has healing abilities, that it symbolizes constancy, and that it represents the love that lasts forever.

In addition, a lot of individuals carried this crystalline gemstone because they believed it could treat illnesses and improve their health. For instance, treating diseases related to the liver, jaws, throat, and stomach, as well as toothaches.

Romantic Properties Of Aquamarine

The amazing diamondwas responsible for the success of the marriage. Because of its association with love and romance, an aquamarine is an excellent option when selecting a gemstone for jewelry.

Is Aquamarine Lucky?

The use of aquamarine gemstones was thought to have a sedative effect on the sea by sailors. Many sailors, when faced with the perils of the sea, were happy to have access to any good-luck sign that was available. Because of this, many people who travel by sea believe that wearing this gorgeous gemstone would bring them luck and good fortune.

Low Angle View of Woman Relaxing on Beach Against Blue Sky
Low Angle View of Woman Relaxing on Beach Against Blue Sky

What Color Is The Aquamarine March Birthstone?

Due to the fact that both of March's birthstonesbelong to quite diverse color palettes, there is no one hue associated with the month of March's birthstones. The hue of an aquamarine is a bright pale blue, whereas the color of a bloodstone ranges from dark greenish-black to rusty red. Both birthstones represent the month of March.

However, because aquamarine is considered to be the "primary" March birthstoneat the moment, blue is frequently considered to be the primary color for March's birthstones.

This means that other blue gemstones can serve just as well as a March birthstone if you are not so strict about the designation. March, which is considered to be the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere, is also a suitable month to combine with the gentle, calming blue hue of the aquamarine birthstone.

March Birthstone - AQUAMARINE! Learn the Crystal Wisdom Benefits of your Birthstone!

Care & Cleaning For Aquamarine Birthstones

With a Mohs hardness of 7.5-8, the birthstone for March is durable enough to be worn every day. Taking care of the diamond is easy.

Use warm water, mild dish soap, and a toothbrush to clean the region where dirt could collect behind the gem. Using steam or ultrasonic cleaners is often safe as long as the gem is free of fractures and liquid inclusions.

People Also Ask

What Are The 2 Birthstones For March?

Aquamarine and bloodstoneare the birthstones for March, the first month of spring, which is fortunate for those who were born in that month.

Which Birthstone Is Aquamarine?

In addition to being the March birthstone, aquamarine is also given as a gift on the 19th wedding anniversary.

Which Zodiac Signs Can Wear Aquamarine?

Capricorn, Aquarius, and Aries sign natives typically wear aquamarine jewelry.


The aquamarine birthstone month is aquamarine. This gemstone, whose name is derived from "Aqua," was supposed to provide protection to seafarers. This cool blue stone is strong and clean since it is formed from the mineral species known as "beryl." This diamond is simple to maintain and possesses qualities that make it a good choice for jewelry, scoring 7.5 on Moh's scale.

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