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What Is Black Tourmaline Used For Spiritually? How It Can Change Your Life

What is Black Tourmaline used for spiritually? Black Tourmaline crystal stone is a good crystal for everyone since it protects and eliminates bad energy. It may be worn as jewelry, kept in your car, and placed near computers. This all-purpose energy cleaner is essential for every gemstone collection.

Jun 26, 2023808 Shares202K ViewsWritten By: Johnny K.Reviewed By: Luke Williams
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What is Black Tourmaline used for spiritually? Black Tourmalinecrystal stone is a good crystal for everyone since it protects and eliminates bad energy. It may be worn as jewelry, kept in your car, and placed near computers. This all-purpose energy cleaner is essential for every gemstone collection.

Like a sponge, Black Tourmaline crystalsabsorb negative energy. This stone's protective characteristic comes from its ability to absorb negativity and block it from invading your house, mind, body, or spirit.

Black Tourmaline stoneis used in daily cleansing rituals to eliminate negative energy from your energy field due to its tremendous capacity to cleanse negativity.

Due to its affinity with the lower chakras, Black Tourmaline crystal therapy is grounded and regulating. This gem helps you feel protected by anchoring your energy and boosting your energetic security.

What Is Black Tourmaline?

Tourmaline, a crystalline boron silicate mineral, is a form of black tourmaline. It's really the most plentiful (and inexpensive) variety of tourmaline, according to Yulia Van Doren, author of Crystals: The Modern Guide to Crystal Healingand creator of Goldirocks, and it's packed with iron, resulting in its deep, dark hue.

According to Ashley Leavy, founder and educational director of the Loveand Light School of Crystal Therapy, black tourmaline is mostly found in Brazil and China, although it may also be found in Nigeria, Kenya, Madagascar, and other places.

A lot of iron-based minerals have this historical connection—and modern connection—with protection. You shouldn't really be able to see light through it. If you see any light passing through it, it's probably a dry white tourmaline or a really, really dark green or even a really dark blue tourmaline.- Yulia Van Doren, author of Crystals: The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing and founder of Goldirocks

A hand is holding Black Tourmaline stone
A hand is holding Black Tourmaline stone

Black Tourmaline Meaning And Symbolism

Today, black Tourmaline is often connected with washing and purification. It is seen as a sign of power. People that have this gemstone often have significant amounts of worry and tension. Black Tourmaline has a rich history that is as deep as its color. Black Tourmaline is also known as Schorl, which is the name of the town in Saxon, Germany where the gem was found.

The term jet Schorl has been frequently used across numerous civilizations since the Medieval Period. Many ancient cultures' shamans carry Black Tourmaline as a kind of protection. Furthermore, ancient magicians used Black Tourmaline to defend themselves from evil spirits and energies when casting spells and performing rituals.

In Chinese Feng Shui, on the other hand, Black Tourmaline is said to establish an energy barrier and aid in the development of empathy in the user.

However, Black Tourmaline only came to prominence as a valuable gemstone in the late 1800s, when the famed jewelry manufacturer Tifanny & Co. included it in their inventory. Since then, the crystal's popularity has risen, making it one of the most sought-after crystals on the planet.

One of the most notable properties of Black Tourmaline is its capacity to be electrically charged merely by stroking it. Black Tourmaline is now popular with dealers as a dust collector for their Meerschaum pipes.

In the current spiritual world, black tourmaline is still recognized as a strong protective cloak that repels supernatural forces and removes harmful energies and beings. The stone is also utilized as a cleansing object, protecting people from radiation and transforming bad ideas into good ones.

Black Tourmaline: Meanings, Properties And Uses

What Is Black Tourmaline Used For Spiritually?

Black tourmaline's purpose is to anchor spiritual forces on Earth, making it easier for people who are attracted to its abilities to manifest their own inner Light.

It strengthens one's capacity to shine bright even in the bleakest of situations, and to keep one's spiritual bearings even while one moves through life alongside individuals who aren't constantly in the Light and who aren't familiar with the love of the cosmos.

Powerful electrical energy is channeled via natural Tourmaline wands, allowing them to heal beyond the bounds of physics. These Light instruments are very useful in dissolving bad energy and clearing the aura of any obstructions.

Black tourmaline wands with their tips pointing toward the toes may be used to channel bad energy out of the body via the knees or feet. They may also be utilized to rebalance the meridians of the physical body and provide an ideal equilibrium in the ethereal body by channeling energy from the crown and ethereal body down to the base chakra.

How To Use Black Tourmaline?

Put It In Your House For Safety

One of the most frequent use for black tourmaline is to keep it in your home for protection.

Keep It On You When You're Out And About

Of course, it's also a fantastic stone to have with you anytime you go out in public, particularly if you know you're going to be in a bad scenario.

Sleep With It Nearby

Keep some black tourmaline close when sleeping, whether it's beneath your mattress or on your nightstand. Its grounding and protecting energy can help you relax before bed and sleepwith an added sense of security.

Combine It With Other Crystals

Combining black tourmaline with satin spar or selenite will help purify your energy body. You may just hold them next to one other or meditate with both in your hands.

Black Tourmaline Benefits

Black Tourmaline is a potent protective stone with several therapeutic effects. It is well renowned for its ability to repel bad energies and offer powerful protection energy to those who wear it. This gem protects against energy vampires and other types of negativity that may disrupt or weaken one's own energy field.

When required, black tourmaline interacts with the root chakra to assist anchor and concentrate one's energies. This stone gives emotional stability and bravery while relieving tension and worry; psychologically, it clears brain clutter and corrects imbalances in thought patterns.

The healing vibrations of black tourmaline are highly effective; they promote peace of mind and calm, which facilitates relaxation, enabling a deeper connection with the spiritual world.

Black Tourmaline Healing Properties

Spiritual Healing Properties

If you spend a lot of time in a toxic environment, like an office or a home, Black Tourmaline is a great protection stone to have. It acts as a cleansing agent to rid our auric field of everything that does not serve us while also protecting us from psychic assault and energy vampires.

Because of its cleansing quality, we may also improve our own state of mind and make progress toward Enlightenment. Black tourmaline is an excellent tethering stone that keeps us rooted in our physical selves and on our intended course.

It may also help us see how we might be more physically philanthropic, which is essential if we want to bring about genuine good change in the world.

Emotional Healing Properties

When it comes to stones, black tourmaline is among the most protective and calming. It encourages us to have a sunny disposition no matter the weather by easing tension and stress.

It may help us keep our heads, hearts, and minds in the right places so that we can take responsibility for our own lives without taking on the problems of others. The protective properties of black tourmaline allow us to relax and let go of our worries.

Mental Healing Properties

Black tourmaline removes stress and anxiety and replaces it with calm, rational mind. It allows us to detach from our emotions, allowing us to think more clearly and creatively in practical situations. Black tourmaline also aids with introspection, allowing us to step back and objectively assess where we went wrong and how to put things right.

Understanding that we are still learning and developing and that everything is going to be alright in the end helps us avoid psychologically "beating ourselves up" for our errors. If you're trying to strike a better work-life balance or reevaluate your priorities, Black Tourmaline is the stone for you.

Physical Healing Properties

When we're anxious about our bodies, we should use black tourmaline. Since its energy is less intense than that of other so-called "black stones," it is more comfortable to carry or wear for long periods of time. Instead of worrying about every possible bad outcome, we should center ourselves on the things we know to be true.

It serves as a timely reminder that we must make do with the data at hand and adapt when new information becomes available. In the meanwhile, you should take things slowly and focus on realism. If you're having trouble with your lower back, legs, or feet, try wearing some Black Tourmaline.

Black Tourmaline As A Zodiac Birthstone

Black Tourmaline is the birthstone associated with the dark nights closing in. As an October birthstone, Black Tourmaline is a good match for Libras and Scorpios, but it is also a great fit for Capricorns. Librans are pleasant and balanced, although they prefer to avoid confrontation.

Black Tourmaline encourages Librans to be strong and protected by providing a safe area for them to voice their views and ideas when required. Black Tourmaline is a stress reliever for the Libra astrological sign. Black Tourmaline may also aid Scorpios with their indecisiveness and conflict avoidance.

Capricorns are renowned for their ambition and discipline, but spending too much time glued to the computer and all that technology may be harmful to both mental and physical health. Black Tourmaline may swoop in and absorb those EMFs.

Capricorns may take satisfaction in being thorough and uncompromising realists, yet this may often be misinterpreted as being too gloomy. When a fresh proposal is presented, a Capricorn will not hesitate to point out the faults in the plan before showing any sign of joy.

Another great property of Black Tourmaline is its capacity to bring in much-needed optimism while pushing bad feelings to the background. This is not to say that the dark-colored stone encourages you to be a phony, but rather that it encourages you to give greater attention to the positive side.

Because Capricorns might be a little more sensitive, Black Tourmaline may enable you to acquire a little thicker skin. There is nothing wrong with being sensitive, but if it is interfering with your self-confidence, esteem, and ability to relax in social situations, this obsidian-like gemstone will help you shrug off those jokes like water on a duck's back.

People Also Ask

What Is The Purpose Of Black Tourmaline?

Black tourmaline's primary traits are protection and anchoring. It's a go-to stone for protection, shielding, and removing negative energy. It might be useful if you know you're headed into a tough or stressful circumstance.

How To Use Black Tourmaline Tumbled Crystals For Healing?

Make use of them to cleanse your energy field and get rid of any worries, anger, resentment, self-criticism, uncertainty, or low self-esteem. Tumbled stones of Black Tourmaline are very effective as healing crystals. They are a convenient size for holding and wearing or bringing along.

Can Black Tourmaline Help You Sleep Better?

Black tourmaline may help those who have trouble sleeping since it reduces tension. Black tourmaline is a powerful master stone for maintaining optimism in the face of adversity. It is widely believed that this gem may boost your health and wellbeing while also absorbing any bad energy you may be experiencing.

What Are The Properties Of Tourmaline?

Tourmaline's ability to be electrically charged with simple rubbing or heating is perhaps its most distinctive quality. One end becomes negative and the other goes positive when charged. As a result, the crystal may either push away or collect dirt and paper fragments.

Final Words

What is Black Tourmaline used for spiritually? Black tourmaline is the perfect covert weapon for individuals who want to harness the protective energies of nature.

Its flawless abilities, including the transformation of destructive energy into constructive ones, make it an indispensable addition to your collection of protective and assisting stones.

Black tourmaline might be your best friend if you have trouble feeling secure in your root chakra, are often overwhelmed by your emotions, and have trouble finding your place in the world.

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