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Colors Of The Birthstones By Month - The Birthstones Guide

In this article, we will discuss the colors of the birthstones by month. Birthstones are precious or semiprecious gemstones that are connected with a specific month or sign of the Zodiac. They may be worn as a symbol of the month in which a person was born.

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In this article, we will discuss the colors of the birthstones by month. Birthstonesare precious or semiprecious gemstonesthat are connected with a specific month or sign of the Zodiac. They may be worn as a symbol of the month in which a person was born. When worn during certain months, it was thought that certain jewels would bring their wearer good fortune.

This belief dates back to ancient times. It is common practice to trace the beginning of this idea back to the account of the Breastplate of Aaron that may be found in the book of Exodus in the Bible. It was stated that the famous breastplate was adorned with twelve distinct colored stones of varying sizes.

Different Colors Of The Birthstones By Month

Listed below is a concise guide to the many birthstones and the months that they represent.

January Birthstone Colors

Redis the most popular birthstone color for January. Blue, green, and yellow are some additional hues. The related crystalsand stones reflect this spectrum of hues. The birthstone for the month of January is garnet, which is a deep red color.

Red zircon, also referred to as hyacinth, is another stone for January that is available in this color. Green is another color that appears in January, in addition to red. Two secondary birthstones that are frequently connected to this time of year are emerald and sapphire.

February Birthstone Colors

The birthstones for February are primarily purplein hue. And when discussing purple gemstones, amethyststands out. Amethyst is the predominant birthstone for February, in fact. It comes in a wide range of hues, from lavender to deep purple, and is for sale.

Amethyst can provide excellent defense against all forms of addiction. It fosters freedom, safety, and peace. White is an option for a secondary color; examples include moonstones and pearls. Another option is green, like heliotrope (Bloodstone).

March Birthstone Colors

Aquamarine is the primary birthstone for the month of March. As a result, the color blueis the month's predominant hue. This stone reflects the hues of the ocean, bringing therapeutic properties from the water to the body and calming overheated emotions.

Green and aquamarine are this month's additional hues. If you were born in the month of March, you could also choose Jasper, whose primary color is red. However, brown is also very common, especially in lighter shades.

April Birthstone Colors

The first birthstone mentioned is quartz, one of the two for April. From the Greek word krystallos, which means "ice," quartz also goes by the names rock crystal and ice crystal. Worldwide, quartz is the second most prevalent mineral after feldspar.

Quartzis utilized for a wide variety of scientific and mechanical applications, in part because it is readily available and in part because of its distinctive qualities. Electrical current may be converted into certain vibrational frequencies by quartz. In fact, the quartz watch mechanism is so accurate that you may keep time with it.

Quartz vibrates with the wearer's unique requirements. It has the intrinsic capacity to concentrate, magnify, store, and change any energies routed via it, keeping the energy for a long enough period of time to aid in the realization of a desired objective.

It gives the user a feeling of direction and clarity while blocking out distractions that can lead them off their intended course.

May Birthstone Colors

Emerald, the birthstone for May, is a mineral that contains traces of the elements vanadium or chromium, which give it its striking green color. It is the birthstone for both Taureans and Geminis.

Emeralds have shone brightly throughout many mythologies and histories, and with good reason: This is a stone that can manifest enormous gifts of magnetic good fortune, abundance, and health.

June Birthstone Colors

The pearl, the only gemstone created by a living thing, is your birthstone if you were born in June, according to Van Doren. Like the mollusks from which they originate, these gleaming gems are composed of calcium carbonite.

Pearls serve as brilliant reminders that life's most challenging experiences frequently lead to your most beautiful transformations. However, just as it takes a mollusk a lot of time and effort to turn a sand grain into a pearl, it also takes you a lot of time and hard work to turn your biggest obstacles into priceless brilliance.

July Birthstone Colors

The July birthstone, a ruby, is regarded as the king of stones and stands for intelligence, love, and health. A beautiful red rubyis said to fend off evil while attracting good fortune when worn. Ruby may also represent passion and love. The most expensive gemstone is the ruby, and the better and more colorful it is, the more costly it becomes.

The fact that ancient Chinese soldiers were known to put Rubies on their armor demonstrates how highly prized the stone is. In reality, Ruby is used in the production of bullets in various Arab nations. A Ruby bullet is said to increase the enemy's bleeding.

August Birthstone Colors

The most popular birthstone for Augustis peridot, one of the few gemstones that are discovered to exist naturally in only one hue. The Peridiot is olive green, and the quantity of iron in the crystal structure often affects the color's intensity.

According to legend, the name Peridot was originally stated in a bishop's will when three rings, including Peridiot, were left at St. Albans Abbey. The Peridiot, often known as "the twilight emerald," is sometimes mistaken for the Emerald. It is said to stand for power and, when set in gold, to shield the wearer from bad dreams.

Different shades of color
Different shades of color

September Birthstone Colors

Although sapphire, the September birthstone, is available in a variety of colors, including green, pink, white, and yellow, they are primarily associated with blue tones (or better yet the blue hues of the Sapphire are the most sought-after).

Fancy sapphire is a sapphire that is a different color, such as pink, white, or yellow. Along with rubies, emeralds, and diamonds, sapphires are precious stones. Therefore, it could be argued that this is the main factor behind its widespread use as engagement rings.

October Birthstone Colors

Opalis this month's most popular birthstone. Opal has several colors in its priceless varieties, making it difficult to designate a specific hue to it. Opals are famed for their distinctive play of colored light, which drives up their price. Tourmaline, particularly pink tourmaline, blue aquamarine, blue beryl, and red jasperare other birthstones.

November Birthstone Colors

Yellow Topazis this month's primary birthstone. Although topazitself is available in a variety of hues, yellow is the most prevalent (the so-called Imperial Topaz). Citrine, which is a beautiful protective stone and also draws plenty, may be an excellent substitute in this regard.

Another option that comes to mind is the chrysoberyl cat's eye, which is quite pricey. Go for it if you can afford it. Given that all of the aforementioned stones can be found in shades of brown, brown is another potential hue for this month.

December Birthstone Colors

Whereas Yellow Topaz is the primary birthstone for November, the major color for November is Yellow, while December's primary color is Blue, which is a popular topaz variant. Turquoiseis another option. Tanzanite, Lapis Lazuli, and blue Chrysoprase are other gemstones that may potentially be a nice option. The other hues are red, like Ruby, black, like Onyx, and green, like green.

All 12 Birthstone Colors & Meanings

What Is The Origin Of Birthstones?

The twelve stones in the Breastplate of Aaron, the twelve months of the year, and the twelve zodiac signs were linked by Christian academics in the fifth century. They believed that by wearing a certain diamondduring a specific month or astrological alignment, they would experience therapeutic advantages.

People began wearing one stone for each month of the year, giving each one a unique significance and value, in order to get the full benefits. A person would only wear the stone during the month they were born once this custom was adjusted (hence the term birthstone).

People Also Ask

Which Stone Is The Best Investment?

Success in businessand the workforce is attributed to the citrine stone.

Which Stones Cannot Wear Together?

Blue sapphires shouldn't be paired with pearls, coral, or rubies. These stones belong to Saturn and cannot be mixed with those of the sun, moon, or Mars.

Why Wear Your Birthstone?

Birthstone jewelryis believed to offer protection, good health, and luck.


Birthstones are expensive or semi-precious gemstones that are associated with a certain month or Zodiac sign. They might be worn to represent the month a person was born. The aim of this article is to help you explain the colors of the birthstones by month.

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