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Origins Of Birthstones Numerology - From January To December

The birthstones that we identify with specific months now are not always the same as those that were used centuries ago. Originally, they were associated with the 12 jewels seen on the breastplate of the Isrealites' High Priest in the Book of Exodus.

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  1. The Origin Of Birthstones
  2. January Birthstone: Garnet
  3. February Birthstone: Amethyst
  4. March Birthstone: Aquamarine
  5. April Birthstone: Diamond
  6. May Birthstone: Emerald
  7. June Birthstone: Pearl Or Alexandrite
  8. July Birthstone: Ruby
  9. August Birthstone: Peridot
  10. September Birthstone: Sapphire
  11. October Birthstone: Tourmaline Or Opal
  12. November Birthstone: Topaz Or Citrine
  13. December Birthstone: Tanzanite, Zircon Or Turquoise
  14. Which Month Has The Best Gemstone
  15. Conclusion

Birthstonesand their vibrant colours have long served as a link between your birth month and rare and distinctive gemstones. They make a thoughtful present for a particular occasion for mom, a friend, a husband, or a family member. But, as you'll see below, they're much more than that.

You've come to the perfect site if you're looking for a birthstone or attempting to figure out which birthstone gem hues go with which month. Rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, charms, and other jewellery can be made using these birthstones. You may determine your lucky stone by understanding the birthstones numerologyfor all months.

Pile of different colored birthstones
Pile of different colored birthstones

The Origin Of Birthstones

Birthstones are diamondsthat are connected with a person's birth month. Birthstones appear to have a biblical origin, datingback to the Bible's book of Exodus and specifically to Aaron's breastplate. The breastplate was set with 12 jewels, each representing one of Israel's twelve tribes at the period. Emerald, sapphire, diamond, topaz, carbuncle, sardius, agate, ligure, amethyst, onyx, jasper, and beryl were among the stones used on this particular breastplate. In the 18th century in Poland, Jewish gem sellers began selling each gemstone according on a person's birth month, giving rise to the current variant we know today.

January Birthstone: Garnet

Although garnet is most frequently associated with the colour red, it can be found in practically any hue and is a popular option for various sorts of jewellery. If you're looking for a January birthstone, this is great news. In the realm of gems, the garnet family is one of the most complicated. It is made up of multiple species and variants rather than being a single species. Garnets are said to be a protective stone, sheltering the user from harm. You may pick from red, purple, green, yellow, and orange garnets, depending on the kind.

Raw stone of garnet
Raw stone of garnet

February Birthstone: Amethyst

Amethyst, the birthstone for February, is supposed to enhance relationships and provide bravery to those who wear it. Only royalty could wear the jewel at one time. Amethyst was supposed to protect against drunkenness by the ancient Greeks. In reality, the name "amethyst" originates from the Greek word amethystos, which means "sober."

March Birthstone: Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a blue to blue-green member of the beryl family, named for the hue of saltwater. The March birthstoneis readily accessible and reasonably priced, making it a great jewellery stone. The name "aquamarine" is derived from the Latin word "seawater," and the stones were supposed to protect sailors. Aquamarines are associated with marital bliss and great intellect, according to some. Blue and blue/green colours may be found in these stones.

April Birthstone: Diamond

You've probably heard of or perhaps own a diamond, which is the April birthstone. Diamonds are one of the world's rarest jewels, as well as one of the most valuable. Diamonds, as illustrated above, are a pure carbon lattice that comes in a variety of hues ranging from yellow to red, pink, green, and blue. However, you are most likely interested in colourless diamonds, which are incredibly unusual because most diamonds include a trace of yellow.

Diamond in front of a black background
Diamond in front of a black background

May Birthstone: Emerald

Since ancient times, emerald has been associated with the colour green. A beautiful emerald is a wonderfully magnificent sight, and this member of the beryl family, along with diamond, ruby, and sapphire, earns its position among the classic "Big Four" jewels. Wearing emeralds, according to Legand, will provide the person heightened intellect and help them to think rationally. Others utilise the stone to aid in the healing process. Emeralds have even been said to allow the wearer to see into the future.

Green colored emerald
Green colored emerald

June Birthstone: Pearl Or Alexandrite

The only jewels discovered in living beings are pearls, which may be found in both saltwater and freshwater mollusks. The majority of pearls on the market today, however, are grown or cultured, as they are currently exceedingly uncommon in nature. While pearls require careful care, they remain popular in jewellery, especially as the traditional birthstone for June. While most people still associate pearls with white, they are also available in a variety of hues, including black, green, gold, silver, and pastels, depending on where they were harvested.

July Birthstone: Ruby

July's birthstone, rubies, is known as the "King of Gems" and is associated with love, health, and wisdom. Wearing a fine red Ruby was thought to bring good luck to the wearer. The most valuable gemstone is a ruby, which rises in value depending on its colour and quality.

Maroon colored ruby
Maroon colored ruby

August Birthstone: Peridot

Peridot has been regarded as a jewellery stone since ancient times, and it is the current August birthstone. The colour of peridot is always green, although the tint varies greatly depending on the source. Peridots have a reputation for keeping their wearer safe at night. The green tint of some peridots may be similar to the green colour of emeralds.

September Birthstone: Sapphire

Few stones have captivated us for millennia as sapphire has. It is an extraordinary gemstone due to its clear blue hues and remarkable durability. Not all sapphires, however, are blue. September's birthstone comes in a variety of hues. Sapphires are said to be a protecting stone. They have the potential to protect the wearer from physical damage as well as malicious intent and jealousy. Sapphires were also supposed to have therapeutic powers. Priests use blue sapphires because they are considered a very spiritual stone.

Blue colored sapphire stone
Blue colored sapphire stone

October Birthstone: Tourmaline Or Opal

Tourmalineand Opalare the birthstones for October. For many people, tourmaline is a beloved gemstone because it comes in a spectrum of lovely colours. Opal gemstones are absolutely one-of-a-kind since each one is embellished with a different colour combination.

November Birthstone: Topaz Or Citrine

Citrineand Topazare the gemstones linked with November birthdays. Citrine's bright hue is regarded to be a gift from the sun, and it is said to be a healing stone. Topaz is most popular in its deep orange Imperial Topazhue, although it may also be found in blue, pink, and yellow.

December Birthstone: Tanzanite, Zircon Or Turquoise

Tanzanite, zircon, and turquoiseare the birthstones for the month of December. Each of these stones is a deep blue hue and has its own chemical makeup and history. Tanzanite, a gem you may not have heard of before, is one of the most fascinating of the three. This unique diamond can only be found in Tanzania, and it was discovered in 1967. Trace levels of vanadium give tanzanite its deep blue hue.

Blue colored three crystals of tanzanite
Blue colored three crystals of tanzanite

Which Month Has The Best Gemstone

Of course, no one gets to select their birthday. Anyone born in April, on the other hand, has been blessed with the most precious of all birthstones: the diamond. This isn't just a matter of opinion; diamonds possess a unique combination of physical and intangible attributes that distinguish them from the rest of the sparkling field. Remember, the next time you see a piece of diamond jewellery, that the stones have already stood the test of time; most diamonds are at least a billion years old. The jewels originate around 100 miles under the Earth's surface under extreme heat and pressure, then migrate to the surface via volcanic eruptions and become trapped in kimberlite rock formations. Furthermore, these stones are one of the few minerals that originate from the Earth's mantle layer (most coloured gemstones originate on the outermost layer, the crust). To get to your jewellery box, they have to travel quite a distance.


By knowing the birthstones numerologyfor every month, you can now easily pick your lucky stone. As these stones are powerful and can have major impact on lives. Now you can wear your stone in a ring, bracelet, necklace, or any other piece of jewellery that you like!

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