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Birth Crystals By Month - With Specifications

The birthstones that we currently identify with certain months were not always utilized hundreds of years ago. They originally had a connection to the 12 stones that could be seen on the breastplate of the Israelite High Priest as reported in the Book of Exodus. Here is the following is a list of the healing birth crystals by month:

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The birthstonesthat we currently identify with certain months were not always utilized hundreds of years ago. They originally had a connection to the 12 stones that could be seen on the breastplate of the Israelite High Priest as reported in the Book of Exodus. Here is the following is a list of the healing birth crystals by month:

Healing Birth Crystals By Month

The National Association of Jewelers standardized a list of birthstones depending on the month in the United States in 1912. (now the Jewelers of America). They were picked based on custom as well as whatever gemstonesAmerican jewelers could really sell.

January - Garnet

Since at least the fifteenth century, garnet has been the birthstone for January. It may be faceted into lovely gemstones that hold up nicely in jewelrysince it has a Mohs hardness of 6.5 to 7.5. Since "garnet" literally refers to a collection of nesosilicate stones, people born in this month have a wide array of color options.

The most frequent silicates include red almandine, an iron-aluminum silicate; red pyrope; a magnesium aluminum silicate; orange-yellow spessartine; andradite; a calcium-iron silicate; mostly green grossular; and the uncommon bright-green uvarovite; a calcium chromium silicate.

February - Amethyst

Amethysthas been the popular birthstone for Februarysince the fifteenth century. Amethyst is a member of the quartzmineral family, which rivals garnet in terms of color variety.

Herkimer diamondsserve as a perfect example of how colorless pure quartz is. Radiation as well as the presence of iron impurities and trace metals are the sources of the amethyst's colors, which range from light violet to deep purple.

Amethyst crystalsoften have a short, stubby shape and are found in huge quantities, frequently filling hollow petrified tree sections or the inside of geodes. It is uncommon to find fine crystals big enough to generate faceted gems weighing more than 20 carats.

March - Aquamarine

Aquamarine is now the preferred birthstone for March. An example of a beryl is aquamarine (Mohs 7.5-8). The gorgeous, translucent, blue-green hue of the gem is said to mimic saltwater, thus the name.

It may be found in hexagonally formed translucent to clear crystals. The six-sided crystals often have longitudinal striae. Metamorphic rocks and, more often, pegmatites are where aquamarine crystallizes.

April - Diamond

The diamond, which is April's birthstone, is one of the toughest jewels and is also one of the most essential gems in contemporary times. Diamonds are used in everything from exquisite diamond engagement ringsto jewelers' equipment and more.

The diamond is one of the most well-known and aesthetically pleasing birthstones, and its reputation precedes it regardless of how well it meets the criteria for its color, clarity, carat weight, or cut.

May - Emerald

Emerald is the birthstone for May because of the deeper green tint it possesses. Emerald is also known to signify youth, development, and intellect. The word "green stone" originates from the Greek word "smargados," which means simply "green stone."

Its rich hue has been used in a variety of royal jewelry, including crowns, rings, and more. Emerald is a precious stone that is recognized for its ability to promote happiness. It is more uncommon and costly than other stones.

June - Pearl

Gem symbolizes chastity, good fortune, and good luck. Pearl is the birthstone for June and is a priceless gift from the ocean. It takes years for it to attain its final shape. Due to the inherent allure of pearls, their usage in the crafting of jewelry has been quite widespread for many years.

July - Ruby

Gem of desire, love, and passion all rolled into one. The person born in July who has a ruby is blessed with good fortune. Since the dawn of time, people have cherished the look of jewelry set with rubies.

Due to the fact that it exudes both ardor and life, this gorgeous stone is the diamond with the highest market value. The color and quality of a Ruby are the primary factors considered while determining its value. There are many different shades of red that may be found in ruby, including fine-red, pale-rose, red, and the darkest carmine.

Different Size And Color Of Stone
Different Size And Color Of Stone

August - Peridot

Gem embodies the qualities of spirit, tranquility, trust, and happiness. Peridot, a stunning green stone, is said to bestow strength on those who were born in August. Peridot birthstone jewelry may be found in various dazzling shades of green, ranging from yellow-green to olive green, despite the fact that its namesake color is lime green.

September - Sapphire

The honesty, charm, affection, and trustworthiness of a gem. Sapphireis a magnificent jewel that is cherished by Royal Families and is the September birthstone. This gorgeous sapphire is the birthstone for Septemberand is known for its particularly deep azure color it has.

The hues ranging from light blue through cornflower blue, violet-blue, and dark blue are all represented by their varieties. Sapphire is most often found in blue types, but it may also be found in other colors, including pink, yellow, green, white, purple, and orange, and these colors are called by their respective names.

October - Opal & Tourmaline

The traditional birthstones for October are now considered to be opaland tourmaline. Both opal and tourmaline are among the most stunning and unusual-looking of all gemstones. Opal is especially stunning.

Although it is most often associated with the color pink, tourmaline can really be found in all of the hues of the rainbow. Even seen with three different hues in a single stone, which is referred to as a tri-colored stone.

November - Citrine And Topaz

Topazand citrineare the current birthstones for November. Topaz, an aluminum and fluorine silicate mineral, is often thought of as a yellow stone, but heat-treating and color-enhancement modifications have rendered blue the most common hue on the market.

It has a Mohs hardness of eight and is an allochromatic mineral, which implies that internal crystal flaws are what give it its color. The golden member of the quartz family is citrine (silicon dioxide).

Although one of the minerals that are most prevalent on Earth is quartz in all of its forms, fine, gem-grade crystals are not very frequent. Citrine is a cost-effective gemstone that, when faceted, matches the beauty of more costly jewels.

December - Blue Zircon, Turquoise, & Tanzanite

Birthstones of Tanzanite, Blue Zircon, and Turquoiseare appropriate ways for those with December birthdays to commemorate the month. All of these stones are well-known for the many hues of blue color that they exhibit, and each one has a distinct collection of qualities and composition. All across the globe, people are now wearing fashions that include these precious stones.

All 12 Birthstone Colors & Meanings

What Are Birthstones?

The majority of birthstones are jewels that are connected to a person's birth month. Although there are many various birthstone charts available, the contemporary, traditional, mystical, and ayurvedic charts are the most well-liked.

Mystical birthstones are said to have come from Tibet, but ayurveda has origins in Vedic astrology and Indian medicine. The most current version is the birthstone chartfor today. As and when certain gemstones gain prominence, changes are made.

As an illustration, spinel, which just joined peridot as one of the birthstones for the month of August, is a good example. The American Gem Trade Association and Jewelers of America included the stone in the list of contemporary birthstones.

People Also Ask

What Crystal Is Good For Birth?

Malachite, also known as The Midwife's Stone, encourages labor and relieves labor pain, allowing for safe delivery.

How Do I Pick My Crystals?

Before examining what the stones may provide you, decide what you feel is lacking.

What Is The Luckiest Birth Month?

October is the unluckiest month to be born and May is the luckiest.


Birth crystalsby month, a gemstone is linked to a person's birth date and is traditionally believed to bring luck or good health. Astrologers have long believed that certain gemstones possess supernatural abilities.

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