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What Is The Gemstone For December?

In this article, you will learn what is the gemstone for December. Which birthstone for December would you choose if you had to: tanzanite, turquoise, or zircon? There is a color for everyone, including the blue to bluish purple of tanzanite, the strong blue and green of turquoise, and the rainbow hues of zircon. If blue is what you're after, each of the three birthstones for December has its spin on this favored color.

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In this article, you will learn what is the gemstone for December. Which birthstone for December would you choose if you had to: tanzanite, turquoise, or zircon? There is a color for everyone, including the blue to bluish purple of tanzanite, the strong blue and green of turquoise, and the rainbow hues of zircon. If blue is what you're after, each of the three birthstonesfor December has its spin on this favored color.

We can assist you in choosing the ideal December birthstone for you or a loved one, regardless of your preferences for color, style, or price range. The funeral mask of King Tut, who ruled Egypt more than 3,000 years ago, is adorned with this December birthstone. Additionally, it can be found in the jewelryof more recent royals.

For example, Wallis Simpson (1896–1986), Duchess of Windsor and recipient of King Edward VIII's abdication, wore a well-known Cartier necklace made of amethystand turquoise. The gem for the 11th wedding anniversary is turquoise.

Turquoise Birthstone Meaning & History

Turquoise is a semi-translucent to opaque blue-to-green gem with matrix veins (remains of the rock it formed in) running through it. For millennia, people have treasured the birthstone for December. It was used to embellish the pharaohs and other ancient Egyptian kings. It was sculpted by Chinese artists more than 3,000 years ago.

The birthstone turquoise was believed to have numerous positive properties, such as ensuring healthand fortune. It was said to safeguard the wearer from falling and would shatter into numerous pieces as tragedy drew near, starting in the 13th century. Seeing a turquoise after seeing the new moon, according to Hindu mystics, guaranteed incredible fortune.

Native Americans also placed a high value on this birthstone, turquoise. The Apache believed that by traveling to the end of a rainbow, one might find turquoise. Additionally, they thought that securing the December birthstone to a bow or gun improved one's marksmanship. The Hopi believed that lizards crawling across the earth generated the jewel, whereas the Pueblo insisted that turquoise's color came from the sky.

What Is The Gemstone For December To Be Choose?

Your preferences will determine the ideal birthstone for you in December. These three gemstoneseach have special qualities to offer. They all enhance your jewelry collection's quality, style, and individuality.

First Birthstone Turquoise

The first birthstone for December is turquoise. Turquoise is a gorgeous stone recognized for its intense blue hue and delicate veining. This December birthstone is opaque rather than transparent, unlike tanzanite and turquoise. Additionally, this birthstone is symbolic of the 11th wedding anniversary.

Second Birthstone Tanzanite

A brilliant gem is tanzanite. Its silky colors can shift with the light and span from deep blue to violet. The 24th wedding anniversary is also symbolized by the birthstone for December. Tanzanite is a relatively new birthstone. Maasai herdsmen in Tanzania's Arusha region discovered blue stones in 1967.

They told prospector Manuel d'Souza, who immediately began digging for what he thought were sapphires. D'Souza ultimately determined that the stones were not sapphires but rather the mineral zoisite.

Third Birthstone Zircon

A dazzling and underappreciated gem with a colorful past is zircon. The historical significance of this December birthstone stems from its connection to geology and culture. Zircon, however, seems to the unaided eye to be a jewel. Zircon is frequently confused with cubic zirconia, a synthetic diamondsubstitute. Due to the zircon's brilliant appearance, a colorless zircon can be mistaken for a diamond by the unaided eye.

The birthstone may appear to have twice as many facets as it has as a result. The oldest mineral on earth, zircon, has been around for 4.4 billion years. Zircon provides a window into the past because it records fluctuations in erosion and pressure throughout the earth's history.

Closeup Of Gemstones
Closeup Of Gemstones

Birthstone Jewelry Guide

The gemstones that correspond to a birth month are known as birthstones, and each one has a special symbolism and historical significance. Birthstones have been popular since prehistoric times when people thought they possessed extraordinary abilities like bringing luck, good health, and prosperity.

Normally, just one birthstone is linked with each month, but as you'll see below, some months have more than one birthstone. The birthstones that are currently connected to particular birth months may not be the same ones that were utilized in the past.

They did not discriminate between gems the way you do today since color was considered to be the most significant characteristic of a gemstone back then. For instance, they were incapable of telling a ruby from a garnet. The American Gem Society has approved the modern birthstone list that is represented by your list.

Physical Properties Of Zircon

Zircon's physical characteristics have a far wider range than those of most other gemstones, which is another intriguing aspect of it. For instance, zircon specimens can range in hardness from 6 to 7 on the Mohs scale. Stone is roughly as resilient as steel. Even materials with a higher rating on the scale, such as diamonds, can harm it.

In terms of appearance, zircon exhibits strong pleochroism, a high dispersion rating, and a high refractive index. This indicates that the stone has the fire and brilliance of a good diamond, reflecting light well. It is well known that colors change hue when viewed from different perspectives. Due to these factors, zircons can sell for more moneythan other semi-precious gems.

December Birthstones - The benefits and metaphysical meanings

Cleaning Your Zircon Jewelry

Using soap and a brush, clean the zircon and the birthstone for December. Zircon is often simple to maintain. Although it is sturdy, care must still be taken because the damage is still possible. Remove it before doing any dangerous duties like gardening or cleaning. Zircon is also susceptible to UV and sunlight. Avoid leaving it outside for extended periods.

Gently soak the stone in warm water and wash it with mild soap to clean it. A very soft brush can also be used to aid in cleaning the gunk. To dry, pat Your beautiful birthstone jewelry should still be cleaned periodically, even if you only wear zircon jewelry in December.

People Also Ask

What Is The December Birthstone According To Tradition?

Turquoise, Tanzanite, and zircon are the birthstones for December.

Which Stone Is Ideal For December?

Turquoise, zircon, and tanzanite are the birthstones for December. The fortunate people born in this month have a choice of three exquisite blue hues.

What Color Is A December Baby?

The traditional birthstone for December is the blue zircon, but there are several other gemstones that are also said to be symbolic of the month, such as turquoise, blue topaz, and tanzanite.


The question, what is the gemstone for December, is requested a lot so I hope that you had learned a lot. The stunning blue hues of all three of the birthstones for December are their most well-known features. The oldest gemstone on Earth, one of the first to be mined, and used in jewelry, and one of the most recent discoveries all fall under this category.

Even though the birthstones for December are less expensive, they are just as beautiful. Tanzanite frequently replaces sapphire, colorless zircon is a convincing alternative for diamond, and turquoise's robin's egg blue tint is unparalleled.

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