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What Is The Birthstone For February?

In the world of gemstones and birthstones, one question that often captures the attention of many is "what is the birthstone for February?" This enigmatic query not only holds historical significance but also resonates with those born in this month.

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  6. Different Types Of Amethyst Birthstone
  7. What Is The Birthstone For February - FAQs
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What Is The Birthstone For February?

There are a lot of birthstones. What is the birthstone for February? That depends on a lot of things. It could be the birthstone that you feel most linked to, the one you like the most, the one that fits you best, or all of these things come together. To put it another way, it's up to you!

For many years, people thought that amethyst, the official birthstone for February, had psychic and protective powers. Before the 19th century, amethyst stones were tough to find. Then, extensive deposits were found in Brazil. Amethysts used to be as expensive as diamonds, rubies, and sapphires because they were so rare and liked by royalty and the church.

People have always been interested in having a jewel that is more than just a gem. It's a rock that has spiritual and mental meaning for us, something close to our hearts and souls. Most lists of birthstones are based on references in the Bible to the gems on Aaron's armor or the stones that were used to build New Jerusalem.

Birthstone For February - Meanings, Symbolism, And Folklore

Close up of Purple Amethyst
Close up of Purple Amethyst
  • The word "amethyst" comes from the Greek word amethystos, which means "not drunk" or "a cure for drunkenness." The Greeks thought that if you had an amethyst on you, you could drink all night and still stay sober.
  • In early Greek legend, amethyst was linked to Bacchus, the god of wine, because it looked like wine.
  • People thought that wearing amethyst would keep them calm and intelligent in war and business.
  • Renaissance Europeans thought it calmed lovers who were too excited to think straight.
  • People say that amethyst can also send strength and wit.
  • Some Christian stories say that the colors of an amethyst represent Jesus' wounds and pain, and it was used to help heal wounds.
  • People thought that its peaceful presence would lead to peaceful dreams, which would make them feel calm and clear when they woke up.
  • An amethyst is a sign of personal confidence and inner strength for people born in February.
  • People believe that St. Valentine, the patron saint of love, wore an amethyst ringwith a Cupid's face cut into it.
  • An Italian scientist and astrologer named Camillo Leonardi wrote that amethyst makes you smarter and gets rid of evil thoughts.
  • People used to think that putting wet amethyst on a pimple would get rid of it.
  • On a couple's sixth wedding anniversary, they are given an amethyst.
  • If you think that you get an amethyst as a gift, good luck will come your way.
  • If you think that you give someone an amethyst, it means that you forgive them.

The History Of The February Birthstone

For thousands of years, people have made jewelryand other things out of amethyst. The Egyptians linked amethysts to the god Osiris and made them into amulets that looked like animals. One of the stones in Aaron's shield in the Old Testament book of Exodus is amethyst.

In the book of Revelation in the New Testament, the stone is also mentioned as one of the building blocks of the Heavenly City. You can get the current idea of birthstones from both of these lists of Biblical gemstones. In the Middle Ages, royalty was happy to wear amethysts because purple was a color associated with high status.

High-ranking priests also wore amethysts to show how religious they were. Along with the diamond, sapphire, ruby, and emerald, amethyst was thought to be one of the "cardinal gems." They were used a lot in crowns, scepters, and other royal gear.

At this time, only the most influential people in society wore amethysts. Over the years, more places to get the bright gem were found, which made it easier to find and cheaper. Today, the gem for February is one of the best ones to use in jewelry.

Amethyst Near Burning Candle in Room
Amethyst Near Burning Candle in Room

Tips To Buy Amethyst Jewelry

Amethysts are beautiful purple stones, but they are also great for jewelry for other reasons.

Availability, Affordability, And Quality

Beautiful and easy to find, amethyst can be used to decorate any jewelry, from mass-produced items to the most expensive custom-made pieces. Gem factors can cut amethyst crystalsinto exact sizes for jewelry settings or make them into beautiful and unique works of art because they can grow to be very big.

The price of amethyst per carat also goes up slowly as the gems get more significant because they are available in large sizes.

Matching Stones

There is another benefit to having a lot of stones accessible. Amethysts are easy for jewelers to set up in sets that go together, like earrings, collars, and bracelets. If you want to buy a piece with more than one amethyst, look for stones that are the same color, size, and cut.

If you want amethysts that come in a range of sizes or colors and shapes, you should look for those instead. More options also make it easier to put together sets with variations that work well together.

Amethyst Durability

Famous (and more expensive) gems like diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds may be more complicated than amethysts, but they are still strong enough to be used in ringsand other jewelry.

Because they don't have any cleavage areas where the molecular bonds in the crystal are weak, amethysts are more complicated to break than diamonds.

Amethyst In Different Cultures

The cultural meanings of amethyst go back hundreds of years and across countries, weaving a complex web of meanings that go beyond beauty.

We learn about many beliefs, habits, and symbols that have shaped the role of this precious stone in cultures around the world as we delve deeper into its cultural depths.

Bishops In The Middle Ages

In the Middle Ages, Catholic priests wore amethyst rings, which were often carved. For example, Saint Valentine's amethyst ring had an image of Cupid carved into it to represent not drinking and being "wed" to the Church. People also thought that the rings could protect them spiritually, and some kissed the ring to feel safe.


In the Middle Ages, Christians started to connect amethyst with Christ as a sign of purity, healing, and safety. People may have done this because they thought the February gem calmed tempers and fixed wounds.

Tibetan Buddhists

Amethyst was also holy to Tibetan Buddhists. Malas, which comes from the Sanskrit word for "garlands," were often made with amethyst beads. To use a mala, you touch each bead on the string and say a mantra at each one.

Ancient China

In old China, amethyst was used in Feng Shui to protect people and bring them wealth. Another ancient view of the February birthstone's meaning was that it helped people see the future and brought them wealth.

Europeans in the Renaissance thought that amethyst was a sign of modesty, but royalty has always worn it as a sign of their rank. Queen Elizabeth II of Britain and Catherine the Great of Russia are two examples of this.

Egyptian Mysticism

In ancient Egypt, people respected amethyst because it was thought to protect them. The Egyptians thought that the gem could protect them from evil spirits and forces. People made amulets and charms out of amethyst to wear as safe charms. Both the wealthy and the ordinary people liked the gem because they thought it could protect them from harm.

Renaissance Era

This stone became very famous again during the Renaissance, especially among European royalty and the upper class. Because the stone was linked to royalty and wealth, it was highly sought after for royal jewelry. Crowns, wands, and rings of kings and queens were decorated with amethyst, which made it even more of a royal rock.

Assorted Crystals
Assorted Crystals

Healing Properties Of February Birthstone

How Amethyst Can Promote Physical Healing

The royal and beautiful stone that is often linked to February has been known for a long time to have extraordinary healing powers. Some people think that this gemstone can calm the mind and body, which can help lower worry and anxiety.

People also think that amethyst can help clean the body and support healthy digestion by eliminating toxins. People also say that it can help treat a number of healthproblems, such as arthritis, headaches, and insomnia.

The Mental And Emotional Benefits Of Amethyst

Amethyst, which is another name for purple quartz, is more than just a beautiful gem. People also think it has significant effects on their minds and emotions.

People say that the stone's calming energy can help relieve worry and anxiety, making it an excellent choice for people who are going through these problems. In addition, it is thought to help people sleepwell and have peaceful dreams.

How To Use Amethyst In Meditation And Spiritual Practices

Spiritualists and meditators have used the power of gemstones to strengthen their practice for hundreds of years. Aside from amethyst, many other gemstones can be used. These stones have unique qualities that can help lower worry and anxiety and make you more spiritually aware and clear-headed.

Having diamonds in your hand or putting them on your body is one way to use them in meditation. The stone's energy can help you get in touch with your inner self and make your meditation more powerful.

Different Types Of Amethyst Birthstone

Amethyst is the beautiful birthstone for February. It comes in many types, and each one has its unique purple color. Today, we're going to learn about the different kinds of amethyst birthstones that are used in jewelry and that have captured people's hearts all over the world.

Siberian Amethyst

5.25ct Siberian Amethyst
5.25ct Siberian Amethyst

An essential stone in the world of gems is Siberian amethyst. This kind is famous for having a deep, rich purple color. It was named after the mines in Siberia that used to produce a lot of high-quality amethyst.

People often use the word "Siberian amethyst" to refer to stones that are a deep royal purple color and very clear. Even though the original mines in Siberia aren't the primary source anymore, the word still makes people think of the best amethyst color.

Rose De France

Rose de France Amethyst Crystal
Rose de France Amethyst Crystal

The name "Rose de France" comes from a type of amethyst that is a lighter, more delicate shade of purple. A soft pinkish-purple coloring often occurs in this type of amethyst, which gives it a feminine look.

Rose de France is a popular choice for people who like a softer, more airy take on the February birthstone because of its soft pastel tones.

Green Amethyst (Prasiolite)

Raw Prasiolite Crystal Green Amethyst
Raw Prasiolite Crystal Green Amethyst

Some types of amethystchange into a different color, called prasiolite or green amethyst. However, the more common color is purple. When heat is applied to amethyst, this change takes place.

Green prasiolite can be as light as mint or as dark and rich as a forest green. This one-of-a-kind form gives classic amethyst jewelry a new twist, giving people who want something other than purple something bright and fresh to choose from.

Chevron Amethyst

Chevron Amethyst Tumbled Stones
Chevron Amethyst Tumbled Stones

A beautiful type of amethyst is chevron amethyst, which has beautiful V-shaped lines inside the crystal. The designs are made by bands of purple amethyst and white quartz alternating with each other.

They make the stone look beautiful and unique. Chevron amethyst is often used in jewelry and home decor because of the way the crystals are structured, which shows nature's artistic side.

Vera Cruz Amethyst

Stunning Lilac Vera Cruz Amethyst
Stunning Lilac Vera Cruz Amethyst

Vera Cruz amethyst is precious because it is so clear and transparent. This kind of amethyst comes from the Vera Cruz region in Mexico.

The crystals are usually long and have few flaws. The crystals can be different shades of purple, and because they are clear, they are great for faceting, which lets light shine through the gem and show off its natural brightness.

What Is The Birthstone For February - FAQs

What Is The February Birthstone?

The birthstone for February is amethyst, a stunning purple quartz gem with a rich history and diverse cultural symbolism.

What Does Amethyst Do For Health?

Amethyst is believed to promote calmness, balance, and spiritual growth; it's often associated with stressrelief and enhancing mental clarity.

How Much Is Amethyst Worth?

The value of amethyst varies based on factors like color, clarity, and size; high-quality amethyst can range from $10 to $50 per carat.

Are There Synthetic/Lab-Grown Amethysts On The Market?

Yes, synthetic or lab-grown amethysts are available in the market, offering an alternative to natural gemstones with consistent color and quality.

Taking Everything Into Account

I hope that you understand what the birthstone for February is. The captivating journey through the history, geology, mythology, and metaphysical properties of amethyst unveils a gem of timeless allure. From its origins in ancient civilizations to its place in modern jewelry design, amethyst continues to enchant and inspire.

Whether worn as a symbol of sobriety, a talisman for protection, or simply as a stunning accessory, amethyst resonates with a beauty that transcends time. So, the next time you admire the regal purple hues of an amethyst gem, remember the rich tapestry of history and symbolism that makes it February's timeless treasure.

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