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What Is April's Birthstone? Its History And Symbolism

This article will answer all of your questions about what is Aprils birthstone. Keep reading the article to know the answer to your question in detail including its symbolism, history, healing powers, value, etc.

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This article will answer all of your questions aboutwhat is Aprils birthstone. Keep reading the article to know the answer to your question in detail including its symbolism, history, healing powers, value, etc.

The diamond, which is the traditional April birthstoneand has special significance for anyone born in that month, is said to improve relationships and give the wearer more inner strength. It is said that wearing diamondswill also bring about plenty, clarity, and equilibrium. Those who had the good fortune to be born in April will appreciate the history behind this priceless diamond, which also symbolizes everlasting love.

What Is Aprils Birthstone?

Diamond is the birthstone for April. The majority of diamonds exhibit a remarkable display of well-defined white and multicolored flashes while remaining transparent and colorless. Diamonds may also sometimes be found with an array of vibrant body hues.

For its remarkable durability, diamond is maybe the most well-known. The gem's symmetrical atomic structure, which is formed of just carbon, gives it strength. Due to its resistance to damage and fiery beauty, the diamond is the most preferred gemstone for engagement rings. Diamond jewelry, in general, may survive for so long that it is cherished by many generations. Diamonds are not only the April birthstone but they are also often given as presents to mark the 60th and 75th wedding anniversaries.

April Birthstone History & Symbolism

As the birthstone for April, the diamond has a lengthy history. Since the Middle Ages, people have believed that the birthstone for April babies is a diamond. People born in this month are said to be successful and kind, and they experience eternal love in their relationships.

That diamonds are referred regarded be the "love" stone is not surprising. The ancient Romans thought that Cupid's arrows had diamond tips (perhaps the earliest association between diamonds and romantic love). Some people think that these birthstonesimprove the tenacity and sincerity of partnerships. They are said to give the wearer more power since they are the strongest of the valuable jewels. Their name, Adamas, which means unbreakable in Greek, also reflects this.

Differently Shaped Diamonds
Differently Shaped Diamonds

The Value Of The April Birthstone

The rarity and prestige of diamonds contribute to the high value of the April birthstone and all April birthstone jewelry. Cutting diamonds requires a high level of artistry and knowledge. Even for specialists, this granite is challenging to shape and cut due to its impenetrable nature. Additionally, the natural rock comes in very small sizes, making one-carat weights difficult to create. Due to these characteristics, diamonds are valuable and pricey.

What Is The Color Of The April Birthstone?

Nearly 98% of all natural diamonds are colorless, making up the great bulk of the market. Colorless diamonds may display trace traces of yellow, brown, or gray. If every other aspect is the same, colorless diamonds with fewer of these hues are more expensive than those with more because they are rarer.

The precise quantity of these hues, if any are present at all, has such a significant influence on the price-per-carat value of a diamond that the GIA created and is now widely used D-Z color scale to describe the specific amount of color in a stone. While Z jewels have the greatest color permitted while still being called colorless, D diamonds have no color at all.

Although colorless diamonds with fewer quantities of color are more expensive than those with larger amounts, this does not imply that stones with lower color grades on the alphabetic scale are any less attractive. Different individuals are drawn to various hues, and beauty is genuinely in the eye of the beholder.

Some people do choose the more expensive colorless grades (D, E, and F), which have a pure hue and look particularly stunning in mountings made of white goldor platinum. Others choose stones with warmer tones, particularly when they are set in mountings made of metals other than white gold (such as rose gold) since diamonds absorb light from their surroundings and then reflect it to your eye.

"Fancy-colored" jewels are the 2% of diamonds that are not colorless. Anywhere throughout the color spectrum, including pink, blue, green, black, brown, and gray, fancy-colored diamonds may be found. The existence of internal chemical impurities and the environmental circumstances that stones were subjected to while still on the Earth are two examples of the many variables that contribute to the distinct body hues.

Fancy-hued diamonds are assessed using a combination of their hue, tone, and saturation, like many other colored gemstones. The price of diamonds within certain color categories is undoubtedly influenced by tone and saturation (often, high saturations with deep but not too dark tones are the most precious), but the price range you will typically find is determined by the hue.

The two extravagant hues that are most often used are yellow and brown, and there are even jewelry businesses that specialize in these. Brownstones are commonly referred to in listings as "chocolate" or "champagne" diamonds, or other such romantic titles. Yellow and brown diamonds may be priced similarly to colorless diamonds or in price ranges that overlap due to the greater availability of these hues.

Yellow or brown diamonds can be a terrific option if you're seeking an unusual version of jewelry using the birthstone for April. The tale of value is quite different for many of the other fancy hues. These stones may sell for astronomical sums; the greatest ones can go for more than a million dollars per carat.

April Birthstone Facts

  • Not only is the birthstone for April 58 times harder than anything else found naturally on earth, but it is also harder than any other mineral listed on the Mohs hardness scale.
  • The purity of the materials in April birthstonesis extremely noteworthy. They are the only gemstone created entirely of carbon. This may differ somewhat if the colors are elaborate.
  • Even though diamonds normally appear in clear, dazzling colors, they may also show "fancy" blue, green, orange, and red hues, making them the April birthstone. In the past, certain socioeconomic classes were distinguished from one another by particular diamond hues. The "purest" white and colorless stones were reserved for monarchs to wear.
  • The average output data for diamond mines accurately reflect the scarcity of the April birthstone. There is often just one part of a diamond discovered in a mine for every million parts of the host rock.

April Birthstone - DIAMOND! Learn the Crystal Healing Benefits of your Birthstone!

The Healing Powers Of Diamonds

In the Middle Ages, people believed that diamonds had therapeutic properties and could treat diseases of the pituitary and brain. It was believed that drawing out the poisonous poisons that were ailing the body might be accomplished by heating the crystal and bringing it to bed.

A person's balance and clarity may be affected by diamonds, and when worn with other gems like amethyst, their energy may be increased. As the birthstone for April, the diamond has won over many hearts and is now the most sought-after gemstone. Diamonds, known as the "King of all Birthstones," are the best option for an April birthday present.

People Also Ask

How To Store April’s Diamond Birthstones?

The most secure and environmentally friendly method to keep diamonds is in a soft, safe box that is cushioned to limit movement. Diamonds scratch other jewels, so don't keep them together.

What Are April's Alternative Birthstones?

Originally, sapphireand opalwere the supplementary birthstones for April. White topazand quartzare now April birthstone options. These gems were chosen because they resemble diamonds in terms of structure and look.

Why Is April's Birthstone A Diamond?

April birthstones have been diamonds since the Middle Ages. Caring and successful, people born in this month have lasting love in their relationships. Diamonds are the "love" stone.


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