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Vicenzaoro Celebrates 70th Anniversary In Style

This week, Italy's iconic international jewelry fair, Vicenzaoro celebrates 70th anniversary at the Vicenza Expo Centre. From January 19 to 23, the event showcases seven special exhibitions chronicling its rich history.

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Vicenzaoro Celebrates 70th Anniversary In Style

This week, Italy's iconic international jewelryfair, Vicenzaoro celebrates 70th anniversaryat the Vicenza Expo Centre. From January 19 to 23, the event showcases seven special exhibitions chronicling its rich history.

Luxury jewelry, diamonds, gemstones, services, visual merchandise, packaging, and emerging technology take center stage. This milestone edition celebrates the evolution of the industry over seven decades, blending tradition with cutting-edge innovation. As we cover this extraordinary event, witness the convergence of legacy and modernity at Vicenzaoro in January 2024, where brilliance knows no bounds.

Vicenzaoro Celebrates 70th Anniversary

Vicenzaoro Jewelry and Watch Fair
Vicenzaoro Jewelry and Watch Fair

Amidst the gilded halls of the Vicenza Expo Centre, the world's premier jewelry event, Vicenzaoro January (VOJ) 2024, is currently captivating enthusiasts and industry leaders alike.

Organized by the esteemed Italian Exhibition Group (IEG), this year's installment holds special significance as it marks the 70th anniversary of the illustrious exhibition. Reporting live from the event, VOJ 2024 unveils a spectacular showcase of artisanal heritage, human creativity, groundbreaking technologies, and a commitment to sustainable businesspractices.

Last year's VOJ drew attendees from an impressive 136 countries, solidifying its status as a global beacon for the jewelry industry. As the five-day extravaganza unfolds, the Jewellery Boutique Show takes center stage, presenting a curated collection of exquisite fine and high jewelry from around the world, emphasizing the opulent jewels designed and crafted in Italy.

Beyond the glimmering showcases, VOJ 2024 incorporates T.Gold, a fair-within-the-fair highlighting the latest innovations in jewelry-making machinery, instruments, and technologies. Simultaneously, VO Vintage, a vintagewatch and jewelry event open to the public, becomes a nexus for collectors and connoisseurs, offering a unique blend of shopping, lectures, and informal meetings.

This year's guest list boasts influential figures such as Elle Hill, founder of Hill & Co., renowned for her role as Managing Director at Plukka, one of the pioneering online fine jewelry boutiques. Joining forces with Milan-based jewelry business consultant Donatella Zappieri, Hill & Co. serves a diverse clientele across the entire jewelry supply chain, driving responsible sourcing and digital strategies for businesses of all sizes.

As the events unfold, the spotlight on Italian jewelry takes center stage, emphasizing the "Made in Italy" stamp as a testament to the country's rich heritage, refined design, and unparalleled artisanship. Trendvision Jewellery + Forecasting's presentation, "Preservation: Celebrating the Values of Made in Italy for Future Legacy," explores how Italian jewelry seamlessly integrates tradition with contemporary excellence.

The program's diversity extends to exploring the intersection of art and fine jewelry, with events featuring Isabella Traglio of Vhernier and Claudia D'Arpizio of Bain and Company. Discussions delve into the transformative power of art in shaping the future of high-end jewelry businesses.

Sustainability is a recurrent theme throughout the conference, with seminars organized by CIBJO, the International Jewellery Confederation, addressing intellectual property rights, sustainable business practices, and the evolving landscape of social media marketing in the jewelry industry.

The Jewelry Technology Forum, in collaboration with Legor Group, unravels the impact of digitalization and new technologies on design, materials, and production processes. Blockchain technology's role in protecting against counterfeiting takes center stage in an intriguing presentation by the digital agency Art&sofT.

In a nod to history and tradition, VO Vintage shines a light on Italy's horological legacy, presenting a meticulously curated marketplace and seminars for vintage watch and jewelry enthusiasts. From insights into watchmaking history to discussions on the vintage jewelry market's growth, VO Vintage offers a unique blend of education and indulgence.

As the curtains closed on Vicenzaoro in January 2024, the event's vitality is evident in the numbers. Last year saw a 105% increase in foreign buyers compared to the 2022 winter edition, with total media contacts exceeding 224 million. The relevance of Vicenzaoro to the global jewelry industry is undeniable, and the impact of VOJ 2024 is poised to leave an enduring mark on the world of fine jewelry.

Stay tuned for updated attendance figures and media contacts as VO 70 unfolds its final acts, shaping the future of the jewelry industry beyond January 25, 2024. To catch a glimpse of the VO 70 programs, watch here.

Final Words

The esteemed Vicenzaoro January (VOJ) exhibition, organized by IEG - Italian Exhibition Group and takes place in the picturesque city of Vicenza, Italy, is approaching its 70th anniversary in 2024.

January 2024 in Vicenzaoro occupies a prominent position on the agenda of the international jewelry industry as a multifaceted event. It has become an indispensable institution for the global gold and jewelry community by effectively integrating business, networking, training, and information exchange. The event's distinctive structure, "The Jewellery Boutique Show," enables it to represent the entire supply chain comprehensively.

Concurrently with Vicenzaoro January, T.GOLD will take place. This international exhibition features state-of-the-art goldsmithing equipment and technologies. It functions as a crucial platform for industry professionals and the wider community, exhibiting the most recent advancements.

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