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Tanzanite Month Birthstone - The Birthstone For The Dreamers Born In December

The stunning tanzanite month birthstone for December is a unique gem that can only be discovered in an area close to the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro. Tanzanite is more uncommon than diamonds due to the special circumstances under which it forms.

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The stunning tanzanite month birthstonefor December is a unique gem that can only be discovered in an area close to the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro. Tanzanite is more uncommon than diamondsdue to the special circumstances under which it forms.

Due to its vanadium concentration, tanzanite produces stunning tints of vivid blue and luscious violet, and these wintry tones make it the ideal gemstone for December. The brilliant blue tanzanite, adored by celebrities everywhere, is sometimes referred to as the "gemstone of a generation" and is regarded as a unique stone by many.

Tanzanite has long been prized for its beauty and has been selected as a gemstone by numerous stars on the silverscreen. Among the most well-liked characteristics of the stone are: Due to its rarity and limited availability, tanzanite's value is expected to rise over time, particularly as mines grow more barren and less supply enters the market for Stunning Platinum3.18ct Tanzanite and DiamondDouble Halo Pendant.

The vivid color of tanzanite is one of its primary qualities. Deeply saturated violet-blue colors, which are more uncommon than lighter ones, are what make the gemstone famous. Because of tanzanite's pleochroism or capacity to absorb various light wavelengths depending on the direction of the rays blue, violet, and burgundy hues appear as the stone's viewing angle shifts.

Depending on how much weight they want to keep from the uncut stone, jewel cutters may create stones that range from violet-blue to bluish-violet.

Significance Of Tanzanite Month Birthstone

Since its discovery in 1967, tanzanite has gained enormous popularity and is now the second-fastest-selling colored gemstone after sapphire. The first stone to be included on the official birthstone list since 1912, it was added in 2002 together with zircon and turquoiseas the birthstone for the month of December.

Tanzanite was first bought as a cheaper alternative to blue sapphire, but it has now established itself as a stand-alone gemstone in the gem and jewelryindustry. The magnificent blue and violet tones in tanzanite are brought out by heating it to 600 degrees centigrade, which removes the stone's original reddish brown color.

Tanzanite The Mood Changer

Another distinctive quality that tanzanite has is that it is the only gemstone that is trichroic. Consequently, it has three distinct color axes, which are blue, purple, and reddish brown. The color of the Tanzanite crystal will change depending on the angle and kind of light used to observe it.

This is why the richer purple and red tones will show out in the evening under incandescent light (yellow light), and the "red flash" that you often hear being mentioned in excellent Tanzanite is seen.

Tanzanite Color

Tanzanite's color varies from a soft lavender with blue undertones to an extraordinarily deep, velvety cornflower blue with vibrant violet/purple undertones. In your local mall jewelry shops, the Tanzanite that is most often used in jewelry is the more pastel, lighter-colored Tanzanite. The best Tanzanites have velvety, intensely saturated violet/blue hues that are comparable to the best Kashmir Blue Sapphire.

Tanzanite In Jewelry

Tanzanite is often used in all types of jewelry and shines beautifully in all metals. You now own some excellent jewelry that is paired with diamonds or other gemstonesof contrasting colors. Although it rates between 6.5 and 7 on the Moh's scale of gemstone hardness, Tanzanite is a bit "softer" than other gemstones. If you take care of your Tanzanite, it will remain beautiful for a very long time.

Different Shaped Purple Colored Gemstones
Different Shaped Purple Colored Gemstones

Tanzanite – Healing, And Spiritual Significance

Tanzanites are said to have strong crystal energy and are very effective tools for metaphysical healing. They are considered to be particularly beneficial in treating all stress-related disorders, changing bad energy into good ones, and having the ability to get through worry and fear.

They are believed to be useful in meditation because they may heighten spiritual awareness, and others claim they are a highly creative stone. They are supposed to be extremely mystical stones and may link you with old knowledge.

Tanzanite A General Overview

The rare blue-purple form of the mineral zoisitecalled tanzanite is only found in one region of the globe. Tanzanite, so named because of its narrow geographic origin in Tanzania, has rapidly gained prominence because it was only recently discovered.

Before this unusual blue variant of zoisite was discovered in 1967, the mineral had been existing for more than a century and a half. The blue-purple tint, which varies from light blue to strong ultramarine with violet overtones, is brought on by trace levels of vanadium combined with severe heat.

Tanzanite exhibits pleochroism, which allows it to change color according to the angle at which it is seen. To draw attention away from the unwanted brown tones and accent the more desirable blue and violet colors, stones must be cut appropriately.

The majority of tanzanite on the market today has undergone heat treatment to lessen its naturally occurring brown hues and to increase its sapphire-competing blue hues. Only a small area in Tanzania, close to the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro, has tanzanite. Its cost and availability are intimately correlated with the region's mines, the majority of which are now sharply reducing output.

Tanzanite is not nearly as hard as the sapphire it often replaces, measuring just 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale. Tanzanite is better suited for earringsand pendantsthan ringsbecause of its susceptibility to scratching and abrasion with regular usage. Even if your birthday is not in December, tanzanite is prized by many because of its deep blue hue and scarcity.

Tanzanite Meaning Benefits and Spiritual Properties

How To Care For Your Tanzanite

On the Mohs scale, it only has a hardness rating of 6 to 7. Thus, exposure to extremely high temperatures or abrupt temperature changes may cause it to crack. Due to its softness, it also scratches or abrades more readily. They can withstand normal heat, light, and common chemicals, though. For instance, when exposed to light, they perfectly maintain their color.

Tanzanites are best cleaned with warm, soapy water and the softest toothbrush you can find.

Never use an ultrasonic cleaner or a steam cleaner on your Tanzanite, and never permit anyone else to do so.

People Also Ask

What Does Tanzanite As A Birthstone Represent?

According to popular belief, tanzanite transforms negativity into positivity.

What Birthday Is Tanzanite?

The rare and brand-new gemstone tanzanite is the birthstone for anyone born in December.

Is Tanzanite A Lucky Stone?

It is believed that tanzanite has lucky and prosperous qualities.


Tanzanite is more than simply beautiful jewelry, with deep blue tones and lavender undertones. The tanzanite month birthstone for December is a focal point with a wide range of qualities. A Tanzanite stone can be the ideal present for birthdays in December. Not only will you be given a diamond, but also pleasure, wealth, and security.

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