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Tanzanite Birthstone Meaning - Stimulate Intuition And Perception

According to popular belief, tanzanite transforms negativity into positivity. Tanzanite birthstone meaning signifies that it could help you overcome indolence or sloth. It aids in striking the ideal balance between self-actualization and personal power. This energizes your "will" to promote manifestation.

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Tanzanite, the birthstone for December, is a precious stone that has thrilled the gem industry. One of the finest contemporary discoveries ever made. They are rarer than diamondsand have just recently been discovered in 1967. They are only known from 5 square miles of the earth.

The diamondgained significant popularity in 1968 because of Tiffany & Co., which helped it become an apparent overnight hit. This little mine is now nearly finished. Tanzanite's cost is anticipated to soar if it is shut down.

According to popular belief, tanzanite transforms negativity into positivity. Tanzanite birthstone meaningsignifies that it could help you overcome indolence or sloth. It aids in striking the ideal balance between self-actualization and personal power. This energizes your "will" to promote manifestation.

Some people believe that it stimulates the third eye, throat, and crown chakras. As a consequence, it is said that communication and psychic ability are combined in this.

Additionally, tanzanites alter their color. Tanzanite may seem virtually sapphireblue in natural light.

However, the same tanzanite may seem more violet and amethyst-like under fluorescent lighting. Additionally, the stone's crystal structure causes it to change hues under various lighting conditions. It usually appears blue from one angle and violet from another.

Tanzanite Birthstone Meaning And Significance

To fully comprehend the significance of Tanzanite as the selected birthstone for December, one needs to go into the folklore of the nation, lithotherapy, and contemporary astrology. Birthstonesare selected for the magical properties of their unique gems, according to ancient myths.


Recent research on lithotherapy has shown that Tanzanite provides a number of healthadvantages. Many people think that wearing a Tanzanite birthstone can help to enhance your immune system, making you less susceptible to illness and disease.

This precious stone is renowned for its capability to cleanse the blood, which encourages appropriate oxygen and nutrient circulation to your cells and increases the body's potential to repair itself.

The toxin-free body has self-regenerating abilities in its cells, hair, and skin as a result, giving it a healthy and young appearance. By focusing on its high vibrational energy, it is also said that the Tanzanite gemstone helps ease mental and psychological pressures including tension, worry, and fear.


This Tanzanite characteristic might be thought of as a kind of self-made luck. The birthstone serves as a guide, assisting you in choosing the greatest options, pathways, and experiences to aim for by encouraging clairvoyance and insight.

It may undoubtedly seem like the chance that these times were carefully chosen, but in reality, it is the result of a greater understanding between you, your needs, and the world. You will be invited to manifest great things into existence rather than just being impacted by a flow of serendipity if you can transform the negative into a positive.

You may gently start to create the life you've always wanted by allowing yourself to be receptive to this constructive intuition, which will also invite success, hope, happiness, and wealth to dine at your table.


The wearing of Tanzanite jewelryis often implied to help the wearer live more consciously and in touch with their needs, yet it is not believed that doing so would bring loveinto your life. The Tanzanite may assist you in finding true love, both with yourself and your spouse, by encouraging a closer connection and more acceptance of who you are.

Self-realization and celebration assure that you won't settle for anything or anybody who is unable to love you as you deserve because they give you respect and a sense of your value. This doesn't relate to cash or other tangible presents, but rather to the encouragement, acceptance, love, and friendship that ties a relationship together and fosters its development.


Tanzanite is also said to support you on your journey and assist you in seeing beyond the difficulties and barriers in your path, which may inspire you to tap into your inner power. The December birthstone is supposed to provide the ideal environment for the development of your talents, abilities, and resources that enable you to adjust to and build upon life's situations by fostering calm and a feeling of self-control.

As previously noted, tanzanite is a stone with exceptional therapeutic properties that promote cell regeneration. But this is not the only benefit this gemstone can provide; by supporting you through trying times and assisting you in coping with loss and stress, it also fortifies your soul.

You may successfully traverse the emotional healing process and go through life as a lighter person by donning a tanzanite gemstone. The stone is said to recharge and renew your spirit. In your regular activities, you'll feel more energetic, inspired, and concentrated.

Big Quantity Of Tanzanite On Wooden Floor
Big Quantity Of Tanzanite On Wooden Floor

Tanzanite Birthstone Of December

The bright and distinctively violet-blue hue of tanzanite has made it one of the most sought-after blue gemstonesin modern times. This gemstone is relatively new to the market for precious stones, and it has a hue that is unlike any other, an unusual blue with characteristic purple undertones.

Smaller tanzanite gemstones sometimes have hints of lighter blue and lavender, whilst bigger tanzanite gemstones often have a deeper and richer blue coloration. Tanzanite is seldom a pure blue color. The Tanzanite gemstone was first identified in Tanzania in the late 1960s.

It is unique in that it can only be found in one location on the planet: the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. Tiffany & Co. gave the precious stone its namesake, Tanzania, after the African nation in which it was first found.

The price of tanzanite is frequently lower than that of sapphire, making it a popular alternative stone for use in jewelry. Although Sapphire and Tanzanite both have a dazzling blue color, the latter is increasingly being seen as less of a suitable alternative for Tanzanite due to the latter's distinctive purple-blue hue. This one-of-a-kind gemstone is associated with feelings of fulfillment, comprehension, and happiness.

Tanzanite Meaning Benefits and Spiritual Properties

How Valuable Is Tanzanite?

In point of fact, tanzanite is much rarer than diamonds due to the fact that it can only be discovered in a single spot throughout the whole planet. Dainty chunks of tanzanite are a fantastic bargain for the buyer since the mineral almost exclusively occurs in the form of little crystals. However, the price of bigger stones increases very instantly.

An unnamed gem collector held an auction in Nottingham, United Kingdom, in the month of November 2015 to sell a substantial collection of gemstones. Just one of the tanzanite ringsbrought in a total of 45,000 pounds sterling by itself.

People Also Ask

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Tanzanite?

According to popular belief, tanzanite promotes a higher awareness and enhances perception and intuition.

Why Is Tanzanite So Special?

This is because it is restricted to a single, extremely tiny region of the globe.

Which Is Better Tanzanite Or Amethyst?

When compared to amethyst, tanzanite is a somewhat softer stone.


Fine Tanzanite varies from pure, rich blue-violet to violet-blue to mild, nearly lavender, and has a profound depth of color that is sometimes described as velvety. Pure, deep blue violet is the most precious and highly sought hue. People adore the violet-tinged deep blue color palette. The tanzanite birthstone meaning is thought to break up bad things and turn them into good things.

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