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Swarovski Launches New Collection Of Heroic Crystals

Take a look at swarovski's new collection of heroic crystals. Marvel and Swarovski have worked together to make a new line of jewelry and home decor inspired by the idea of being a hero and finding yourself.

Apr 13, 2023143 Shares2.1K ViewsWritten By: Johnny K.Reviewed By: Luke Williams
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Take a look at Swarovski's new collection of heroic crystals. Marvel and Swarovski have worked together to make a new line of jewelryand home decor inspired by the idea of being a hero and finding yourself.

Each piece is based on a famous Marvel comic book character and shows a high level of skill and attention to detail. Swarovski's master cutting gives each Super Hero's iconic look a great deal of authenticity from every angle.

This is the first time Swarovski has worked with Marvel, and it has given Swarovski Creative Director Giovanna Engelbert a chance to use Swarovski Crystalsto explore the qualities of strength, heroism, and responsibility.

This collaboration takes advantage of Marvel's 84-year history and the fact that Marvel characters inspire people all over the world to find the hero inside themselves. It also shows how the power and elegance of crystal can be used in new and unexpected ways.

Peter Widmann, Head of B2B, Collaboration & Licensing at Swarovski, says:

Swarovski is proud to collaborate with Marvel to unite two beloved brands for an iconic jewelry and home collection. Both brands have a rich heritage, and long-standing legacy, and are loved by customers all around the world - making this the perfect collaboration.- Peter Widmann

Inspired by Spider-Man, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, and the Hulk, Swarovski made eight pieces of jewelry, five crystal figurines, and a set of stickers.

Each piece that shines is a statement of energy and goodwill that will help you find your inner Super Hero.


Spider-Man bracelet
Spider-Man bracelet

Spider-famous Man's mask is made into a bracelet and a pendant. The red and black precision-cut crystal pavé is arranged in an artful way to make the mask. Two blue and red Spider-Man crystal figurines are added to the collection.

One has 955 facets and shows the Super Hero swinging on a web, while the other is made of 36,500 sparkling crystals and shows Spider-Man in his famous upside-down pose on a New York City streetlamp.

This one-of-a-kind item takes 243 hours to make.

Black Panther

In honor of the King of Wakanda, many pieces of crystallized Black Panther jewelry bring to mind the Wakandan spirit of innovation.

Black Panther pendant necklace
Black Panther pendant necklace

These pieces include a colorful motif ring, a 3D pendant on a long chain, and a mask-shaped pendant with purple crystals.

A sleek Black Panther figurine made of crystal is a great collectible. It shows him wearing his famous vibranium suit in a design made from 649 facets.

Captain Marvel

A beautiful, multicolored ring with Captain Marvel's iconic symbol of cosmic power, courage, and light shows support for women's rights.

Captain Marvel ring
Captain Marvel ring

Captain Marvel is shown as a limited-edition crystal figurine made from 10,000 crystals and ready to take off.

Iron Man

A versatile jewelry piece that doubles as a 3D pendant and brooch channels Iron Man’s inspiring energy, while an Iron Man crystal figurine collectible, cut with 723 facets, brings the character to life at a level of innovative artistry that Tony Stark would be proud of.

Iron Man brooch
Iron Man brooch


The Hulk smashes into the collection with a fiery fist of green crystals set on a gold-tone plated bracelet, while the Hulk crystal figurine collectible reveals the exacting details of the character’s signature muscles and awesome strength, expertly cut from 578 facets.

Hulk crystal figure
Hulk crystal figure
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