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Stone September - Meaning, Benefits, History & Symbolism

The sapphire, which has been prized for thousands of years, is the birthstone for September. The word sapphire often refers to the blue variation of corundum, while ruby is the red version, however, this stone September is available in a wide range of different hues.

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The sapphire, which has been prized for thousands of years, is the birthstone for September. The word sapphire often refers to the blue variation of corundum, while ruby is the red version, however, this stone septemberis available in a wide range of different hues.

Sapphires have a long history of being linked to romance, nobility, and faithfulness. They are also said to represent the soul. Blue sapphire is one of the most well-known colored stones, and the name "sapphire" is derived from the Greek word sappheiros. Continue reading to find out more about the stone September.

Stone September Meaning

Sincerity, honesty, fidelity, and nobility have all historically been associated with the birthstone for September. Sapphire has been used for millennia to embellish kings' and priests' clothing. Ancient Greek and Roman nobility thought that blue sapphires shielded their wearers from danger and enmity. Due to their association with Heaven, sapphires were worn by clergy throughout the Middle Ages. The ancient Persians thought the sky was blue because the world was supported by a massive sapphire.

The stone September was also thought to have therapeutic properties. Europeans in the middle ages thought that sapphire could treat eye and plague blisters. It was formerly believed that the sapphire birthstone could neutralize poison.

The Rockefeller Sapphire, a 62.02-carat (ct) rectangle step-cut stone discovered in Myanmar, is one of the most well-known sapphires (Burma). The stone was recut and remounted throughout the years after being purchased in 1934 by businessman and philanthropist John D. Rockefeller, Jr. (1874-1960) from an Indian maharaja.

The sapphire was initially set as a brooch and afterward as a ringwith two triangular-shaped diamondside stones with cut corners. The sapphire engagement ringthat Kate Middleton, the current Duchess of Cambridge, received from her son after Princess Diana wore it for the first time and it was set with a 12-carat blue sapphire may be the most well-known sapphire in recent years.

Stone September History & Symbolism

September is a popular month for weddings due to the pleasant weather and picturesque surroundings as the leaves begin to change color for the autumn. Fall is a time for transformation, rebirth, reimagination, and letting go of the past to make room for the future.

The Latin word "sapphires," which signifies blue, is where the term "sapphire" originates. Its origins are found in both the Middle East and Ancient Greek. Ancient Greeks wore sapphires to commemorate Apollo, the Greek God who represents and guards archery, music, dancing, truth, prophecy, healing, illness, the sun, light, and poetry. They often carried sapphires to the temples of Apollo and wore them there to make prayers for the sick's recovery.

Additionally, sapphires are said to be able to shield their wearers from snakes and other harmful spirits. Some people even held the belief that sapphires themselves have magical properties that could destroy snakes and spiders. The sapphire was revered as the "Celestial Stone" and believed to possess enormous psychic abilities in ancient Persia.

In the Middle Ages, priests and other members of the clergy believed that wearing blue sapphires to represent the heavens would aid them to withstand temptation and sin. Many people at the time believed that wearing sapphires would shield royal aristocracy, kings, and queens from battle and pestilence.

Small Pieces Of Blue Sapphire
Small Pieces Of Blue Sapphire

Value Of The Birthstone For September

Among the most expensive jewels are sapphires. As a result, they are among the priciest items after pearls, rubies, and diamonds. Based on several global calendars, lapis lazuliand zircon are close runners-up to sapphires as September birthstones, but their value is lower simply because they are less well-known and don't have as extensive a history. Zircon, however, is not the same as zirconia, as should be noted. While zircon is a priceless natural gemstone, zirconia is a replica of a diamond.

Stone September Cleaning And Care Tips

Because sapphires are sturdy, cleaning them doesn't need much care. Steam and ultrasonic cleaners may be used without issue, although soap and water will also work. They can survive regular use, however, we always advise being cautious with your stones to prevent scratches.

Your sapphire gem jewelrywill be secure if you store it in a separate container or bag. You may, for instance, utilize a jewelry boxwith compartments that are lined with velvet. Last but not least, be cautious not to wear your jewelry too closely together. For example, avoid wearing two gemstone ringsnext to one another as they may scratch one another.

Benefits Of Stone September

Sapphire, the birthstone for September, may protect you against poison and evil. The sapphire stone, which has historically been a favorite among priests and rulers, represents knowledge and purity. Since the Middle Ages, the diamond has been associated with loyalty and trust as well as protection from danger for those closest to you.

  • Sapphire is referred regarded as the "knowledge stone," because each of its hues imparts distinct wisdom. Mental stress, sadness, unpleasant ideas, and spiritual bewilderment are all released. Sapphire brings harmony and tranquility to the mind by reestablishing equilibrium inside the body and balancing the physical, mental, and spiritual spheres. It encourages focus and offers excitement and lightness.
  • Sapphire is sometimes referred to as a "stone of prosperity" since it attracts presents of all sorts and satisfies aspirations.
  • Sapphire improves blood conditions by reducing excessive bleeding and strengthening the vein walls. It controls glands, treats cellular problems, and soothes hyperactive bodily systems.

September Birthstone - SAPPHIRE! Learn the Crystal Healing Benefits of your Birthstone!

How To Enhance The Stone September Color Energies?

Your September birthstone is the best choice if you want to enhance your relationship, increase communication, or pursue spirituality. Wearing a sapphire fosters loyalty, knowledge, and clear thinking, particularly for September babies.

To improve your love, wear your birthstone as an engagement ring. Additionally, sapphire improves self-control and drive in the user, so you may wear your gemstone to work or wherever you need the incentive. Wear your birthstone jewelry to your interview or the next board meeting to aid with communication, mental clarity, and comprehension.

Choose this blue gemstone if you wish to express your love, look for closeness, or desire greater romance in your relationship since sapphires are well-known as love symbols. Additionally, sapphire jewelry promotes calm in the user, making it an appropriate decoration for times when the mind is troubled, facing difficulties, or seeking quiet. The September birthstone hue will flatter you no matter how you wear it, particularly if you were born in this month.

People Also Ask

What Does A Stone September Symbolize?

The stone September gemstoneshave a regal, noble, honest, sincere, and devoted connotation. Stone September is also associated with purity, wealth, and beauty.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Stone September?

The stone September gemstones are said to draw blessings, gifts, and riches while shielding you from harmful energy.

What Powers Does The Stone September Have?

The stone September has the abilities of fusion, regeneration, and optimism. The stone September is seen in Feng Shui as representing fresh beginnings and assisting you in making changes in your life.


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