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September 22 Birthstone - The Sapphire

The September 22 birthstone is sapphire, which stands for wisdom, virtue, luck, as well as faithfulness, and sincerity. Sapphire has a variety of colors, though it is most frequently seen as blue. The tablets on which the Ten Commandments were engraved are thought to have been made of sapphire.

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TheSeptember 22 birthstoneis sapphire, which stands for wisdom, virtue, luck, as well as faithfulness, and sincerity. Sapphire has a variety of colors, though it is most frequently seen as blue. The tablets on which the Ten Commandments were engraved are thought to have been made of sapphire.

The corundum family, which also includes the ruby, includes sapphire. Despite the fact that sapphire comes in a variety of colors, the majority of people associate it with the color blue. One of the most important things to know about sapphire is that it is just as hard as a diamond, scoring a 9 on the Mohs scale, which only assesses the mineral hardness.

It is one of the most valuable and precious birthstonesand has hexagonal crystals. Now, some sapphires are referred to as star sapphires because they contain rutile particles known as "silk" particles. These particles essentially emit light in the shape of a six-pointed star. They won't bother you if you point that baby in their direction!

Sapphires are not only the most popular birthstone for September, but they also have a rich history that matches their deep blue color. The significance of the stone is unfathomable the ancient Greeks wore these stones to communicate with oracles, which were essentially wise fortune tellers.

Additionally, some people think that sapphire was used to carve the Ten Commandments into the tablets. You must consider yourself fortunate to have this gem of a gem as a birthstone if your birthday falls in September.

September 22 Birthstone Properties

The sapphire is traditionally considered to be the birthstone for those whose birthdays fall in the month of September. The poem for September's birthstone, the sapphire, represents some of the qualities that are often connected with the gemstone.

These include honesty, sincerity, and perseverance. Clairvoyance, insight, and interpretation are the traditional metaphysical properties associated with the gemstone sapphire, which is the September birthstone.

The therapeutic characteristics of the September birthstone are said to be useful for a variety of healthissues, including those connected to the reduction of fevers and inflammation, and issues with hearing, cancer, and burns. In addition, the Sapphire is used in rituals to amplify the effects of Venus and to drive away negative ideas.

A Big Chunk Of Beautiful Blue Gemstone
A Big Chunk Of Beautiful Blue Gemstone

Sapphire's The Official September Birthstone

The valuable gem known as the sapphire has long been treasured as the birthstone for September. This birthstone belongs to the corundum family and comes in a variety of colors than only blue (ruby being the red variant).

Due to their associations with royalty and romance, sapphires are a common engagement ringstone. They are also said to stand for loyalty and the spirit. Blue sapphire is a highly prized stone, and the word "sapphire" is derived from the Greek sappheiros. To find out more about the origins and history of the September birthstone, keep reading.

Sapphire has traditionally been linked to the September birthstone and the ideals of loyalty, honesty, and dignity. Sapphires have been utilized as decorations for royal and religious regalia for ages.

The aristocracy of ancient Greece and Rome believed that wearing blue sapphires would protect them from harm and envy. Because of the importance sapphires had come to signify in the Christian religion throughout the Middle Ages, clerics donned them.

The ancient Persians believed that the globe was supported by a massive sapphire, which is why the sky was blue. The emerald birthstone was said to provide healing qualities for September babies. In medieval Europe, people believed that sapphire could cure eye problems and plague boils. The popular birthstone sapphire was also thought to have the ability to counteract poison.

September Birthstone Meaning And Symbolism

The current birthstone for September is sapphire. Sapphire is without a doubt the most costly and well-liked birthstone for September. Sapphire and ruby are both members of the corundum gem family. Its rich, glossy blue is what makes the valuable stone so popular.

In addition to blue, sapphire may also be found in many other hues, including purple, yellow, black, and orange, to mention a few. Red sapphires have their own name, which is ruby; there is no such thing as red sapphires.

The color blue has long been linked to sapphire. The name "sapphire" really derives from the Greek word "sapphires," which means "blue." Sapphires were also thought to be connected to Apollo, the Greek god of light and the sun.

Ancient Persians, who lived in a distant region of the globe, had the view that the earth is supported by a massive sapphire. The blue tint of the sky, which is a reflection of the blue gemstone, was one among the arguments in favor of such a notion.

Even while that may not be the case, it is true that the planet seems to be a stunning blue diamond from orbit. According to legend, Christian priests wore sapphire because of the stone's heavenly link throughout the Middle Ages.

Knowledge, wisdom, intellect, and faithfulness are all represented by the sapphire. Some refer to it as the wisdom stone. Because of the sapphire's intrinsic affinity for knowledge and wisdom, its power may be used in a wide range of endeavors, including study, research, self-improvement, judgment, and critical thinking. As a symbol of enduring devotion, sapphire makes a wonderful solitaire or accent stone for a diamond engagement ring.

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How To Care For Your Sapphire?

The month of September is represented by the sapphire gemstone in traditional birthstone jewelry. Sapphires are very long-lasting and difficult to damage in any way, including chipping, cracking, or breaking. On the Mohs hardness scale, which is a grading system used to measure how strong certain gemstonesare, they are given a value of nine.

The hardest and most durable gemstones have a Mohs rating of ten, the maximum possible score. When it comes to taking care of your sapphire, it is important to make sure that your gemstone does not scrape against any hard surfaces or other jewelry while it is stored in your jewelry box.

This might cause damage to your sapphire gemstones and should be avoided at all costs. You should inspect your sapphire stone at least once or twice a year to make sure that your gemstones are not shifting about in their settings.

This is an important step in the process of caring for your sapphire. It would be a terrible shame if you were to misplace a treasured jewel that you adore. These suggestions for caring for your sapphire jewelry are equally applicable to the care of your diamond baubles.

How To Clean Your Sapphire?

Cleaning sapphires at home is not a difficult task at all. All that is required of you is a bowl of hot water and a sprinkling of gentle liquid soap. One solution that works very well for cleaning sapphires is blue Dawn dish soap, which comes highly recommended.

Then, after you have your dish of dish soap and water mixed together, let your sapphire soak for at least twenty minutes; however, if your jewelry is really unclean, let it soak for even longer. After the sapphire has finished soaking, give it a light brushing with a toothbrush that has soft bristles, and then thoroughly rinse the jewelry in clean water.

It is essential to dry the gemstone using a gentle towel, and one should take care to prevent water from pooling on the gem. You may use ultrasonic or steam cleaning on natural sapphires to get them as clean as possible. These are the sorts of cleaning processes that are often used by jewelers.

People Also Ask

What Are September's Two Birthstones?

The sapphire and moonstone are the birthstones for September.

What Birthstones Are For September Virgo?

Sapphire is the birthstone for those born in September or under the virgin horoscope.

What Is September Lucky Stone?

The gem sapphire, which has been prized for thousands of years, is the birthstone for September.


Although sapphire is also be found in pink, yellow, and green hues, its pristine, deep blue color is the most sought-after. They may also be colorless. Sapphire, the September 22 birthstone, may protect you against poison and evil. The sapphire stone, which has historically been a favorite among priests and rulers, represents knowledge and purity.

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