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Prince Lorenzo De' Medici's Jewelry Unveiled At HRD Spring 2023 International Jewelry Design Awards

Now, prince lorenzo de' medici's jewelry unveiled at hrd spring 2023. The 18th annual HRD International Jewelry Design Awards were presented on January 22nd, 2023 in Italy, which is known as the fashion and art capital of the globe.

Jan 29, 202355 Shares1.5K ViewsWritten By: Johnny K.Reviewed By: Luke Williams
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  1. Orion - Star Of Medici

Now, Prince Lorenzo de' Medici's jewelry unveiled at HRD spring 2023. The 18th annual HRD International JewelryDesign Awards were presented on January 22nd, 2023 in Italy, which is known as the fashion and art capital of the globe.

Prince Lorenzo de' Medici, head of the Medici family and owner of MEDICI Jewelry, accepted an invitation to host the awards event.

Orion - Star Of Medici

In addition, the design for "Orion - Star of Medici," a piece that is part of the Medici family line, was revealed by MEDICI Jewelry.

This design features a 186.35-carat star sapphire, which was once the fourth largest in the world. It is set together with an innovative animal figure that represents the spirit of the Medici drive that spurred a renaissance in the arts and humanities.

This design was created in honor of the Medici family's patronage of Galileo Galilei, a modern scientific sage. The encircling iris is a reflection of the vulnerability as well as the resiliency of mankind's artistic aspirations, which are embodied in the search for freedom and eternity.

Prince Lorenzo De' Medici's portrait
Prince Lorenzo De' Medici's portrait

Not only does the design honor the imprint that art has left on the course of human history, but it also pays tribute to what art reveals about the character of humans: namely, that humanity is perpetually in need of rebirth.

The HRD International Jewelry Design Awards, which are considered to be the "Oscars" of the jewelry design industry, have always captured the attention of people all over the world and featured the work of a great number of skilled designers from different countries.

Dignitaries, corporate elites, famous designers, design directors, and directors from the world's largest brands were all present at the event. The jewel-themed presentation that the award-winning designers gave their guests was a visual feast.

During the evening's culminating extravaganza, Prince Lorenzo de' Medici introduced the world to MEDICI JEWELRY, a company he co-founded with LORDSPEK. In addition, a number of pieces of jewelry drawn from the MEDICI FINE JEWELRY collection were presented here.

MEDICI FASHION JEWELRY, the fashion brand belonging to MEDICI JEWELRY, will be introduced very soon. The aesthetic principles of the Medici family have been incorporated into the design of jewelry by MEDICI FASHION JEWELRY.

This has the effect of making the Medici family's artistic and cultural philosophy accessible to both the general public as well as to future generations.

Prince Lorenzo de' Medici's goal in launching the MEDICI JEWELRY brand is to provide the world of fashion with a range of jewelry that is both current and distinctive, as well as a new venue for artistic expression. It is Medici's hope that one day, all admirers of jewelry would be able to appreciate the mesmerizing beauty of jewelry art.

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