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Pisces Birthstone Color - For Those Born In The Month Of March

Humans have always recognized a deep connection between heaven and earth. It was said that during these early nights, the effect of these stars and planets greatly impacted our planet, Earth. Several myths claim that wearing the right gemstone, such as the Pisces birthstone color, may provide protection.

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Humans have always recognized a deep connection between heaven and earth. It was said that during these early nights, the effect of these stars and planets greatly impacted our planet, Earth. Several myths claim that wearing the right gemstone, such as the Pisces birthstone color, may provide protection.

Birthstonesfor Pisces are a wonderful method to tap into the healing energies of this sign. They may support physical and emotional recovery, as well as bring about emotional harmony and spiritual calm. According to legend, the gemstonesconnected to Pisces offer therapeutic qualities that assist in lowering stressand promoting creativity.

People born under the sign of Pisces may readily access the soothing and powerful energies that are at their disposal with the help of the Pisces birthstone. Pisces, the twelfth sign of the zodiac, often has a variety of birthstones.

Aquamarine is the birthstone for Pisces, according to astrological custom, which assigns a birthstone to each zodiac sign. These semi-precious stones have particular meanings for Pisceans and are linked to several ages-old myths and legends. Continue reading to discover the origin of this enigmatic Pisces birthstone color.

What Is The Pisces Birthstone?

It might be difficult to know what to do when it comes to birthstones. Pisces, a month-to-month astrological sign, begins in February and finishes in March. How should I choose my stone? An aquamarine or an amethyst?

The Curious Lore of Precious Stones by G. E. Kunz was one of the first books I read while researching the Pisces birthstone. Kunz was a well-known gem specialist in his day, even before contemporary gemology was understood. Did you know he gave the mineral kunzitehis name? Such was his impact on how we see diamonds.

Kunz informs us that amethyst is the birthstone for Pisces in his works. Amethyst was recognized as a birthstone connected with this season even before the contemporary list of birthstones. Since at least the 15th century, amethyst has been connected to the shortest month of the year!

Amethyst is regarded as a stone of sobriety. Although this reputation is most often connected to drinking, it may also refer to the clarity of thought. It is claimed to make both conscious and subconscious cognition clear. Wearing amethyst encourages Pisces, who often live in a realm of emotions, to express themselves rationally. You may also think about aquamarine or bloodstone, a form of jasper that is the birthstone for Pisces.

Pisces Birthstone Color & Meaning

The light to medium blue and various colors of green that make up the Pisces birthstone is typical. These two gem selections are said to represent both emotional stability and inner power. Aquamarine, tourmaline, and opalare some other famous Pisces birthstonesthat provide the user with a passionate balance of the body and intellect. For those born under the sign of Pisces, this mix of stone hues, meanings, and characteristics adds an extra layer of importance to birthstones.

Pisces Birthstone Raw Extracted
Pisces Birthstone Raw Extracted

Benefits Of Wearing A Pisces Birthstone

Birthstones for Pisces are said to have therapeutic and healing properties. According to legend, the stones connected to Pisces promote psychic harmony as well as spiritual and emotional tranquility. These stones may also foster a feeling of confidence and bravery within the wearer.

The Birth Stones Of Pisces

Birthstones for Pisces are stones that either symbolically symbolize the sign or resonate with its extremely erratic energies and vibrations. The suggested gemstones for Pisces sign individuals are listed below.


The birthstone for Pisces in March is aquamarine. Its name is a translation from Latin for "water of the sea." The sea is represented by this blue-to-blue-green gemstone, which connects with Pisces, a water sign.

Stones for cleansing include aquamarine. It calls for the purification and cleaning of your heart, soul, and intellect. It is a great stone to wear when meditating or while working. When you're feeling down, it might help raise your mood.

This stone dispels excessive negative energy and replaces them with calmness and elation in situations when there is an abundance of negativity. In other words, this stone prevents you from ever feeling trapped.

Additionally, its energies encourage you to be yourself, be creative, and follow your heart. This stone aids Pisces individuals in avoiding unfavorable events and people in life since Pisces people might sometimes be unsure of themselves and excessively trusting.

Additionally, the Aquamarine stone awakens your inner bravery, power, and tenacity, which are excellent weapons against Pisceans' infamously gullible tendency. The fortunate stone known as aquamarine is said to provide both protection and good fortune. Ancient seamen carried the stone on their journeys as a charm of protection.

Why is Pisces the most Mysterious Zodiac Sign | Horoscope | Juggun Kazim


The bloodstone is yet another birthstone for Pisces. A highly calming stone that opens up your chakras is a bloodstone. Bloodstone is the name of the stone because of the crimson flecks that seem to be blood drops.

Bloodstone has long been seen as a representation of wellness, good circulation, physical stamina, and illness prevention since it is associated with blood, an essential component of the human body (and any animal, for that matter).

It is also supposed to affect your emotions and ideas in a manner that will help you make sensible judgments. Or, to put it another way, the stone also looks after your mental wellness. A bloodstone may be used as décor or worn to promote mental clarity.

In addition to representing strength and resolve, this stone is dark green. It will increase your self-esteem and encourage confidence. Dreamers and creative people by nature are Pisces. And dreamers sometimes tend to dream too much. The bloodstone's balancing and anchoring energies will be quite helpful to them.

As a result, doing so will also enable you to savor the present. Bloodstone was reportedly utilized in talismans and amulets throughout history. Bloodstones were worn by ancient soldiers because they believed the stone would shield them from danger.


Amethyst is a lovely violet-purple gemstone that is both a birthstone for Februaryand a birthstone for the sign of Pisces. Therefore, it has particular significance for February's Pisces. Most people know this stone for its innate calming properties. This implies that you may use it to reduce tension, stress, irritation, and other negative emotions.

It may also be a big aid in easing sorrow and sadness. Additionally, if you have irrational mood fluctuations, this stone will assist you in balancing them. This stone connects with Pisces because they are very intuitive, and it encourages spirituality and in-depth thought. Using the Amethyst stone, you may also open and realign your Third Eye and Etheric Chakras.

Amethyst has historically been utilized for spiritual reasons including defense against psychic assaults. Additionally, if you are having problems at work, this stone might help you manifest clarity and ambition.

Similar to how you might meditate on a problem in your lovelife to bring about love, affection, and harmony. This will result in settling disagreements with your spouse, no matter how minor or severe they may be.

People Also Ask

What Does The Amethyst Pisces Birthstone Color Mean?

Amethyst is a purple gemstone with relaxing qualities that may help ease tension.

What Is The Opal Birthstone Color For Pisces?

One of the most popular birthstones for Pisces is the opal. It offers a variety of therapeutic benefits, including the capacity to foster creativity.

What Is The Meaning Of Blue Lace Agate Pisces Birthstone Color?

A highly relaxing stone, Blue Lace Agate may aid in bringing inner peace and lowering stress levels.


This article gives a thorough overview of the Pisces birthstone color, including its traditional significance, and benefits. We would love to hear your thoughts about our article. Post a comment below if you'd like. We love responding to you, it’s a pleasure.

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