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Nov 22nd Birthstone - Unleash Your Inner Fire With Topaz

The birthstones for November, citrine, and topaz, come in a stunning diversity of hues and are reasonably cheap, making November newborns a fortunate group. So November infants, feel free to imply that you would want a lovely piece of jewelry with your Nov 22nd birthstone in the color of your choosing. There are several alternatives available in a variety of colors and designs.

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The birthstonesfor November, citrine, and topaz, come in a stunning diversity of hues and are reasonably cheap, making November newborns a fortunate group. So November infants, feel free to imply that you would want a lovely piece of jewelrywith your Nov 22nd birthstonein the color of your choosing. There are several alternatives available in a variety of colors and designs. Read on to learn everything there is to know about these vividly colored citrine and topazstones.

Nov 22nd Birthstone

Topaz and citrine are the birthstones for November 22, 1971. The topaz is a stone that comes in a broad spectrum of hues, including pink, purple, yellow, orange, and blue, and it represents loveand compassion.

The royal topaz, which has a rich orange hue with pink overtones and is the most valuable, was a favorite of Russian czars in the 1800s. Heat treatment of colorless topaz produces blue topaz, which has a blue color.

Citrine is referred to as a "healing quartz" because it may help the user feel more alive and energized. Its significance is tied to the gemstone's reputation for attracting prosperity in Chinese feng shui, where it has its origins.

The hue of citrine varies, ranging from deep orange to bright yellow. Due to its abundance in nature and the fact that it can be found in Brazil and Spain, despite its beauty, it is a very inexpensive gemstone. Garnet is the birthstone for January 2023.


Marabous, a teacher and bishop in Rennes, France, wrote about the origins of topaz: "The yellow topaz arrived from far oceans, located on the island of the same name." The island's name in Greek mythology was Topazios, which translates to "divine."

From ancient to current times, many renowned people's favorite gemstone was topaz. Emperor Hadrian wore a vintagetopaz ringstudded with Latin phrases that meant "confidence in the almighty to override nature and fate." His reign was one of the most successful, peaceful, and wealthy in the history of the Roman Empire.


Another late addition to the birthstone list per month is citrine. Quartz comes in a lemon-yellow variant called citrine, and some of these stones have beautiful facets. According to a legend around citrine, Cellini, a famous 16th-century Roman goldsmith, was once imprisoned. Cellini was very wary of the meal and constantly scrutinized it out of suspicion that his adversaries were trying to poison him.

One day after eating, he saw several brilliant specks on his plate. He examined it and discovered it to be a diamondsplinter, which led him to believe that someone had poisoned him by putting diamond dust in his meal.

Cellini managed to escape the situation and was shortly let go. When he was freed, he discovered that his adversaries had paid a gem cutter to include a diamond in Cellini's dinner. Citrine was far less expensive than diamond, therefore the gem cutter, who was quite impoverished, substituted it.

Five Different Shape Of Orange Stone
Five Different Shape Of Orange Stone

Citrine And Topaz Symbolism

Citrine's yellow hue is a result of iron flecks that are present in the quartz crystal. Both the Romans and the ancient Egyptians utilized stone in jewelry. It saw a significant resurgence in the 19th century's Art Deco era and was often fashioned into accessories for the wealthy Hollywood class. Because the stone is not as uncommon as others, jewelers may create huge stones to make a statement.

Citrine is thought to soothe the mind and lessen rage. It is a self-healing stone that rids the body of all unfavorable traits. It makes use of the sun's energy to make one's life happier. Topaz is the alternative birthstone for November.

This stone is often mistaken for citrine, and for a while, many thought they were the same stone. The yellow hue is the cause of this. Once upon a time, topaz was regarded to be the only yellow stone.

In reality, topaz comes in a wide range of hues and varieties, including imperial topaz(the most valuable) and blue topaz (very rare). Topaz is a symbol of devotion and love. According to legend, it bestows happiness and fulfillment to the wearer by bringing riches.

Nov 22nd Birthstone Color

The yellow hue of the November birthstoneis derived from the gemstonesyellow-orange Topaz, also known as golden Topaz, and yellow Citrine. The numerous colored variants of topaz are produced by impurities since pure topaz is essentially clear.

Topaz also appears in gorgeous colors of blue, pastel green, pink, and red in addition to the yellow-to-orange spectrum. Since processed colorless topaz predominates on the market, natural blue topaz is quite uncommon.

Imperial Topaz, a brand name for natural golden topaz, is relatively uncommon and not often used in jewelry. The gorgeous sunset hues of Mystic Topaz, which is often seen in November jewelry, are typically created by treating transparent Topaz. Russian and Brazilian topaz is the most expensive kind used in jewelry, although Brazilian topaz is the sole source of imperial topaz.

Why Does November 22nd Have Two Birthstones?

The 12 stones of the High Priest's breastplate recorded in Exodus are thought to be the origin of the concept of birthstones. Wearing one stone per month of the year was formerly a widespread habit.

The Jewelers of America sought to standardize birthstones in 1912. Modern birthstones are chosen primarily on what can be sold in huge numbers the quickest. Thus, there are two birthstones for November. The original birthstone was topaz, but citrine was eventually introduced as a less expensive substitute.

Topaz And Citrine’s Famous Fans

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, who was born in January but may not love garnet, is a loyal supporter of both the November birthstones. The glittering pavé drop earringsshe wore during her engagement picture shoot with Prince William may have led you to believe they were diamonds, but they were fashioned of white topaz (the "Hope Egg" design by Links of London).

The Duchess has a favorite set of cushion-cut citrine drop earringsby Kiki McDonough, a well-known British jewelry designer (of course). She has also worn McDonough's white topaz and blue topaz earrings. Because topaz and citrine are almost as brilliant as more costly precious jewelsyet come at a more affordable price, we believe they are the ideal complement to the Duchess's down-to-earth elegance.

When queen Victoria incorporated citrine components into her collection of royal jewels during the Victorian Era, citrine experienced surges of popularity as well. Global celebrities from the heyday of early Hollywood, including Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford, were renowned for wearing glitzy citrine jewelry.

Topaz And Citrine Care And Cleaning Tips

Citrine and topaz are equally tough stones, although their form often causes chipping. Avoid banging topaz or citrine jewelry against hard surfaces and store it apart from other gems when not wearing it.

Additionally, keep the jewelry away from corrosive substances like hand lotions and sanitizers. The stone should be cleaned by soaking it for 10 to 15 minutes in a combination of water and mild dish soap. After that, use a soft cloth to carefully wipe away any dirt that is still there before patting the surface dry.

People Also Ask

What Is The Birthstone For November 22nd?

Topaz and Citrine are the birthstones for November 22nd.

What Are The Properties Of A November 22nd Birthstone Topaz?

Topaz is renowned for its abilities to calm energy, improve intelligence and creativity, and foster success and wealth.

What Are The Properties And Benefits Of A November 22nd Birthstone Citrine?

The uplifting and invigorating qualities of citrine are well recognized. It is said to increase individual strength and bestow wealth, happiness, and prosperity to the wearer.


We believe you now have all the information you need about the Nov 22nd birthstone. We would be very interested in learning about your experiences with birthstones. Post a comment below if you'd like. We love responding to you, it’s a pleasure.

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