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Lithomancy - How Jewels And Gemstones Can Help You In Love

If you throw your favorite crystal, it might tell you what will happen in the future. In the form of fortune-telling called "lithomancy" you throw crystals and watch where they land or, in some circumstances, examine the ripples they make when they hit the water or interpret the way light reflects off of them.

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If you throw your favorite crystal, it might tell you what will happen in the future. In the form of fortune-telling called "lithomancy" you throw crystalsand watch where they land or, in some circumstances, examine the ripples they make when they hit the water or interpret the way light reflects off of them.

What Is Lithomancy?

In Europe, this way of telling the future became popular in the 1400s, and many complicated rituals grew up around it. It really is top-notch stuff! The good newsis that you don't have to be a wizard, witch, alchemist, or druid to try this out for yourself. You only need some gems and your intuition.

Crystals and Incense
Crystals and Incense

What Is The Point Of Lithomancy?

Because lithomancy has no written history, it is done differently in different places and by different people. Depending on who you ask, the number of stones, what they stand for, and the methods used can all be different.

In the type of lithomancy that is most popular in the British Isles, the 13 stones stand for love, magic, fortune, home, and life, and the astrological signs of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, the Sun, and the Moon.

Each of these pictures has a set of meanings that go along with the message it is trying to send.

For instance, the word "love" can also refer to passion, harmony, sincerity, relationships, etc. The planet Venus, which is the goddess of love and beauty, can also mean any of these things.

After the question is asked, the stones are thrown, and the answer is found by looking at how the stones are set up and where they are in relation to each other.

The person who throws the stones will decide how to understand what the stones say. As with any other kind of divination, how the stones are read depends on the stone reader's instincts and past experiences.

Another type of lithomancy, which is more common in Wicca and other Neo-Pagan religions, uses 16 stones instead of 13.

These 16 stones represent male and female, the Sun and the Moon, love, loss, joy, and sadness, as well as the four elements of air, fire, water, and earth. The last stone in the set is usually the biggest and is sometimes called the "question stone."

This type of lithomancyis heavily influenced by tarot, and the results are much easier to understand. The stone caster starts out by asking the center stone the right question.

The remaining stones are then thrown from directly above the stone that has just been set down on a level surface, typically on top of a cloth. Stones can be thrown from anywhere between 6 inches and a foot high.

After the stones have landed, the ones closest to the center stone are read first, then the ones farther away. Stones that fall more than 6 inches from the center stone are not included in the reading, though.

Because the response is read like a story in this type of lithomancy, the sequence in which the stones land has a significant impact on how the results are understood.

For example, if the history stone comes first, followed by the Water, Sorrow, Future, and then the Joy stone, the caster might think that the person's future will be full of joy and happiness.

The person's past, on the other hand, may have been plagued with emotional agony and suffering.

If the history stone falls first, then the joy, future, and water stones, and finally the sorrow stone, the caster may believe that the person's future will be filled with emotional pain and suffering. The person may have had a lot of happiness and joy in the past.

How To Do The Ritual Of Lithomancy

Choose Crystals

Place your bag of crystals on your lap and take a seat in front of the circle. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Then reach into the bag and pull out three rocks. Give yourself as much time as you need. You can look at each crystal in the bag until you find the three that feel right.

Let Go Of The Three Crystals You Are Holding

Pay close attention to where they land. The crystal that lands closest to the center of the circle shows what you did, how you really feel, or why you did it (depending on the question you asked).

Your lover, crush, or ex is represented by the crystal that is second closest to the center, while an invisible force or an outside viewpoint is represented by the crystal that is closest to the circle's edge.

Choose Each Jewel

Now it's up to you to figure out what each stone means to you. You could think about what each crystal is supposed to represent, like how rose quartzis linked to self-love, rubies to passion, and amethysts to healing.

You could also think about the personal connections you have with each crystal, like if your mother gave you emerald earringsor if you found a cool rock on a date. You could also do whatever your gut tells you to do.

Hold each crystal, one at a time, to your heart and ask it to tell you something. Close your eyes and let your thoughts go where they will. Let your mind wander freely through ideas, feelings, symbols, pictures, words, music, and feelings.

When you think you've figured out what each crystal is trying to tell you, stop and write down what you think the message is, as well as any lessons or actions you've learned from it.

Do this with all three of the rocks or crystals you have. Then, hold all three in one hand close to your heart and look at what their combined energy shows.

Again, write this down. You just did lithomancy there, you can learn advanced fortune tellingand divination knowledge with Joynumber!

Is Clear Quartz The Best Stone For Lithomancy?

These days, clear quartz is used to make things like precise tools. Quartz, whether manufactured in a lab or grown on the ground, is used in electronics due to its excellent physical properties.

One of these pieces of gear is your quartz watch. When voltage is put on your watch's battery, the quartz starts to move. As a timekeeper, this oscillating vibration at 32,768 Hz is more precise than the balance wheel of vintagemechanical timepieces.

Clear and dark quartz in a wooden table
Clear and dark quartz in a wooden table

People Also Ask

What Crystal Is Good For Fortune?

Green jade has to be one of the best crystals for bringing luck. Green jade has been a symbol of luck, wealth, and good fortune for hundreds of years. Because of this, green jade is often seen in places of business. Red jade, like citrineand green aventurine, is also thought to be a lucky stone.

Does Amethyst Give Good Luck?

It works well as a good all-around lucky stone. It is usually purple, and the darker the color, the more luck it will bring.

Who Should Not Wear Tiger Eye Stone?

The Tiger's Eye crystal has a lot of energy, so people who have trouble sleeping shouldn't wear it, or at least shouldn't wear it as often. It's also not a good idea for people who have bad dreams.


Like any intuitive work, lithomancy requires you to think outside the box, but you also need to be creative. You're learning to hear and understand what your subconscious is telling you. The more you do this, the better you'll get at it. Using your instincts can help you out.

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