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JAXXON, The Leading Men's Jewelry Brand, Unveils Its Highly Anticipated Men's Pearl Collection

In 2017, JAXXON was established as the answer to fill the void in the market for high-quality men's jewelry at a price range that was within reach. Now, JAXXON unveils its highly anticipated men's pearl collection.

Dec 14, 202260 Shares976 ViewsWritten By: Johnny K.Reviewed By: Luke Williams
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In 2017, JAXXON was established as the answer to fill the void in the market for high-quality men's jewelryat a price range that was within reach. Now, JAXXON unveils its highly anticipated men's pearl collection.

This highly anticipated product drop is the result of the brand's ongoing efforts to maintain a finger on the pulse of fashion and culture while also specializing in the sale of classic accessories for men.

This year saw a number of firsts for men's accessories, including the introduction of jewelry into streetwear as well as the fashion runway. Men are opting to wear chains of varying designs and styles to cater to their individual preferences, whether they are on the street or at a stadium.

Pearl necklacesfor men provide an interesting new dimension to menswear, and JAXXON has ambitious intentions to establish itself as the market leader in this emerging product category.

About Jaxxon Jewelry

JAXXON is an online men's jewelry firm that specializes in offering beautiful jewelry without the addition of excessive markups. The company has maintained its credibility with over 20,000 reviews rated 5 stars.

Cuban Link Chain jewelry by JAXXON
Cuban Link Chain jewelry by JAXXON

JAXXON is the embodiment of our collective identity as a community. An aspirational community of doers and achievers whose mission is to discover, cultivate, and exhibit the very best version of themselves while motivating others to do the same.

Jaxxon Jewelry is a brand of Cuban Link Chainjewelry that specializes in the production of necklaces and braceletsfor both men and women. These timeless pieces are crafted in Italy out of 925 sterling silverthat has been fused with 14k gold. Not only are they built to last, but they also provide the right touch of elegance to any ensemble.

Yes, it is true that their beautiful jewelry is crafted with 14-karat gold and diamondsof VS2 quality to create opulent accessories that are appropriate for any event. They have decided to make their gold jewelry out of 14k gold because, in comparison to 18k and 24k gold, it is more resilient and can better withstand the effects of everyday wear and tear.

The Pearl Collection Will Be Entirely Unique

Josh Deemer, JAXXON CEO, said:

JAXXON always strives to be at the forefront of men's fashion with new styles to cater to all different types of customers. The Pearl Collection is something completely different, and we are excited to debut this new collection. As the last product drop of the year, this release holds a lot of excitement, just in time for the holidays.- Josh Deemer

This marks the first time that the company has included pearls in its men's jewelry collection. The launch includes six new goods as well as a limited edition gift set that is offered in both gold and silver.

JAXXON has taken its top-selling Cuban Link Chain and given it a fresh new look by adding over 35 pearls to create an original design that combines two different types of jewelry.

As a more lightweight alternative to the Cuban Link Pearl Necklace, the Pearl Rondelle Necklace and Bracelet will be made available together. This set is designed to emulate the look of a traditional pearl necklace.

Those who prefer comfortability in their jewelry or lead active lifestyles are ideal candidates for this type because of its durability and flexibility.

The most reliable brand of men's jewelry, JAXXON is worn by some of the most famous athletes, celebrities, and influential people in the world. JAXXON takes great satisfaction in the quality of its products. Bear Digidio of JAXXON said:

Just like any other products we've developed at JAXXON, we designed these pieces to reflect our take and feel on pearls and create a collection around that. Our collection can be seen on top athletes, including Joc Pederson, Odell Beckham Jr., Ryan Sheckler, Julian Araujo, Cody Bellinger, and Joey Gallo.- Bear Digidio

Over the course of the past five years, JAXXON has established itself as one of the most successful direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands in the entire globe. It currently holds the number one spot in the category of jewelry for men.

The company is moving at a breakneck speed, and its expansion can be seen clearly. The company works closely with a number of the most accomplished individuals in the sector, and it is continually releasing innovative new product designs.

JAXXON is a brand that you should keep an eye on because they have a full slate of new items and special events scheduled for the coming year.

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