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The Jewel Of Gübelin Jewellery Is Inspired By The Indian Ocean

The Gübelin jewellery is inspired by the Indian ocean cocktail ring by the amazing world inside a 10 ct sapphire. The gemstone's interesting colors, shapes, and structures reminded them of a tropical lagoon off the coast of Burma, now called Myanmar.

Dec 26, 202212 Shares886 ViewsWritten By: Johnny K.Reviewed By: Luke Williams
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  1. Blue Lagoon

The Gübelin jewellery is inspired by the Indian oceancocktail ringby the amazing world inside a 10 ct sapphire. The gemstone's interesting colors, shapes, and structures reminded them of a tropical lagoon off the coast of Burma, now called Myanmar.

The inside beauty of the sapphire was the inspiration for the cocktail ring, which has the same colors as a tropical island paradise.

The Blue Lagoon cocktail ring was made by Gübelin Jewellery. It was inspired by the fascinating world inside the Burmese sapphire (10.65 ct; 91.3 Gübelin Points).

By looking at the gemstone through a microscope, they saw amazing shapes and colors that reminded them of the Mergui Archipelago off the coast of Burma (Myanmar).

This island paradise in Burma is known as one of the world's most beautiful and untouched natural wonders.

Blue Lagoon

Gübelin Jewellery shows off its newest piece of Haute Joaillerie. The beautiful sapphire in the center of the sculptural ring is surrounded by sapphires, tourmalines, and diamondsthat are cut in a variety of sophisticated ways.

The same model wearing the Blue Lagoon ring
The same model wearing the Blue Lagoon ring

In honor of the colors of the water in the Indian Ocean and the tropical plants that grow near the white sand beaches, the designers chose sapphires in different shades of blue, tourmalines with a beautiful range of colors from green to blue, and sparkling diamonds.

Gübelin Jewellery shows their skill, expertise, and the joy they bring to colored gems with their masterful composition and careful choice of gemstones. Burmese sapphires are highly treasured, rare, and known for their deep, rich shades of blue.

And although they are already of limited availability by their very nature, Gübelin Jewellery currently only selects gemstones from Myanmar that were exported before February 2021. The way the ring band curves naturally, like ocean waves, is one of the most interesting parts.

Gübelin Jewellery put the sapphires and tourmalines together in a way that flows smoothly from blue to green. This took a lot of attention to detail, artistic skill, and professional know-how.

The sapphire and tourmalinebaguettes, which were cut especially for this ring, show that the jeweler was very skilled and had a good sense of color.

The cocktail ring stands out because of its sculptural design and the way its forms flow into each other. The curved parts give Blue Lagoon movement, drama, and a sense of life.

Artfully set with pear-shaped and round sapphires as well as round, marquise, and pear-shaped diamonds, they flow around the center stone, creating an almost magical eddy that draws connoisseurs into its depths.

This ring is made in the form of a sculpture, and each level is gently curved and based on its inspiration. Gemstones that are carefully matched and vary in size are arranged and aligned in such a way that they elegantly show off the design's curves.

As soon as you look at the first level, you can see how much attention to detail there is. The edges are set with diamonds in a fine pave thread. In the company's atelier in Lucerne, the unique piece of jewelrytook more than 300 hours to make by skilled craftspeople.

Behind the scenes of the Gübelin jewellery winter campaign

Gübelin Jewellery put the famous ruby in a prominent place. The designer's mark seems to float along the side of the ring. An elegant bezel setting keeps it in place. The two cabochon-cut rubies come from Greenland and add red sparkles.

The cocktail ring's elegant design and interesting gems make it easy to keep finding new things about it.

Gübelin Gemstone Rating

The Gübelin Gemstone Rating makes it easier to find your way around and compare colored gemstones. The easy-to-understand and all-inclusive point system measure how good, rare, and popular the gem is.

Based on these factors, experts at the Gübelin Gem Lab give each stone a point score that takes into account all of the following: Gübelin Points. The 10.65-ct Burmese sapphire got 91.3 Gübelin Points, which made it an "outstanding" stone.

Inspired To The Core

The Deeply Inspired philosophy of the House of Gübelin runs through everything the company does. It is based on a unique mix of beauty, knowledge, and skill, with the goal of always learning more about the craft as a tribute to the pioneering spirit of the family.

Each piece of Gübelin jewelry has a ruby in it to represent this philosophy. It is known as the king of gems and stands for loveand passion.

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