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Feb Birth Stone - Member Of The Quartz Family

If you adore gemstones and were born in February, you probably want to know what stone represents that month. You will learn what the Feb birth stone is in this blog, so read on. Furthermore, it has artistic and spiritual qualities.

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If you adore gemstonesand were born in February, you probably want to know what stone represents that month. You will learn what the Feb birth stoneis in this blog, so read on. Furthermore, it has artistic and spiritual qualities.

Let me at least give you the name here to satisfy your curiosity. The significance of the birthstone for Februaryand additional information will be revealed later. The second month of the year's calendar is officially represented by the birthstone amethyst.

Amethyst was initially found in the 1600s and was rediscovered three centuries later, in the 1960s. However, in the 18th century, this was included among the birthstones. In both ancient and current lists, amethyst has always been the birthstone for persons born in February.

Feb Birth Stone Amethyst

Amethyst is the traditional and contemporary birthstone for February. A quartzvariation with an almost glass-like sheen is called amethyst. Amethyst often has a purple hue, although it may also have more intense hues like violet and dark purple. The term derives from the Greek word "amethystos," which means "not drunk." The stone was thought to provide a defense against drunkenness. The ancient Greeks would either wear the stone as jewelryor engrave it in their drinking vessels to take use of its potency.

Amethysts used to be valued more than diamondsin the past. As huge amounts were mined in Brazil in the 1800s, the value of what was once a prized stone quickly fell. Despite this, amethyst remains one of the most expensive gemstones that anybody can purchase and wear.

The month of February is blessed with this mystical and regal gemstone as its guardian birthstone. Amethyst is said to have the ability to provide its bearer with mental and emotional fortitude. It is also renowned for its abilities as a cleansing gem, as was already noted.

The gem's cleansing abilities are comparable to those of the viola, the February birth flower. Amethyst energy is spiritually compatible with those born in February. People born in February will be able to tap into the spiritual alignment's energy by donning an amethyst.

Additionally, the amethyst may foster a wearer's connection to the cosmos. It has the strength to keep your mind at rest and the ability to keep you away from evil ideas, making it a perfect lifelong friend.

Feb Birth Stone Hyacinth

The hyacinth is another excellent gemstone for February. It is an indestructible mirror-like variant of zircon that is red, orange, or yellow. The mineral was given its name in honor of the corresponding flower. The relationship between the two is still unclear, however. But one thing is certain, the hyacinth gem's beauty cannot be disputed. It even has similarities to uncut diamonds. Unfortunately, this jewel had turned into a target for scammers who heated the stone up and then sold it as a diamond.

Those who wear the hyacinth are more likely to flourish if they were born in February. Because it is affordable and known to cleanse and fend off nightmares for those who wear it, this mirror-like mineral is also a jewel for individuals from all walks of life.

This gem will be useful to you if you like traveling since it may vary in luster according to the environment and weather. If the weather changes for the worse, it gets dull, and if it's nice, it shines. The hyacinth gem is a thoughtful present for a friend leaving on a trip or for a birthday in February.

Raw Amethyst Crystal Stone
Raw Amethyst Crystal Stone

Feb Birth Stone Jade

The ethereal gemstone for February is jade. It has a vitreous and waxy sheen and is an opaque gem. Since it was used to cure ailments of the loins and kidneys, the term was taken from the Latin word "ilia," which means "renal region." Jade comes in two varieties: jadeite and nephrite.

Although the two minerals are chemically unrelated, they have the same physical characteristics and quite similar appearances. The rarer kind, called jadeite, is available in a variety of vivid hues. Nephite tends to be green or white, while jadeite may be any of the following colors: green, white, lavender, red, orange, yellow, and black. Jade is a priceless stone that can calm the skin and the eyes. It is appealing to the eye and much more so when touched.

This gemstone embodies the forces of virtue, insight, and wealth. When February babies wear this jewel, their quality of life will be enhanced. The most significant jewel in Chinese culture is probably jade. Sometimes, the value of these jewels exceeds that of diamonds.

Many things that are outstanding and beautiful are likened to jade stones. The "Jade Emperor" is regarded by Taoists as the supreme and most divine king of heaven. Amazing jewels called jades may protect you even while you sleep. It enables you to have nice dreams and guards you against nightmares.

Color And Appearance - The Purple Hues Of Amethyst

Amethyst is a form of quartz that comes in a variety of lighter and deeper tints of red, purple, and even white, with hues ranging from light pink to deep violet. Amethyst is prized for its exquisite hue. Amethyst gemstones come in a wide range of varieties and hues, including:

  • Stones made of violet amethyst have a vivid violet tint with stronger red undertones.
  • Gemstones with stronger blue overtones in the lavender amethyst colorvary from light violet to deep purple.
  • Russian amethyst has red and blue tones and is a rich, dark purple. In these stones, the blue hue is often more prominent.
  • Rose amethyst, sometimes called "Rose de France," has overtones of pink and violet and is a pinkish-red tint.
  • The hue of green amethystranges from pale to dark green, with hints of violet and white.
  • A colorless quartz gemstone with minute white inclusions and no discernible coloring is referred to as a colorless amethyst gem. It's often referred to as "White Mexican Amethyst."
  • A smokey amethyst stone has shades of violet and is yellow to brown in hue.
  • Gems of pale lilac amethyst have a faint purple hue.

Scientific And Physical Properties Of Amethyst Jewelry

An amethyst geode, a circular rock formation loaded with crystalsthat may weigh up to 10,000 lbs, can be found in nature. There are 2 to 2,500 different amethyst crystals within each amethyst geode.

Amethysts are crystalline quartz, which means that they are constructed of tiny crystals piled one over the other. The iron impurities that naturally exist inside the mica crystals give amethyst its purple hue. Amethyst gemstones are durable and scratch-resistant due to their rating of 7 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, which is used to assess a mineral's resistance to abrasion.

February Birthstone 💎 AMETHYST! Learn the Crystal Healing Benefits of your Birthstone!

Where Is February Birthstone Found?

Brazil is home to many of the original amethyst resources, which are found there in the form of large geodes among volcanic rocks. Large global producers include Artigas, Uruguay, and the nearby state of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. Additionally, it is mined and discovered in South Korea. In Nassau, Lower Austria, there lies the world's biggest open-cast amethyst vein.

A significant amount of beautiful amethyst originates in Russia, particularly in the region of Ekaterinburg close to Mursinka, where it is found in drusy cavities in granitic rocks. Amethyst is produced in large quantities in south India. With an annual output of roughly 1000 tons, Zambia in southern Africa is one of the world's major amethyst producers. There are other places in the globe where amethyst is found, including Cambodia.

People Also Ask

What’s February’s Birthstone Color?

Amethyst ranges from mild pinkish violet to deep purple. It may be red or blue. The optimal grade comprises 75–80% main purple and 15–20% blue and red secondary colors.

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Amethyst Necklaces And Jewelry?

In addition to enhancing the wearer's appearance, the birthstone for February, amethyst, stands for inner strength and self-empowerment.

What Does February Birthstone Mean?

A gem known as amethyst is the birthstone for February. It improves communication and provides the user with courage. The amethyst was believed to protect against drunkenness by the ancient Greeks.


The purpose of this article is to provide you with a better understanding of the significance of the Feb birth stone. We would be very interested in learning about your thoughts regarding our article. Please comment below. We would loveto respond to you.

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