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Top 8 Engagement Ring Trends For 2024

Selecting an engagement ring can be challenging, especially when new designs and styles are trending. This guide identifies 8 timeless engagement ring trends for 2024 based on diamond experts' predictions, 2023 shopping trends, and rising searches.

Feb 06, 20248.7K Shares165.8K ViewsWritten By: Johnny K.Reviewed By: Luke Williams
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  4. Goodbye Mined Diamonds, Hello Lab-Grown
  5. Rings With Lab Diamonds
  6. Maximalist Rings
  7. East West Settings
  8. East West
  9. FAQs - Engagement Ring Trends For 2024
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Top 8 Engagement Ring Trends For 2024

Engagement ringssymbolize loveand commitment, with various designs, gemstones, and diamondsavailable. In 2024, the most popular rings will feature the latest fashions and revived classics.

Selecting an engagement ringcan be challenging, especially when new designs and styles are trending. This guide identifies 8 timeless engagement ringtrends for 2024based on diamondexperts' predictions, 2023 shopping trends, and rising searches.

These timeless rings don't necessarily go out of style, making them a timeless choice for any occasion.

Yellow Gold Bands

While goldbands will never go out of style, traditional yellow gold engagement ringswill be all the rage in 2024. Yellow gold has maintained its position as a top choice year after year, even if mixed metals, platinum, and rose gold were more popular in prior years.

The classic and adaptable yellow gold is here to stay. The majority of engagement ring settings, particularly those with a vintageflair, are crafted from yellow gold. A wider range of diamond color grades may be accommodated in yellow gold engagement rings.

To make sure the center diamond is dazzling and white, try for a nearly colorless stone if the bands are yellow gold. The store must sell genuine, 18-karat gold. Find the perfect band style for your 18k solid yellow gold engagement ring by perusing the whole collection.

Unique Center Diamonds

The most common diamond cut is still round brilliant, but more and more people are looking for diamonds with unusual or exotic shapes in the middle. Custom diamonds that are cut to order are predicted to be more popular in 2024. A growing number of engaged couples are having diamonds cut into unique shapes, including hearts, hexagons, and kites.

To start the Cut for YouTM process, schedule a meeting with a VRAI diamond specialist. VRAI provides a selection of 30 different lab-grown diamondshapes. The master cutters will choose and cut a diamond to your exact requirements once you choose its form.

Modern Minimalism

In 2023, modern styles were all the rage. The year 2024 is predicted to witness a surge in examples of contemporary minimalism. More people are opting for clean, modern, linear, and angular environments. More and more people are looking for simple, high-quality designs that can be paired with everything.

Select a solitaire engagement ring that features one simple band and a linear diamond shape (e.g., radiant, princess, emerald, etc.). Determine the ideal mix for your understated jewelrycollection by comparing bandwidths, metal hues, prong kinds, and diamond shapes.

Person is wearing engagement ring in hand.
Person is wearing engagement ring in hand.

Goodbye Mined Diamonds, Hello Lab-Grown

The popularity of lab-grown diamonds has been rising gradually as more and more people place a premium on eco-friendly jewelry and clothing. By 2024, lab-grown diamonds will likely have surpassed mined diamonds as the gemstone of choice.

The extraction of diamonds has a lengthy history of unethical labor methods, resource devastation, and depletion. As an ethical substitute, lab-grown diamonds provide the beauty of genuine diamonds.

No, not every lab-grown diamond is sourced in an ethical manner. VRAI diamonds are the pioneers in the market for diamonds that have been certified as carbon neutral. By guaranteeing a zero-emission supply chainand fair-wage employment, these provide an ethically superior option.

Rings With Lab Diamonds

A lot of people have been interested in lab-created diamonds of good grade recently. One of the most prominent 2024 engagement ring trends is these stones, and rightfully so. The popularity of lab diamond rings as engagement rings in 2024 is obvious. These diamonds are an affordable option that will never go out of style.

Their optical and chemical similarities to real diamonds make them suitable for 4C grading by the GIA or the IGI. Lab diamonds are available in the same shape, color, carat weight, cut, and clarity options as our natural diamonds.

Finding the ideal diamond to set in an engagement ring is a breeze with our extensive inventory of GIA-graded lab diamonds.

Maximalist Rings

Chunky rings and engagement types that flaunt maximalist looks have replaced daintier rings. One of the most striking engagement ring styles of 2024 is wide band rings set with several stones. Pick a big engagement ring that stands on its own, or mix and match rings like anniversary bands to re-create the ring trend.

With its two shanks and rows of diamonds and sidestones that complement the center stone of your choice, this band embodies some of the most prominent maximalist ring styles of 2024. Engagement ring designs that are bold and striking are showcased in minimalist forms like these.

East West Settings

An engagement ring set in platinum featuring a halo of diamonds and an east-west emerald diamond.

Using an east-west ring setting gives traditional diamond shapes a modern twist. These settings turn the primary gemstone on its side, giving it a one-of-a-kind appearance, but nevertheless maintaining the classic vertical orientation of rings.

Thanks to its unique blend of modern design with classic forms and styles, east-west rings are expected to be a hit among engagement rings in 2024.

Elongated gemstone forms, such as marquise, emerald, pear, radiant, or oval diamonds, look stunning set in this horizontally trending engagement ring style.

East West

Diamonds with elongated forms, such as radiant, emerald, or oval cuts, are often placed vertically. However, in the year 2024, clients are turning that tradition upside down by placing their center stone horizontally, all in an effort to stand out.

"East-west rings are an excellent option for someone looking for a contemporary spin on a classic style," comments currency. The shank of an east-west ring may be more conventional (such as a solitaire or pavé band), but by inverting the central stone, clients may easily combine classic style with contemporary flair.

What Are The Emerging Materials For Engagement Rings In 2024?

The engagement ring trends for 2024 showcase a shift towards unique and sustainable materials, with lab-grown diamonds, moissanite, and alternative gemstones gaining popularity.

Yes, vintage-inspired designs are making a comeback in 2024, with intricate details, filigree work, and Victorian-era aesthetics influencing modern engagement ring choices.

In 2024, ring settings are moving towards more elaborate and intricate designs, with hidden halos, three-stone settings, and nature-inspired motifs taking center stage in the engagement ring scene.

Are Unconventional Shapes And Cuts Gaining Traction In Engagement Rings For 2024?

Absolutely, non-traditional shapes like hexagon, pear, and marquise cuts are becoming popular in 2024, offering a unique and personalized touch to engagement ring choices.

White gold and rose gold continue to be favorites, but in 2024, there's a surge in interest for alternative metals like platinum and titanium, reflecting a modern and sleek aesthetic in engagement ring preferences.

Final Words

Engagement ring trends for 2024 offer a wide range of designs, gemstones, diamonds, and personalized details. Couples are increasingly choosing to shop together, making this approach a trend. Shopping together ensures a perfect fit for their style and ring size, making it a practical and trendy choice in 2024.

This trend is expected to see more couples shopping for rings online or at jewelry stores together this year. This approach not only takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect design but also contributes to the overall trend.

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