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$115,000 In Jewelry Stolen From Kohl's In Harrisonburg, Arrests Made

Last month, authorities in Harrisonburg reported that jewelry valued at 115,000 in jewelry stolen from Kohl's store located on East Market Street.

Dec 21, 2022129 Shares1.7K ViewsWritten By: Johnny K.Reviewed By: Luke Williams
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Last month, authorities in Harrisonburg reported that jewelryvalued at 115,000 in jewelry stolen from Kohl'sstore located on East Market Street.

On the afternoon of November 11, according to police reports, a man entered the store and went behind an unsecured jewelry counter while two other people stood to watch. A newsrelease stated that a few moments later, the three individuals strolled out of the businesswith a bag full of stolen Vera Wang jewels.

The retail establishment was unaware of the theft at the time it occurred and did not report it until some time later when they got aware of the event.

The four suspects in the Kohl's jewelry theft
The four suspects in the Kohl's jewelry theft

The Major Crimes Unit of the Harrisonburg Police Department reviewed security material and started collaborating with Kohl's as well as state and federal law enforcement authorities located around the East Coast.

Three days later, on November 14, three suspects broke into a jewelry store in Rainbow City, Alabama, and led cops on a pursuit before fleeing on foot. The store was located in Alabama.

During the search for the suspects, the law enforcement officers made use of search dogs in addition to airborne resources such as a helicopter and an unmanned aerial vehicle.

According to the press statement, one suspect was taken into custody that afternoon, and another was discovered the next day. A third suspect was successful in evading capture.

Harrisonburg investigators were able to move forward with charges linked with the theft from Kohl's after talking with officials in Alabama regarding the suspects. Carlos Ignacio Almarza Plaza, 27, from Chile is being accused of six counts of committing a crime.

Karim Octavio Jerez Riquelme, 26, from Chile, was taken into custody on five allegations of committing a crime. According to the authorities, a third suspect named Jaime Patricio Otarola-Troncoso, who is also from Chile and is 27 years old, was able to get away in Alabama and is still at large.

A man from Florida who is accused of providing a vehicle to the other three suspects has also been taken into custody as a suspect.

According to the announcement, the authorities had trouble correctly identifying some of the suspects due to a lack of proper documentation, and identities are still being validated due to many aliases being used.

The various law enforcement agencies are continuing to share information and have come to the conclusion that all of the suspects are members of a broader organized theft organization.

In some other jurisdictions, charges are still pending.

Are Kohl's Diamonds Real?

Some diamondson may come with a diamondcertification from an independent and unbiased gemological laboratory. The certification reports the stone's quality and qualities, ensures that it is natural, and fully discloses any treatments made to improve color or clarity.

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