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December Sagittarius Birthstone - Hues Of Blue

The ninth sign of the zodiac is Sagittarius. Turquoise is the December Sagittarius birthstone. Blue gemstone turquoise is symbolic of communication and emotional equilibrium. Sagittarians are people born between November 23 and December 21.

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The ninth sign of the zodiac is Sagittarius. Turquoiseis the December Sagittarius birthstone. Blue gemstone turquoise is symbolic of communication and emotional equilibrium. Sagittarians are people born between November 23 and December 21.

Fire is the Sagittarius sign's element, and Jupiter is its ruling planet. The archer is the sign of Sagittarius. The turquoise stone, which glistens in the ocean, is made entirely of sweet, flowing water energy, which is constantly prepared to counteract the fire element of the Sagittarius horoscope.

Turquoise helps to balance emotions and open the throat chakra so that open-hearted communication can take place by bringing its calming touch and profound healing. Turquoise also has a potent amplifying quality, so it can support Sagittarians in maximizing their spiritual side and keeping their hearts open to any messages or words the universe may have to share. Turquoise also adds a harmonizing element that can balance out the energies of the sexes.

December Sagittarius Birthstone And Significance

The deepest goal of a Sagittarian is to influence and alter the world. They are upbeat and sincere. They always strive to improve while looking for freedom and adventure. Their goal in life is to have a fulfilling existence, and they are renowned for setting their sights on everything that appeals to them, including their ideal career, mate, getaway, etc.

They have the greatest capacity for generosity, pleasure, and enormous hearts. The Zircon, the second birthstone for December, is seen as a representation of purity, virginity, integrity, and dignity. The stone provides the user with a defense against evil, adversaries, unfavorable energy, disease, and energy.

Wherever the wearer walks, the stone is said to inspire warmth. Zircon has long been used as a remedy to enhance digestion since it is said to have therapeutic characteristics. Additionally, the stone contains medicinal properties that promote tranquility and comfortable sleep. Additionally, the stone bestows prestige and knowledge on the bearer.

Three birthstonesare blessed for December, with the rare, timeless, and magnificent Tanzanite serving as the third. The ancients thought that the stone offered wearers a direct passage to the spiritual world, opened the heart chakras, and gave the wearer visions.

Many people think that wearing tanzanite compels one to speak the truth, saving one's dignity and integrity. Additionally, the gemstone heightens compassion and encourages calmness in the wearer's body and mind. The Celtic chieftains allegedly used tanzanite in a ceremony to choose the next leader.

Many Beautiful Blue Gemstones
Many Beautiful Blue Gemstones

Is There Only One December Sagittarius Birthstone?

There are a significant number of Sagittarius crystal birthstones.


All astrologers and gemstone aficionados agree that turquoise is the dominating stone for Sagittarius. Turquoise is all about harmony, much like the majority of the other gems for Sagittarius. As a water stone, it aids with taming the fire element that governs the Archer and promotes equilibrium and steadiness.

Turquoise is strongly related to the throat chakra and is connected with healing and clarity. As a result, it makes straightforward communication easier and more powerful. The Sagittarian is better able to communicate with people and with the cosmos itself because of turquoise's unifying properties.

Blue Topaz

Topazcomes in a wide range of hues, but only the blue kind is appropriate for Sagittarius. Similar to turquoise, blue topazis linked to calmness and tranquility, two qualities that the fiery Sagittarius temperament needs to be balanced.

It also has a strong alignment with the throat chakra, which makes it easier to express oneself and communicate clearly. This Sagittarius stone is significant because it inhibits the Archer's propensity to talk without thinking. Another of the December gems for Sagittarius is blue topaz.


Citrinestands out from the first two gemstonesfor Sagittarius most visibly by virtue of its color. Citrine is renowned for its vivid yellow colors in contrast to the other two gemstones, which have blue and green colors.

This refutes the citrine's association with the sun and its purported ability to transmit solar energy. This November birthstonefor Sagittarius possesses extraordinary therapeutic properties, much like the sun. Citrine is said to bring riches and success because of its golden hue.

Citrine is infused with warmth, vigor, light, and optimism, in line with its blazing character and like the governing element of Sagittarius. Citrine may foster manifestation, creativity, and knowledge because of its connection to the sacral chakra.

Blue Sapphire

The blue sapphire, another of the water-colored gemstones for Sagittarius, is undoubtedly the most expensive precious stone related to this sign. Blue sapphire has a high affinity with the throat chakra alongside turquoise and blue topaz, which is why it is said to assist in dispute resolution and prevent misunderstandings.

Additionally, blue sapphire is thought to provide heavenly advantages because of its strong resonance with the third eye chakra. In addition to general good fortune, they include divine favor, the gift of prophecy, spiritual protection, and insight.

The benefits of blue sapphire include easing stressand perplexity, preventing depression, and promoting better calmness and peace of mind. Numerous diverse civilizations throughout the years have connected this Sagittarius stone with various things including honesty, justice, repentance, chastity, and piety. It even has a connection to improved intelligence!

Birthstones for December or Sagittarius


For those born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign, zircon is a superb stone of stability on the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. At a trying period in your life, it can just give you the inner strength you need. It will direct you in the direction of your goal if you meditate on it.

In that sense, the lovely zircon also has the ability to bring visions and convert them into reality. Zircon is a well-known birthstone for December. The zirconium silicate mineral is available in a variety of hues, including red, yellow, green, blue, pink, purple, and grey. It establishes harmony in every aspect of your life.

You may need this equilibrium as a Sagittarius in order to channel your high amounts of energy into other endeavors rather than exhausting yourself. The oldest gemstone in existence, zircon has long been believed to bestow luck, wealth, and soundness onto the wearer.

People Also Ask

Which Stone Should Sagittarius Wear?

The primary birthstone for Sagittarius is blue topaz, which is regarded as a stone of tranquility, understanding, and self-realization.

What Are The 3 Types Of Sagittarius?

There are three different sorts of Sagittarius Suns: those with Mercury in Scorpio, those with Mercury in Capricorn, and those with Mercury in Sagittarius.

Which Color Is Unlucky For Sagittarius?

The color blue is not good for Sagittarians.


Zircon, tanzanite, citrine, and turquoise are the December Sagittarius birthstone. Sagittarius people are often noted for their vivacious personalities, liveliness, and sense of humor. These folks see life with an upbeat, optimistic perspective. However, this does not imply that they are usually irrational.

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