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Aiken Jewelry Store Burglarized; Diamonds, Gold And Other Items Stolen

Aiken jewelry store burglarized. In the break-in that occurred at Porky Bradberry's Jewelry a week ago, valuable items including diamonds, gold, and jewelry were taken. The proprietors of the business are still struggling to come to grips with what happened.

Dec 22, 20221 Shares421 ViewsWritten By: Johnny K.Reviewed By: Luke Williams
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Aiken jewelry store burglarized. In the break-in that occurred at Porky Bradberry's Jewelrya week ago, valuable items including diamonds, gold, and jewelry were taken. The proprietors of the businessare still struggling to come to grips with what happened. Owner James Whittle said:

I was distraught and shook up. My blood pressure rose.- James Whittle

James Whittle with his wife and son
James Whittle with his wife and son

The theft took place in the early morning hours of December 16 at the jewelry store that is situated within the Mitchell Shopping Center.

According to a report from the Department of Public Safety in Aiken, an alarm was triggered by the breaking of glass, and the police were called to the scene.

According to the report, the store was searched thoroughly, and no one was located anywhere within.

On December 15, before leaving the store, Whittle stated that he closed the business as normal by putting all of the large stones in the safe.

Due to the presence of video cameras all around the establishment, he was notified on his phone. Whittle said that he witnessed the burglary in its entirety and that he was contacted by the authorities after the event had taken place. Whittle said:

It was just an out-of-body experience and we felt violated to the point where someone entered your property and stole it from you. It was just rage.- James Whittle

Whittle asserts that he witnessed a man pound on the door of the company approximately forty times before the intruder broke the locks that were on the door.

Whittle stated that the man then stole some silverjewelry from the store.

Whittle asserted that the suspect made off with approximately $100,000 worth of spare diamonds, approximately $40,000 worth of Rolex watches, and approximately $30,000 worth of scrap gold.

Whittle stated that the alarm went off as the suspect was attempting to break glass inside, and the suspect exited the store after the alarm went off.

According to what he claimed: "We have lots of video of him, but he was covering his face,"

Whittle stated that when he and his wife got to the store, despite the damage, they chose to get the store ready for operation.

It was business as usual when we opened the very following day, he explained.

Whittle stated that the store's locks had been upgraded, additional security cameras had been added, and the whole security system had been upgraded.

He stated that now: "We are much more prepared,"

Whittle stated that it will be difficult to replace some of the items that were stolen, but the support from the community has kept their spirits up during this ordeal.

The culprit is claimed to be a Black male, between 5-foot-8 and 6-foot-1 in height, weighing between 150 and 180 pounds, and having an athletic build, according to the police. In addition, the suspect sported a black mask and gloves, along with a black jacket, trousers, high-top Converse sneakers with a red stripe, and a black hoodie.

Whittle stated that he want him caught sooner or later, no matter what.

About The Porky Bradberry's Jewelry In Aiken

Porky Bradberry's Jewelry logo
Porky Bradberry's Jewelry logo

Before, it was announced that new ownership and management will take over at Porky Bradberry's Jewelry, and the store will reopen for business.

Jamie Whittle and Porky Bradberry have come to an agreement for Jamie Whittle to purchase the Aiken store that has been located at 1601 Whiskey Road in the Mitchell Shopping Center for many years.

Aiken, South Carolina is the home of Porky Bradberry's Jewelry, which first opened its doors in the year 1951. About three employees are employed in the Porky Bradberry's Jewelry store that is located at this location.

This company is involved in the jewelry and watchmaking industry, which is described in the following phrase: Around $500,000 worth of merchandise is sold each year at Porky Bradberry's Jewelry.


Very helpful staff, very knowledgeable of jewelry, and coins! They gave me twice the moneythen the other guy down the street offered me an old coin! I wouldn’t trust anyone else!- A reviewer

The owners are very personal with each customer. When you walk in their store they make you feel right at home.They are very helpful with all of your needs. This is a wonderful place to shop for all you'r need for jewelry. They are Honest.This is the only place i will go for all of my jewelry.- A reviewer

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