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11.28 Carat 'Infinite Blue' Diamond Disappoints At The Sotheby's Hong Kong Jewelry Sale

A lot of beautiful jewelry was sold at the recent one-off sale at Sotheby's Hong Kong, including the much-anticipated 11.28-carat Infinite Blue diamond. It was a mixed bag of surprises and although the 11.28 carat 'Infinite Blue' diamond disappointments, it still got a huge amount of money.

Oct 10, 202326.1K Shares389.5K ViewsWritten By: Johnny K.Reviewed By: Luke Williams
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11.28 Carat 'Infinite Blue' Diamond Disappoints At The Sotheby's Hong Kong Jewelry Sale

A lot of beautiful jewelrywas sold at the recent one-off sale at Sotheby's Hong Kong, including the much-anticipated 11.28-carat Infinite Blue diamond. It was a mixed bag of surprises and although the 11.28 Carat 'Infinite Blue' diamond disappoint, it still got a huge amount of money.

11.28 Carat 'Infinite Blue' Diamond Disappoints

11.28 Carat 'Infinite Blue' Diamond ring on a hand
11.28 Carat 'Infinite Blue' Diamond ring on a hand

When it comes to high-stakes auctions and rare gemstones, you can almost feel the excitement and expectation building up for a big event. At a one-time Sotheby's Hong Kong sale, a beautiful 11.28-carat diamond called the "Infinite Blue" was going to be sold. Everyone in the jewelry world held their breath. There were high hopes, and both collectors and fans were eagerly waiting to see what would happen.

As soon as the gavel dropped and the results were shown, though, it was clear that the "Infinite Blue" had something special planned. This made many people in the businessfeel a mix of emotions. This is the story of how the 11.28-carat "Infinite Blue" diamond diasppoints but still shone in its own way.

The Infinite Blue diamond, which was the star of the show, didn't sell for as little as its low estimate, but it did sell for $25.3 million. Before the October 5 sale, the ringwith this radiant-cut, fancy bright blue diamond was set to sell for between $26 million and $37 million.

Even though the end amount wasn't what was hoped for, it's important to note that this sale still had one of the highest auction prices ever for a diamond in Asia, and it was the third-highest for a blue diamond in the area. Sotheby's said that this success was due to the strong demand for high-quality colored diamondsamong buyers around the world.

Sotheby's head of jewelry and watches for Asia talked about how strong the demand is for such rare gemstones. The Infinite Blue's bright blue color and stunning beauty are proof of how rare and beautiful diamonds will always be.

The Infinite Blue is a stunning 11.28-carat Fancy Vivid Blue diamond, faceted and polished with the inclusion of the number 8 in mind. Well-regarded as an embodiment of prosperity and auspiciousness in Asia, the form of the numerical digit is reminiscent to the universal symbol for infinity. Designed as a ring embellished with brilliant-cut and trapeze-shaped diamonds, the Infinite Blue has a captivating hue that alludes to the vastness of the ocean.- Sotheby's Hong Kong

With shades of vivid blues reminiscent of the clearest skies, the Infinite Blue possesses an unmatched versatility. The diamond evokes a sense of tranquility, spirituality, and introspection. In a world where beauty is celebrated and treasured, gemstones such as the Infinite Blue stand as a testament to the extraordinary creations that nature bestows upon us. Their presence on the world stage, whether showcased at prestigious auctions or displayed in renowned museums, ignites fascination and admiration.- Sotheby's Hong Kong

As we marvel at the magnificence of blue diamonds, we are reminded of the awe-inspiring forces of nature that shape these extraordinary gemstones. They serve as a reminder of the Earth’s remarkable beauty and the wonders that lie beneath its surface. Their rarity, their enchanting hues, and their ability to evoke deep emotions make them truly exceptional. Blue diamonds are not merely gemstones; they are captivating works of art, cherished heirlooms, and embodiments of timeless beauty - a true marvel that continues to inspire and captivate all who have the privilege of beholding their shimmering splendor.- Sotheby's Hong Kong

Few blue diamonds are found in mines around the world representing the force and mystery of nature. From its creation millions of years ago to its fashioning by a master diamond cutter, the Infinite Blue has experienced an enchanted journey. To say the Infinite Blue is special cannot be overstated. The odds of finding a blue diamond is of the topmost rarity. This glorious and notable diamond is an example of what can occur when nature leads the way and humankind embraces the earth’s treasures—producing a gem of spirited light performance. In the world of gems, blue diamonds steal the show.- Sotheby's Hong Kong

In a related event, Sotheby's Hong Kong held its Magnificent Jewels auction, where some well-known pieces of jewelry had unexpected results. Notably, a necklace with a 74.48-carat, fancy bright yellow, internally flawless cushion-modified brilliant-cut diamond sold for HKD 19.8 million ($2.5 million), which was less than the low estimate of HKD 29 million ($3.7 million) on October 6.

A set of earrings, a necklace, and a ring made of jadeite and diamonds sold for HKD 20.4 million ($2.6 million), which was a lot less than the low estimate of HKD 26.8 million ($3.4 million).

A Harry Winston ring with an 18.18-carat Kashmir diamond and a necklace with 29 jadeite beads were two other amazing items that did not sell. The Crown Jewel of Kashmir, which had a 12-carat Kashmir ruby and diamonds on either side, also didn't sell, even though it was worth up to HKD 20 million ($2.6 million).

Even with these failures, there were times when things went well. A 21.03-carat, D-flawless, type IIa marquise-shaped diamond ring by Van Cleef & Arpels sold for HKD 15.6 million ($2 million), which was a little more than its high estimate. Also, a pair of Harry Winston pendant earrings with 10.35 and 10.32 carats of emerald-cut, D-flawless diamonds hanging from them sold for HKD 13.2 million ($1.7 million), which was about what was expected.

Final Words

High-end sales and rare gemstones are places where dreams come true and huge amounts of money are spent. The story of the 11.28-carat "Infinite Blue" diamond is a lesson that there can be a glimpse of success even when things don't go as planned.

The 'Infinite Blue' may not have sold for as much as expected at the one-time Sotheby's Hong Kong sale, but it has made an indelible mark on the business. Its bright color and fine craftsmanship continue to captivate fans and experts, proving once again how appealing high-quality colored diamonds are. There is no doubt that the "Infinite Blue" has won its place as a star in the galaxy of rare and amazing gemstones. It may not have done everything that was hoped for in the jewelry world.

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