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Signs That You Are Loosing Your Faith

Have you been asking yourself "Am I losing my faith" a lot lately? Perhaps it's time to take a look at what's causing you to question your faith.

Sep 11, 20236.9K Shares183.7K ViewsWritten By: Johnny K.Reviewed By: Luke Williams
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  1. You Do Not Pray Anymore
  2. Lazy to Read the Bible
  3. Going to Church Becomes an Obligation
  4. Do Not Feel Guilty When Committing Sins
  5. Not Affected by the Gospel
  6. Understanding the Signs of Losing My Faith

Are you a devout follower of the Creator but feel you are following a false religion? If this is the case and you want to know, 'Am I losing my faith,' you'll want to know the signs.

Like this, you can seek advice on how to get your lost faith back. Keep reading to find out what to look for to determine if you are following a false religion.

Let's discuss further.

You Do Not Pray Anymore

Prayer is one of the core elements of any faith. It allows you to commune with God and express your thoughts, loves, worries, and praise. It may be a sign of spiritual unrest if you cannot pray. You may lose your connection with God as life gets more complicated and distracting.

This could manifest in other areas of your life, such as a lack of clarity on living a holy and moral life or feeling ashamed to ask for material needs. Take some time to reflect.

Lazy to Read the Bible

When you don't spend time dwelling and reflecting on God's words, as found in Scripture, it makes it more challenging to stay connected to Him. You may find yourself reaching out for spiritual guidance from other sources, searching for answers in books and blogs rather than just seeking God in the Bible.

The more time passes, and you don't read the Bible, the harder it is to hear God's voice due to the noise of this world. Combat this by committing to reading Scripture to understand God's Wordbetter.

Going to Church Becomes an Obligation

Sunday becomes an errand to knock out, as opposed to an act of worship and dedication to God. Attending church could have offered a sense of purpose but that feeling has been lost. During the services, the words heard could easily be discarded as unhelpful guidance, leaving little to hope for in fulfilling a spiritual relationship.

Without belief in the afterlife, the services can be seen as an expenditure of time rather than a way to connect with the almighty. All these signs could lead one to believe they may lose their Christian faith.

Do Not Feel Guilty When Committing Sins

This often manifests as an unwillingness to confess sins and seek repentance. We may also begin to feel apathetic about attending church and no longer find comfort in reading the Bible.

Although sin is not exempt from Christians, mature Christians are ready to fight it. You are headed in the wrong direction if you haven't recently resisted sins and don't feel sorry for them.

Not Affected by the Gospel

You may begin to sympathize with others who do not choose to follow the gospel message. Your decisions may be based on worldly motives instead of religious faith.

It is essential to understand what is the gospel. Anyone who believes in Christ Jesus must go to the cross on their behalf. You understand that being a Christian is not something to take for granted if you have placed your faith in Christ to be your Savior.

Understanding the Signs of Losing My Faith

Overall, a lack of faith, doubt, and absence of inspiration to practice personal faith are all telltale signs of 'losing my faith'. Recognizing when this is happening and being proactive in regaining and rebuilding your faith is essential.

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