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Ross-Simons, America's Favorite Jeweler, Adds Two Fine Jewelry Brands

Ross-Simons, America's favorite jeweler, adds two fine jewelry brands and it is expanding its reach and target market with the launch of two new brands, RS Pure and Canaria.

Oct 26, 2022173 Shares2.5K ViewsWritten By: Johnny K.Reviewed By: Luke Williams
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  1. RS Pure Pieces

Ross-Simons, America's favorite jeweler, adds two fine jewelrybrandsand it is expanding its reach and target market with the launch of two new brands, RS Pure and Canaria.

Ross-Simons is known for selling "Fine Jewelry at Fabulous Prices," and it is building on its 70-year history by adding new brands that will appeal to a wider range of customers. The new lines will offer two different brand experiences and will be based on a long history of designing, sourcing from around the world, and selling fine jewelry directly to consumers.

RS Pure Pieces

With the slogan "Authentic You," RS Pure is made for women who want to make their own style signature with simple fine jewelry. The simple and elegant designs from RS Pure are perfect for people who want to show their individuality in any setting.

RS Pure sells simple, unique pieces made with 14kt gold, natural diamonds, and real gemstonesthat will last a lifetime. Ross-Simons is known for its high-quality, low-priced items, and this brand will have the same. Every week, there will be new items to buy.

We believe that launching RS Pure aligns perfectly with a new type of fine jewelry customer who wants an elevated experience, amazing quality, and fair pricing. Fine jewelry has taken on a new identity for many consumers, and we want to make stylish and timeless pieces that people can wear every day and feel represent them authentically.- CEO of Luxury Brand Holdings Jim Speltz

CEO of Luxury Brand Holdings Jim Speltz said this., which just opened, is where you can find RS Pure.

Canaria is a line of fine jewelry made of 10kt gold made for men and women who live busy lives but still want to wear gold jewelry every day. Canaria is available at a very reasonable price and is made of 10kt gold, so you don't have to worry about how it will wear or hold up.

"Real Gold You Live In" is the brand's slogan. It gives people the freedom to wear gold in all the real, fun, and exciting parts of life without having to worry about it getting tarnished or worn down.

Canaria takes advantage of the knowledge of the merchant team at Ross-Simons to create unique designs that were previously only available in 14kt and 18kt. Its premium partnership with Amazon lets people buy the Canaria brand.

Ross-Simons is known for its quality and one-of-a-kind essential designs. With the launch of RS Pure and Canaria, Ross-Simons customers now have two more ways to express their individuality through fine jewelry.

Ross-Simons is a writer. Ross-Simons is a leader in direct-to-consumer retailing. They offer unique and original designs at prices that are affordable for customers. They also have a large selection of classics like diamondtennis braceletsand gold necklaces.

Since 1948, Ross-Simons has given millions of happy customers beautiful jewelry and excellent customer service.

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