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Lab-Grown Experts Robbins Brothers Talking More About Natural Diamonds

Discover why Robbins Brothers talking more about natural diamonds amidst the lab-grown diamond trend. Explore their reasons and the impact on consumer choices.

Oct 09, 20237.2K Shares124.6K ViewsWritten By: Johnny K.Reviewed By: Luke Williams
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Lab-Grown Experts Robbins Brothers Talking More About Natural Diamonds

With the launch of their new RB Select Natural DiamondCollection, the experts on engagement rings, Robbins Brothers, talking more about natural diamondsthan they have been for 102 years. This collection of rare, hand-picked diamonds is a celebration of the company's loveaffair with natural diamonds that goes back a hundred years and their desire to keep their value, custom, and meaning alive.

Robbins Brothers has been around for generations and has kept up with customer needs, trends, and changes in how people buy diamonds. But as a legacy brand, RB Select shows that Robbins Brothers is still fully committed to the quality, meaning, and importance of natural diamonds, as well as meeting the many different needs of today's diamond buyers.

Robbins Brothers Talking More About Natural Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds in different shapes and sizes
Lab-grown diamonds in different shapes and sizes

Robbins Brothers, a well-known jewelrystore that was one of the first to sell lab-grown diamonds, is changing its businessplan to focus more on real diamonds again. The 14-store chainhad been pushing lab-grown diamonds as a viable and environmentally friendly alternative in the jewelry market. This change is a big change for the chain.

The company's Vice President of Merchandising, Sue Hopeman, talks about how the Robbins Brothers' method has changed over time:

We got into lab in 2013. We have always been really conscious that we didn’t want it to take over the business.- Sue Hopeman

She talks about how unique their business plan is and how they serve a wide range of customers, from those looking for $1,000 diamonds to high-end clients buying $250,000 diamonds. She says:

I think we’ve done a good job all these years of balancing our natural diamond business with our lab diamond business. I have spoken to retailers that sell 90% lab, and we are fortunate that we never went down that path.- Sue Hopeman

However, the company knew that lab-grown diamonds were becoming more popular, which was a problem because real diamonds were still popular with high-end customers who wanted something unique. Hopeman goes on to say,

People weren’t talking about natural diamonds anymore. We decided to double down. We spent an extra 25% of our open-to-buy buying natural diamonds. We retrained all of our sales associates on natural diamonds. We are putting additional advertising resources to natural diamonds.- Sue Hopeman

A lot of false information has been spread about lab-grown diamonds being better for the environment, which is why Robbins Brothers is putting more emphasis on natural diamonds. This comes at a time when younger people are just starting to buy engagement rings. Hopeman says, "We feel that natural diamonds do really great stuff."Botswana has had a lot of bad things happen. We now talk about the good things that real diamonds can do.

Notably, the choice to focus again on natural diamonds wasn't made because the prices of lab-grown diamonds keep going down. He says:

We've been in the lab business for 10 years and have been taking care of that the whole time. In the past two and a half years, it has sped up, and we've been able to handle it better than people who are new to the business. More natural units are being sold than lab units, but more lab units are still being sold than natural units. That's what we wanted - to keep that balance.- Sue Hopeman

The way the Robbins Brothers show people diamonds has also changed over the years. At first, salespeople would only show buyers natural diamonds. As lab-grown diamonds became more famous, both natural and lab-grown diamonds started to be sold at the same time. But now the business is showing off real diamonds first unless a customer specifically asks for a man-made stone or has a limited budget. Hopeman says to sum up their business:

We’re the engagement ringstore. We believe in the romance and rarity of natural diamonds. But we’ll sell you a lab if that’s what your preference is. We’re going to give customers the pros and cons of each and let them decide. I’m not here to tell the consumer what they want. I’m here to sell the consumer what they want.- Sue Hopeman

The buyers at Robbins Brothers carefully choose the diamonds in the RB Select collection. They look at tens of thousands of natural diamonds from the world's best sellers on a daily basis. RB Select diamonds are chosen because they are the most beautiful, high-quality, luminous, and fiery of all the diamonds they show.

RB Select natural diamonds do not just make up a collection; they're a testament to our dedication to the splendor, individuality, and intrinsic value of real diamonds. Our aim is to continue to elevate the meaning and significance of natural diamonds to preserve their role as enduring symbols of true love, romance, and commitment.- Sue Hopeman

Robbins Brothers has 14 jewelry shops in California, Texas, Washington, Arizona, and online. Most of their stores are for wedding jewelry. The company has been around for more than 100 years and offers a wide range of products, great quality and value, and a strong dedication to its customers. Because Robbins Brothers specializes in wedding jewelry, it can offer a huge range of styles, including many exclusive private label and brand collections.

Final Words

Robbins Brothers' decision to refocus on natural diamonds while still offering lab-grown alternatives marks a significant milestone in the jewelry industry. As they prioritize natural gems, they are contributing to a broader conversation about the uniqueness, beauty, and ethical aspects of natural diamonds.

In a world where sustainability and authenticity hold increasing importance, Robbins Brothers is empowering consumers to make informed choices, emphasizing that the customer's preference always comes first. This shift serves as a testament to the dynamism of the jewelry market, where tradition and innovation coexist harmoniously to meet the ever-evolving desires of jewelry enthusiasts.

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