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15 Popular Platinum Jewelry With Gemstones

Discover the epitome of luxury with these 15 platinum jewelry with gemstones that redefine elegance and sophistication. Crafted with meticulous precision and adorned with exquisite gemstones, these 15 platinum jewelry with gemstones stand as a testament to timeless beauty.

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  1. What Is Platinum?
  2. The History Of Platinum In Jewelry
  3. Characteristics Of Platinum
  4. 15 Best Types Of Platinum Jewelry With Gemstones
  5. Where To Buy Platinum Jewelry With Gemstones?
  6. Why Is Platinum So Expensive?
  7. Is Platinum Better Than Gold?
  8. Why Is Regular Cleaning Of Platinum Jewelry Important?
  9. How Often Does Platinum Jewelry Need Professional Cleaning?
  10. Frequently Asked Questions
  11. Final Thoughts
15 Popular Platinum Jewelry With Gemstones

Gemstones, like all jewelry, have a long and storied past and symbolic significance. There is an abundance of vibrant gemstones available so that you may customize any piece of jewelry, from bridal pieces to fashion pieces, with a splash of color.

The inherent whiteness of Platinumjewelry with gemstonesmakes gemstones seem even more dazzling since the metal's neutral hues do not compete with the jewels' vivid colors.

In addition, your gemstone will be safe in a platinum setting. Let's discuss platinum jewelry, its origin, significance, how to wear it with grace, and how to add more vibrant gemstones to your jewelry collection.

What Is Platinum?

Platinum Rings In Fingers
Platinum Rings In Fingers

When it comes to Earth's metals, platinum is among the rarest. Plus, recycling only a fraction of the platinum that goes into production makes it one of the most costly metals available. The market forces of supply and demand cause platinum's price to swing wildly.

Platinum is very reflective, which is one of its most noticeable qualities. Holding platinum up to the light reveals its color. That's because platinum's white, metallic sheen is a result of the metal's extreme purity. When compared side by side, platinum stands out from silver, which is often mistaken for it.

Due to its exceptional qualities, platinum is often regarded as a valuable metal. As the densest precious metal, platinum has an extraordinary corrosion resistance. Its melting point of 3,820 degrees Celsius is the highest of any metal.

South Africa is the world's leading platinum miner, and it was there that the metal was initially found. Russia accounts for about 10% of the world's supply, but the majority is produced in South and North America from mines in other nations.

The History Of Platinum In Jewelry

Platinum jewelry has been around since at least the 1800s. As a result, platinum engagement ringsare relatively recent. Julius Caesar Scaliger, a physician of Italian and French descent, discovered platinum in 1557.

In the rivers of Ecuador, the Spanish conquistadors stumbled across a white metal in around 1590. They threw it back into the river to turn it into silver after mockingly calling it platina, meaning "little silver," due to their inability to recognize its brilliance. In 1912, white goldwas "invented" in Pforzheim, Germany, as an alternative to platinum.

These characteristics piqued the interest of the Swedish assayer Scheffer, who, in 1751, verified platinum as the eighth element in the cosmos. Not only that, he melted platinum before everyone else. The white metal has only recently achieved widespread awareness, even though it has been used in jewelry from ancient times (the ancient Egyptians).

Word of a new white metal with unusual properties did not reach Europe until the Spanish conquest of the Americas in the 1500s and 1600s, even though the South American Indians had worked with it relatively well over a thousand years earlier. Louis XVI of France firmly believed in platinum's remarkable characteristics, therefore he proclaimed it to be the sole metal befitting royalty.

The high melting point of platinum (3190 F or 1755 C) limited its use in jewelry before the invention of the oxyhydrogen torch in the middle of the eighteenth century. Platinum jewelry and accessories were a hot commodity among the European and Russian elite throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries. An American craze for platinum ensued at the start of the twentieth century.

Unfortunately, with the start of WWII, the US government classified platinum as a strategic metal, which led to the outlawing of the metal's manufacture and usage in jewelry.

By the time the fight ended, Platinum had briefly lost favor. All the platinum ever mined could fit in a standard living room. Platinum is one of the most rare metals on Earth, with an annual mining production of just around 133 tons (in comparison to 1,782 tons of gold).

Characteristics Of Platinum

Platinum jewelry keeps its luster for a very long time. Wearing it day after day won't dull the metal's sheen since it resists fading, discoloration, and corrosion. Those who suffer from sensitive skin may rest assured that it is hypoallergenic.

Also, for the same ringsize, platinum weighs more than gold because of its increased density; this makes the platinum ring much more substantial and pleasant to wear.

Platinum is very desirable due to its color. Its stunning silver-white color enhances the brilliance of diamondsand other colored gemstones without changing their original shades. Platinum is the most ideal metal for setting diamonds because it brings out their brilliance and makes the diamond's inherent color pop.

15 Best Types Of Platinum Jewelry With Gemstones

Platinum Engagement Rings With Diamonds

Platinum engagement ringsadorned with diamonds epitomize enduring loveand commitment. The naturally white luster of platinum serves as the perfect canvas for diamonds, creating a classic and sophisticated piece that symbolizes the eternity of love.

Platinum Necklaces With Sapphire Pendants

Blue Sapphire Pendant in Platinum
Blue Sapphire Pendant in Platinum

Sapphires set in platinum necklacesexude regal elegance. The deep blue hues of sapphires stand out against the white brilliance of platinum, creating a captivating contrast. These necklaces are a timeless choice for those seeking a touch of sophistication and grace.

Platinum Earrings With Emeralds

Charmisma 1ct Emerald Platinum Plated Silver Stud Earrings
Charmisma 1ct Emerald Platinum Plated Silver Stud Earrings

Platinum earringsadorned with emeralds make a vibrant statement of style. The vivid green color of emeralds paired with the cool white tone of platinum creates an eye-catching and luxurious combination. These earrings are perfect for those who appreciate bold and elegant jewelry.

Platinum Bracelets With Rubies

Eternity Ruby Platinum plated Silver Tennis Bracelet
Eternity Ruby Platinum plated Silver Tennis Bracelet

Braceletsfeaturing rubies set in platinum offer a fiery allure on the wrist. The deep red hues of rubies contrast beautifully with the cool and radiant shine of platinum, making these bracelets a striking accessory that commands attention.

Platinum Halo Rings With Colored Gemstones

Untreated Blue Sapphire And Diamond Halo Engagement Ring
Untreated Blue Sapphire And Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Halo rings, featuring a central colored gemstone surrounded by a halo of diamonds, redefine modern elegance. The combination of platinum and colored gemstones creates a contemporary yet timeless aesthetic, making these rings a popular choice for those who appreciate a touch of sophistication.

Platinum Tennis Bracelets With Diamonds

Tiffany Victoria  Tennis Bracelet in Platinum
Tiffany Victoria Tennis Bracelet in Platinum

Tennis bracelets, with diamonds set in platinum, exude understated glamour. The continuous line of diamonds against the enduring brilliance of platinum makes these bracelets a versatile and timeless accessory that effortlessly elevates any ensemble.

Platinum Brooches With Pearls

Art Deco Platinum Pearl And  Diamond Clip Brooch
Art Deco Platinum Pearl And Diamond Clip Brooch

Brooches featuring pearls set in platinum exude classic grace with a modern twist. The timeless combination of pearls and platinum receives a contemporary update, making these brooches a perfect accessory for both formal and casual occasions.

Platinum Three-Stone Rings With Gemstones

Tiffany Three Stone Engagement Ring in Platinum
Tiffany Three Stone Engagement Ring in Platinum

Three-stone rings with gemstones set in platinum symbolize the past, present, and future of a relationship. Each gemstone represents a significant moment, creating a meaningful and sentimental piece that tells a unique love story.

Platinum Pendant Necklaces With Aquamarine

Fine Platinum 2.36 Carats Pear Shape Aquamarine
Fine Platinum 2.36 Carats Pear Shape Aquamarine

Pendant necklaces featuring aquamarine set in platinum unleash serene beauty. The tranquil blue tones of aquamarine complement the cool brilliance of platinum, creating necklaces that evoke a sense of calm and sophistication.

Platinum Cluster Rings With Mixed Gemstones

3.70 CTTW Mixed Shape Diamond Cluster Ring in Platinum
3.70 CTTW Mixed Shape Diamond Cluster Ring in Platinum

Cluster rings, featuring a mix of gemstones set in platinum, redefine eclectic luxury. The combination of various colored gemstones against the white backdrop of platinum creates a vibrant and dynamic ring that stands out with individuality.

Platinum Cuff Bracelets With Tanzanite

3.70 CTTW Mixed Shape Diamond Cluster Ring in Platinum
3.70 CTTW Mixed Shape Diamond Cluster Ring in Platinum

Cuff bracelets adorned with tanzanite set in platinum make bold statements of elegance. The deep blue and violet hues of tanzanite against the cool sheen of platinum create a captivating contrast, making these bracelets a unique and luxurious choice.

Platinum Hoop Earrings With Amethysts

Tanzanite December Birthstone Hoop Earrings
Tanzanite December Birthstone Hoop Earrings

Hoop earringsfeaturing amethysts set in platinum exude playful elegance. The rich purple hues of amethysts add a touch of whimsy to the classic hoop design, creating earrings that are both sophisticated and fun.

Platinum Vintage-Inspired Rings With Gemstones

Vintage Inspired Platinum Engagement Ring
Vintage Inspired Platinum Engagement Ring

Vintage-inspired ringswith gemstones set in platinum revive timeless beauty. These rings draw inspiration from the elegance of bygone eras, combining intricate designs with the enduring allure of platinum for a truly enchanting piece.

Platinum Bangle Bracelets With Topaz

 Platinum-Plated Blue Topaz Bangle
Platinum-Plated Blue Topaz Bangle

Bangle bracelets adorned with topazset in platinum offer contemporary sophistication. The bold and vibrant hues of topaz, combined with the cool elegance of platinum, create bracelets that seamlessly blend modern style with classic luxury.

Platinum Chandelier Earrings With Garnets

Rhodolite Chandelier Earrings Platinum Plated Sterling 5.65ctw
Rhodolite Chandelier Earrings Platinum Plated Sterling 5.65ctw

Chandelier earringsfeaturing garnets set in platinum bring dazzling elegance from above. The intricate designs of these earrings, combined with the deep red allure of garnets, create a statement piece that adds glamour and sophistication to any formal occasion.

Where To Buy Platinum Jewelry With Gemstones?

When looking to purchase platinum jewelry with gemstones, there are several reputable options available, offering a diverse range of designs and gemstone choices. Here are some famous and trustworthy avenues to explore:

Specialty Jewelry Retailers

Many well-established jewelry retailers specialize in high-quality platinum jewelry with gemstones. Brands with a strong reputation often have physical stores and online platforms where you can explore their collections.

Luxury Jewelry Boutiques

Exclusive boutiques that focus on luxury jewelry often carry exquisite platinum pieces adorned with a variety of gemstones. These establishments may offer a curated selection of unique and artistic designs.

Custom Jewelers

Consider working with custom jewelers who specialize in crafting personalized pieces. They can create bespoke platinum jewelry with gemstones tailored to your preferences, ensuring a truly unique and meaningful creation.

Online Jewelry Marketplaces

Reputable online jewelry marketplaces provide a convenient way to explore and purchase platinum jewelry with gemstones. Ensure that the platform has established reviews and certifications for authenticity and quality.

Auction Houses

Auction houses occasionally feature fine jewelry auctions where you can find rare and unique platinum pieces with gemstones. These auctions may showcase vintageor one-of-a-kind designs.

High-End Department Stores

Luxury sections of department stores often carry a selection of platinum jewelry with gemstones. These establishments may feature renowned designers and exclusive collections.

Designer Showrooms

Explore showrooms of renowned jewelry designers who specialize in platinum creations. These designers may have flagship stores or show their collections in high-end retail spaces.

Local Jewelry Stores

Established local jewelry stores may carry platinum jewelry with gemstones. Ensure they have a reputation for quality and authenticity, and inquire about their selection and customization options.

Certified Dealers

Seek out certified dealers who adhere to industry standards for quality and authenticity. They may carry a variety of platinum jewelry with certified gemstones, providing assurance of the materials used.

Online Platforms Of Well-Known Brands

Visit the official websites of well-known jewelry brands that specialize in platinum designs. These platforms often showcase their latest collections, allowing you to make a purchase directly from the source.

Why Is Platinum So Expensive?

Platinum, being one of the rarest and most valuable metals, fetches a premium price that changes according to market circumstances. Because of its high density, platinum would add nearly 165 pounds to the weight of a six-inch cube. This indicates that the weight of a platinum ring would be much more than that of a gold ring of the same design.

The purity levels of the various platinum alloys range from 90% to 95%, whereas the purity levels of 14k and 18k gold are 58.5 and 75%, respectively. This precious metal, which is both dense and scarce, makes up a more significant proportion of an object's total weight.

Jewelry made of platinum should have the purity level indicated by a stamp, such as "PT" for pure platinum or "PT900" or "PT950" for 900 or 950 parts per thousand.

Vintage Garnet Drop Earrings
Vintage Garnet Drop Earrings

Is Platinum Better Than Gold?

In some instances, platinum does outperform gold. Unlike lesser-quality gold alloys, it will never tarnish or irritate the skin. Platinum diamond ringsare less prone to becoming twisted out of shape and better showcase white diamond colors than yellow gold diamond rings. They also retain gemstones more firmly.

Most gold alloys are more scratch-resistant than platinum. The two most common alloys for gold jewelry, 18-karat, and 14-karat gold, are more scratch-resistant than platinum. Therefore, compared to gold, platinum often requires more care and attention when worn as an engagement ringor wedding band.

One thing to keep in mind is that if gold is damaged, the metal will peel off and be gone forever. In contrast, platinum may be polished back into position after being moved; it does not come off. That is why a gold ring will become smaller with regular use due to metal loss. You won't notice this since it occurs so slowly, think decades.

Platinum jewelry is an excellent option if you want pieces with a substantial weight. Due to the difference in density between the two metals, a platinum ring will seem heavier when worn compared to a gold one. Similarly, white, yellow, or rose gold are great choices if you're looking for a delicate metal for your jewelry.

If you want an unbiased evaluation of platinum vs gold, you'll have to go elsewhere. Picking between platinum and gold is ultimately a matter of personal preference since the two precious metals have distinct qualities that some people love and others hate.

Why Is Regular Cleaning Of Platinum Jewelry Important?

Before we get into the importance of routinely cleaning platinum jewelry, it's essential to grasp the metal's appealing properties. Due to its resistance to tarnish, platinum is a popular choice. The metal may acquire a patina-like hue at the sites of little scratches, even if it does not fade.

But some love this shade, and it does a great job of highlighting the metal's sheen. Plus, it holds its own against chipping better than gold. Platinum jewelry still needs regular cleaning since dirt and grime may adhere to it and build up over time. The luster of platinum is maintained by keeping it clean regularly.

If your platinum jewelry incorporates jewels, you should clean them often to keep them sparkling. Inevitably, dust will settle into the nooks and crannies of such objects. Hence, platinum jewelry requires frequent cleaning to preserve its lovely sheen. To catch issues like loose prongs or gemstones early on, it's a good idea to clean platinum jewelry regularly.

Orange Sapphire and Diamond Chandelier Earrings
Orange Sapphire and Diamond Chandelier Earrings

How Often Does Platinum Jewelry Need Professional Cleaning?

Platinum jewelry may be easily maintained by giving it a weekly cleaning at home. This will keep it looking bright and beautiful. Let it soak for a minute or two in a gentle mixture of warm water and soap that does not include any chemicals. To delicately clean your platinum jewelry, use a fluffy felt towel to soak up any surface grime or oil.

To get under things like prongs and clean all the crevices, use a tiny, soft-bristled brush. In particular, if your jewelry contains gemstones, you should avoid using a toothbrush on them. See a reliable jeweler once a year to have your platinum jewelry cleaned appropriately using both manual and ultrasonic methods.

What Can Ruin Platinum?

However, be wary of the substances it comes into touch with if you wear a certain piece of platinum jewelry daily. Bleach and other harsh cleaning products are forbidden. The platinum will eventually deteriorate, even after prolonged exposure to pool chlorine.

Exposure to perfumes, hairsprays, and lotions frequently may also be highly damaging to platinum jewelry. Also, please take off your platinum jewelry before gardening or rock climbing to save yourself the trouble of cleaning it afterward.

Jewelry that will last generations is crafted from platinum. You may wear the metal proudly throughout your lifetime and pass it on to the next generation with little maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Platinum jewelry with gemstones is a popular choice due to the exquisite combination of platinum's enduring brilliance and the vibrant allure of gemstones, creating a harmonious and sophisticated piece that stands the test of time.

How Does Platinum Contribute To The Longevity Of "Platinum Jewelry With Gemstones"?

Platinum's exceptional durability and resistance to tarnish and corrosion contribute to the longevity of "Platinum jewelry with gemstones." This ensures that the jewelry remains as beautiful as the day it was created, becoming an enduring symbol of love and style.

What To Know About Platinum Jewelry?

One of platinum's many desirable properties is its remarkable resistance to wear and corrosion. As a result, it will last for an extended period. In actuality, this makes it an ideal metal for heirloom jewelry. All skin types, even the most sensitive ones, may wear platinum jewelry since the metal is entirely hypoallergenic.

Because of its resilience to wear and tear, it is an excellent choice for rings that get a lot of use, such as wedding bandsand engagement rings. If you have sensitive skin, platinum is a good option since it is inherently hypoallergenic, unlike other metals.

Is It Safe To Wear Platinum Jewelry?

The healthbenefits of wearing platinum are undeniable. Platinum, being a non-toxic metal, does not irritate the skin in any way. Also, it's hypoallergenic, so it probably won't make you sneeze. Since platinum is a mighty metal, it is pretty unlikely that it would harm your body in any way.

Is Platinum Jewelry Pure?

Choosing platinum jewelry means you're getting a product made of nearly pure metal, often 90-95% pure. Platinum, a precious metal mined from deep under the Earth and refined for jewelry usage with few additional elements, is renowned for its luster, strength, and longevity.

Final Thoughts

Platinum jewelry with gemstones is a timeless symphony of beauty and excellence. Platinum and diamond pieces are treasured symbols of love, fashion, and personal significance. It's amazing how much effort goes into producing these expensive jewelry items, from engagement rings to vintage-inspired pieces.

Due to gemstones' many colors and meanings, discerning consumers have many possibilities. Platinum jewelry with gemstones is revered for its lengthy history as mementos and symbols of key events.

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