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Is Bitcoin Mining Dead?

For most people, using Bitcoin is as simple as transferring Bitcoin from one person to another.

Nov 11, 2022131 Shares1.7K ViewsWritten By: Johnny K.Reviewed By: Luke Williams
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For most people, using Bitcoin is as simple as transferring Bitcoin from one person to another. Indeed, Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency allowing for such transactions. However, not many people know about the process that creates new Bitcoin. In the traditional financial system, the central bank minted new currency. Bitcoin miners mint new Bitcoin. If you are looking for a reliable trading platform, you may consider biticodefor a smoother trading experience.

What is Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin mining is the process of producing new Bitcoin. It involves miners using robust computer systems to solve complex mathematical puzzles. Bitcoin’s blockchain uses the Proof of Work system, which is highly energy intensive. Bitcoin mining consumes so much power that it has already raised growing concerns.

Currently, the Bitcoin mining industry consumes more energy than the energy consumption of many countries. The high-energy demand has pushed small miners out while letting big companies take over. These large mining companies have the resources to cater to the high energy demands.

There are two ways of Bitcoin mining. First, you can mine Bitcoin individually. Here, you will use your computer system and resources to mine Bitcoin. When you solve complex mathematical puzzles successfully, you will earn rewards in terms of Bitcoin.

Second, we have pool mining. Pool mining is where a network of miners comes together to mine Bitcoin. Unlike solo mining, where only one person mines, pool mining involves multiple miners solving the same complex mathematical puzzles. If miners solve the puzzle successfully, the pool members share the reward.

Influence of Big Mining Companies

Today, big mining companies dominate Bitcoin mining. These companies have invested in massive mining factories where many people participate in the mining process. In many cases, these enormous mining factories run 24/7. The participation of big mining companies has some implications for the Bitcoin mining industry.

To begin with, big mining companies are pushing out small miners, including individual miners. It is almost impossible to earn a profit by being a solo miner. The big miners have invested in more powerful and advanced computer systems that make it easier to mine Bitcoin.

On the one hand, one could see the increased participation of big mining companies as an indication that Bitcoin mining is not dead. Otherwise, no company would invest so much into something with no good return on investment. The big companies must be earning good profits to keep them going.

On the other hand, the fact that big miners are pushing out smaller miners could mean that the industry is dying. The participation of all players, including big and small ones, characterizes a sector that is not dying. The domination of big miners could create a monopoly in Bitcoin mining, which is unsuitable for a thriving industry.

Bitcoin Capitation

Bitcoin has a capitation. Miners will only generate 21 million bitcoins and have already produced over 91% of this number, leaving a tiny percentage to mine. The implication is that they will reach the maximum limit soon. And when that happens, then there will be no more Bitcoin mining.

Consequently, Bitcoin mining is dying. When miners produce the last Bitcoin, then the industry will shut down. While it is still viable now, the viability is decreasing gradually. In just a few years, Bitcoin mining will stop.


Bitcoin mining is dying. Over 91% of the maximum amount of Bitcoin that miners will ever produce, that is, 21 million, is already in circulation. Issues with high energy consumption and the associated environmental effects are also causing the industry to die. However, changes to the Bitcoin protocol and the usage of renewable energy sources could revitalize the Bitcoin mining sector.

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