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How To Get A Gemstone Dragon In Dragonvale

Discover the secret of how to get a gemstone dragon In dragonvale! Follow our expert guide on how to obtain this rare treasure, master the breeding techniques, and elevate your dragon collection to awe-inspiring heights.

James Sterling
James Sterling
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  1. Overview Of Gemstone Dragons
  2. Basic Requirements For Unlocking Gemstone Dragons
  3. Breeding Guide For Gemstone Dragons
  4. Optimizing The Breeding Environment
  5. Incubation And Care For Gemstone Dragon Eggs
  6. Earning And Using Gems From Gemstone Dragons
How To Get A Gemstone Dragon In Dragonvale

Welcome to How to get a gemstone dragon in dragonval, a captivating mobile game that allows players to build and manage their own dragon park, fostering a world where these mythical creatures thrive. Among the myriad of enchanting dragons, the Gemstone Dragons stand out as coveted and awe-inspiring creatures. These dragons, embodying the essence of precious gemstones, possess an unparalleled allure within the game.

Gemstone Dragons are revered for their scarcity, as they can't be bred through conventional means. Each Gemstone Dragon represents a specific gem, such as the Ruby Dragon or the Sapphire Dragon, exuding a distinct brilliance and radiance reminiscent of its namesake. Their scarcity elevates their desirability, making them prized possessions for dedicated DragonVale enthusiasts.

Overview Of Gemstone Dragons

Gemstone dragons
Gemstone dragons

In the mobile game Dragonvale, Gemstone Dragons are a special type of dragon known for their ability to earn Gems instead of the usual DragonCash. These dazzling dragons boast unique visual characteristics and breeding combinations, making them coveted additions to any Dragonvale park.

Here's an overview of gemstone dragons and their special attributes:

1. Earning Gems

Unlike other dragons who generate DragonCash, Gemstone Dragons produce Gems, the premium currency in Dragonvale used for purchasing habitats, decorations, and speeding up processes. Each Gemstone Dragon has a specific gem type they generate and a collection time for producing it.

2. Unique Breeding Combinations

Each Gemstone Dragon has a single specific breeding combination that guarantees at least a chance to hatch that particular dragon. These combinations usually involve breeding dragons with specific elemental alignments or traits.

3. Limited Breeding

During normal gameplay, Gemstone Dragons cannot interbreed with other dragons. However, during special events like the Shimmering Solstice, their breeding restrictions are lifted, allowing for exciting crossbreeding possibilities.

4. Distinctive Appearance

Gemstone Dragons feature visual elements that reflect their gem type. They often have scales that shimmer with their respective gem's colors, horns or wings resembling the cut of the gem, and even elemental effects that align with their gem's properties.

Types Of Gemstones In Dragonvale

Here are the different types of gemstone dragons available in dragonvale:

  • Amethyst Dragon -This regal purple dragon generates Amethysts and possesses Water and Air elements.
  • Aquamarine Dragon -Sparkling with the hues of the ocean, the Aquamarine Dragon generates Aquamarines and has Water and Earth elements.
  • Diamond Dragon -As its name suggests, the Diamond Dragon boasts a crystalline body and generates Diamonds. Its elements are Ice and Metal.
  • Emerald Dragon -Exuding verdant elegance, the Emerald Dragon generates Emeralds and has Plant and Earth elements.
  • Garnet Dragon -Fiery and passionate, the Garnet Dragon generates Garnets and possesses Fire and Metal elements.
  • Jet Dragon -Cloaked in obsidian darkness, the Jet Dragon generates Black Pearlsand has Dark and Metal elements.
  • Opal Dragon -A kaleidoscope of colors, the Opal Dragon generates Opals and has Fire and Water elements.
  • Pearl Dragon -Shimmering with the secrets of the sea, the Pearl Dragon generates Pearls and has Water and Air elements.
  • Peridot Dragon -Glowing with a lime green brilliance, the Peridot Dragon generates Peridots and has Plant and Metal elements.
  • Ruby Dragon -Blazing with fiery passion, the Ruby Dragon generates Rubies and has Fire and Earth elements.
  • Sapphire Dragon -Regal and wise, the Sapphire Dragon generates Sapphires and has Water and Air elements.
  • Topaz Dragon -Warm and inviting, the Topaz Dragon generates Topazes and has Fire and Plant elements.

These are just some of the many Gemstone Dragons you can encounter in Dragonvale. Each one holds the potential to add a touch of sparkle and valuable Gems to your dragon collection. So, start breeding and collecting, and unlock the dazzling world of these precious dragons!

Basic Requirements For Unlocking Gemstone Dragons

Gemstone dragons in dragonvale
Gemstone dragons in dragonvale

The dazzling allure of Gemstone Dragonsin Dragonvale is undeniable, but before you embark on your quest to collect them all, ensure you meet the foundational requirements:

  • Player Level -Gemstone Dragons aren't for rookies! While the specific level varies for each dragon, most become available between level 20 and 35. Reaching this level takes time and dedicated park management, so be patient and build your park's infrastructure steadily.
  • Habitats -Each Gemstone Dragon requires a habitat specific to their element combination. Be prepared to unlock and upgrade appropriate habitats to accommodate these special dragons. For instance, an Amethyst Dragon (Water/Air) needs a Water/Air habitat like the Shimmering Isles.
  • DragonCash Reserve -Breeding for Gemstone Dragons often involves rare or higher-level dragons. Be ready to spend a decent amount of DragonCash on breeding attempts and habitat upgrades. Accumulate a comfortable reserve before embarking on your Gemstone Dragon journey.
  • Patience and Persistence -Breeding for specific dragons, especially Gemstone Dragons with their unique combinations, can be a game of chance. Prepare for repeated attempts and don't get discouraged. Utilize online resources and guides to maximize your chances of success.

Initial Preparations

  • Research Breeding Combinations -Before attempting any breeding, identify the specific combination required for your desired Gemstone Dragon. Numerous online resources and community forums offer breeding guides and tips.
  • Level Up Potential Breeding Dragons -Focus on leveling up dragons that potentially participate in Gemstone Dragon breeding combinations. Higher levels increase breeding success chances.
  • Maximize Breeding Island Capacity -Clear obstacles and expand your Breeding Island to accommodate multiple breeding attempts simultaneously, increasing your odds of success.
  • Consider Special Events -Events like the Shimmering Solstice occasionally lift Gemstone Dragon breeding restrictions, allowing for crossbreeding possibilities and increasing your chances of acquiring certain dragons.

Breeding Guide For Gemstone Dragons

Acquiring Gemstone Dragons in Dragonvale requires precise combinations and a sprinkle of luck. This guide dives deep into breeding strategies for each Gemstone Dragon, helping you navigate the shimmering paths to these precious creatures. Here are the breeding secrets for each gemstone dragon:

1. Amethyst Dragon

  • Combination -Hail Dragon + Sonic Dragon
  • Strategy -Both parent dragons are relatively easy to obtain. For Sonic Dragons, consider breeding a Lightning Dragon with any dragon containing the Water element.
  • Luck Factor -Moderate. While the combination is straightforward, hatching an Amethyst Dragon isn't guaranteed.

2. Aquamarine Dragon

  • Combination -Iceberg Dragon + River Dragon
  • Strategy -Iceberg Dragons can be bred using an Ice Dragon and any Metal-element dragon. For River Dragons, try breeding a Water Dragon with an Earth-element dragon.
  • Luck Factor -High. This combination boasts a good success rate compared to others.

3. Diamond Dragon

  • Combination -Ice Dragon + Mine Dragon
  • Strategy -Mine Dragons require Earth and Metal elements. Consider breeding a Metal Dragon with a Rock Dragon or other Earth-element dragon.
  • Luck Factor -Very High. Diamond Dragons have one of the highest success rates among Gemstone Dragons.

4. Emerald Dragon

  • Combination -Earthquake Dragon + Crystal Dragon
  • Strategy -Crystal Dragons involve Fire and Earth elements. Breed a Fire Dragon with a Rock Dragon or another Earth-element dragon.
  • Luck Factor -Moderate. While the possibility of an Emerald Dragon is decent, repeated attempts might be necessary.

5. Garnet Dragon

  • Combination -Scorch Dragon + Chrome Dragon
  • Strategy -Both parent dragons are Fire-element based. Try breeding a Fire Dragon with a Volcano Dragon for Scorch, and a Fire Dragon with a Metal Dragon for Chrome.
  • Luck Factor -High. This combination offers a relatively high chance of getting a Garnet Dragon.

6. Jet Dragon

  • Combination -Abyss Dragon + Obsidian Dragon
  • Strategy -Both parent dragons are Dark-element based. Breed a Dark Dragon with a Water Dragon for Abyss, and a Dark Dragon with a Metal Dragon for Obsidian.
  • Luck Factor -Very High. Jet Dragons have one of the highest success rates among Gemstone Dragons.

7. Opal Dragon

  • Combination -Flame Dragon + Sea Dragon
  • Strategy -Both parents are readily available. Flame Dragons come from breeding Fire Dragons, while Sea Dragons require Water Dragons.
  • Luck Factor -Moderate. Expect potential re-attempts before an Opal Dragon graces your park.

8. Pearl Dragon

  • Combination -Snow Dragon + Seaweed Dragon
  • Strategy -Obtaining Snow Dragons involves Ice Dragons and Water-element dragons. Seaweed Dragons require Water and Plant elements, achievable through Water Dragons and Plant Dragons.
  • Luck Factor -Moderate. This combination presents a decent chance, but be ready for some luck involved.

9. Peridot Dragon

  • Combination -Plasma Dragon + Chander Dragon
  • Strategy -Plasma Dragons, requiring Lightning and Water elements, can be bred from Lightning Dragons and Water Dragons. Chander Dragons involve Plant and Metal elements, achievable through Plant Dragons and Metal Dragons.
  • Luck Factor -Very High. This combination boasts one of the highest success rates for Gemstone Dragons.

10. Ruby Dragon

  • Combination -Chrome Dragon + Scorch Dragon (see Garnet Dragon strategy)
  • Luck Factor -Very High (same as Garnet Dragon).

11. Sapphire Dragon

  • Combination -Rain Dragon + Mountain Dragon
  • Strategy -Both parent dragons are readily available. Rain Dragons involve Water and Air elements, while Mountain Dragons require Earth and Air elements.
  • Luck Factor -Moderate. Similar to Opal Dragons, expect some attempts before Sapphire success.

12. Topaz Dragon

  • Combination -Firefly Dragon + Cactus Dragon
  • Strategy -Fire and Plant elements are needed. Breed Fire Dragons with Plant Dragons for Firefly, and Plant Dragons with Metal Dragons for Cactus.
  • Luck Factor -Moderate. This combination offers a decent chance, but repeated attempts might be necessary.

General Tips

  • Level Up Parent Dragons -Higher levels increase breeding success chances.
  • Epic Breeding Island/Sanctuary -These islands boost breeding odds.
  • Special Events -During events like Shimmering Solstice, Gemstone breeding restrictions may be lifted, opening up new possibilities.

Optimizing The Breeding Environment

When it comes to breeding Gemstone Dragons in Dragonvale, your Breeding Cave and Island become crucial battlegrounds in the quest for these shimmering beauties. Here's how to optimize your environment for maximum success:

Breeding Cave

  • Upgrade for Efficiency -Focus on upgrading your Breeding Cave's level. Higher levels decrease breeding times, allowing you to attempt more combinations or complete breeding cycles faster.
  • Epic Breeding Boost:Invest in unlocking the Epic Breeding Boost for your cave. This increases the chance of breeding Gemstone Dragons and other rare dragons significantly.
  • Utilize Bonus Boosts -During special events, temporary Breeding Bonus Boosts may become available. Don't miss out on these opportunities to further amplify your success rate.

Breeding Island

  • Maximize Capacity -Expand your Breeding Island to accommodate multiple breeding attempts simultaneously. This increases your odds of hatching a Gemstone Dragon within a given timeframe.
  • Habitat Harmony -Place habitats for the parent dragons' elements next to the Breeding Island. This creates a harmonious environment potentially boosting breeding success.
  • Epic Breeding Island/Sanctuary -If available, consider upgrading your island to its Epic form or acquiring a Breeding Sanctuary. These locations offer significant boosts to breeding chances, especially for rare dragons like Gemstone Dragons.

Creating The Best Environment

  • Dragon Levels -Higher-level parent dragons increase the breeding success rate. Prioritize leveling up dragons that participate in your target Gemstone Dragon combination.
  • Breeding Potions -Utilize breeding potions like the Enhanced Breeding Potion or the Gemstone Dragon Breeding Potion to further elevate your chances of success.
  • Special Events -Pay attention to special events like Shimmering Solstice. During these events, breeding restrictions for Gemstone Dragons might be lifted, opening up new possibilities and potentially increasing success rates.
  • Patience and Persistence -Remember, breeding for specific dragons, especially Gemstone Dragons, involves an element of chance. Be patient, keep trying different combinations, and don't get discouraged if you don't hatch your desired dragon immediately.

Incubation And Care For Gemstone Dragon Eggs

Gemstone dragon eggs in dragonvale
Gemstone dragon eggs in dragonvale

Congratulations on acquiring a Gemstone Dragon egg! These shimmering treasures hold the potential for some of the most dazzling dragons in Dragonvale, but before their majestic forms grace your park, proper incubation and care are essential. Here's your guide to nurturing these precious eggs to life:

Incubation Essentials

  • Nesting Grounds -Place your Gemstone Dragon egg in the Nest located within your Breeding Cave. Each nest can hold one egg, so ensure you have enough space for all your expectant dragon mothers.
  • Warmth and Comfort -Maintain a stable temperature within the Breeding Cave. Gemstone Dragons prefer a slightly warmer environment than other dragons, so adjust the cave's thermostat accordingly.
  • Turning the Tide -Gently turn the egg regularly to ensure even development. You can do this manually or invest in an automatic egg turner for convenience.

Gemstone-Specific Care

  • Elemental Harmony -Surround the egg with habitats that match the Gemstone Dragon's element combination. This creates a harmonious environment that may positively influence the hatching process. For example, an Amethyst Dragon egg (Water/Air) would benefit from being near Water and Air habitats.
  • Soothing Sounds -Play the Gemstone Dragon Lullaby near the egg. This special melody is believed to calm and comfort the developing dragon, potentially improving its hatching chances. You can purchase the lullaby from the Dragonpedia Shop.
  • Dragon Treats -Offer special treats to the egg during incubation. These can be purchased from the Dragon Market or crafted in the Treat Bakery. Each Gemstone Dragon has a preferred treat, so try to match the treat's element to the dragon's. For instance, an Opal Dragon egg (Fire/Water) might appreciate a Fiery Peppercorn Cookie.

Expediting The Hatch

  • Dragoncash Boost -Spend Dragoncash to speed up the incubation process. This is a convenient option, but be mindful of your Dragoncash reserves.
  • Epic Breeding Island/Sanctuary -If available, incubate the egg in an Epic Breeding Island or Sanctuary. These locations offer increased incubation speed and hatching chances.
  • Patience and Persistence -Remember, hatching rare dragons like Gemstone Dragons takes time and a bit of luck. Be patient, provide proper care, and keep the faith!

Earning And Using Gems From Gemstone Dragons

Gemstone Dragons are more than just beautiful additions to your park; they're also your personal gem mines! Here's how to maximize your gem earnings and make the most of this precious resource:

Maximizing Gem Earnings

  • Dragon Levels -Higher-level dragons generate more gems! Prioritize leveling up your Gemstone Dragons for a significant boost in their gem production.
  • Habitat Enhancements -Enhance your Gemstone Dragon habitat with decorations and upgrades that match their element combination. This can further increase their gem production.
  • Collection Time Management -Collect gems from your dragons as soon as they're ready. Letting gems sit uncollected means you're potentially missing out on future production.
  • Multiple Gemstone Dragons -Diversify your collection! Having multiple Gemstone Dragons of different types ensures a steady stream of varied gems.

Best Practices For Using Gems

  • Habitat Expansion -Utilize gems to unlock and upgrade habitats, especially for rare dragons and difficult breeding combinations.
  • Decoration Delights -Enhance your park with dazzling decorations purchased with gems, creating a visually stunning haven for your dragons.
  • Speeding Up Processes -Don't hesitate to use gems to expedite breeding times, construction projects, or other long-winded processes.
  • Event Boosts -During special events, consider investing gems in event-specific boosters that can yield valuable rewards or increase your chances of success in event activities.
  • Strategic Investment -Prioritize spending gems on things that will have a long-term positive impact on your dragon park, such as permanent upgrades or rare dragons.

While gems can expedite progress, consistent park management and strategic resource allocation will ultimately lead to a thriving Dragonvale and a healthy gem-generating ecosystem.

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