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Gemstones: 4 Gemstones To Maintain The Love Alive

Natural stones, as well as crystals, possess a great amount of energies and beneficial properties for human beings. It was in ancient times when different civilizations made great use of each and every one of them.

Feb 22, 202332 Shares550 ViewsWritten By: Johnny K.Reviewed By: Luke Williams
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  1. Rose quartz
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  3. Red agate
  4. Ruby

Natural stones, as well as crystals, possess a great amount of energies and beneficial properties for human beings. It was in ancient times when different civilizations made great use of each and every one of them. Their properties are huge and so are their uses; they attract prosperity, awaken abilities, bring peace and some even keep the lovealive until the end.

The function of their energies is well detailed in some websites and portals specialized in very different subjects, such as Skokka. All these characteristics favour relationships with oneself and also with the whole environment.

In this article, in particular, we will talk about the precious stones that help to keep the flame of love always active. In this case, rose quartz, amethyst, red agate and ruby stand out.

Rose quartz

This is considered the stone that most promotes love, since it is the most used in order to achieve this goal. It belongs to the trigonal crystallization system and it is usually characterized by its amorphous, massive and crystallized state. The truth is that it is a difficult mineral to find, but there are places like Brazil, South Africa and Madagascar where it is found in large quantities.

There is a legend that tells that a man gave a rose to the woman he most loved in the world and when the relationship ended, due to parental interference, this flower turned into a stone. Since this legend emerged, its meaning of love has only increased, so couples use it a lot.

This stone removes negative energies, such as having sex with one of the hot Melbourne escortsoffering their services, and replaces them with loving vibrations. In addition, it helps to release the sorrows and emotions that are not expressed, thus relieving inner pain and healing possible personal shortcomings.

For this mineral to fulfill its functions and the effects to be seen, it must always be present. Therefore, it is recommended to wear a necklace containing this stone or place it in a place where you spend a lot of time, for example, the office or bedroom.


This is a variety of quartz, although its color is purple instead of pink. The color of the stone varies depending on the amount of iron it contains. This stone, in addition to maintaining love, maintains harmony and humility, which is why many people, including some beautiful London escorts, make use of it.

Its name comes from a maiden, known as Amethystos, whom Artemis turned into white rock in order to protect her from the Greek god Dionysus. In addition, it is often associated with the seventh chakra and helps to be more open-minded, to acquire knowledge and to break mental barriers. Thus, letting go in all kinds of situations, such as in relationships, is much easier.

Amethyst is used in meditation and is placed between the eyebrows or on the right side of the chest so that its properties are shown in reality. Also, there are those who place it on the bedside table so that its effects are transmitted while sleeping.

Red agate

Red agate belongs to the caledonian family. It is characterized by its beautiful red color, symbol of passion and sexual attraction, used in all kinds of relationships. For example, Aussie escorts often wear this type of clothing because it is more attractive.

This stone is often used as an amulet, since it has protective, healing and energy channeling properties. In addition, it is related to strength, so those who are seeking balance and vital and emotional energy use this mineral.

In addition, red agate is often placed in homes, as it is a powerful source of love attraction. In this way, couples maintain balance and their passion remains always on.


Ruby, along with Sapphire, is a variety of Corundum. It is usually related to the upper classes of society, since they represent power in different jewels and crowns. In addition, many maidens used it to venerate their beauty and their different personal characteristics.

Undoubtedly, it is another stone that contains a great power of attraction. Therefore, many people, including Adelaide escorts near me, decide to buy jewelrywith this mineral to keep passion and love always active.

Besides keeping the love alive, ruby symbolizes protection, emotional benefits and healing properties. As mentioned above, people who wear jewelry with this mineral feel a great strength and emotion that makes them stronger.

In conclusion, there are very different gemstonesthat have great properties and benefits for people. The way in which these stones can be present in the day to day is very different, so jewelry or even decorative objects for the house are created.

In addition, it should be noted that maintaining love in the relationship, especially in those of long duration, is very complicated. Therefore, the stones mentioned above, are a good ally that undoubtedly have a very important and visible effect on the routine of these.

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