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Diamond Eternity Rings - Timeless Symbols Of Everlasting Love

Symbolize eternal love with diamond eternity rings - Explore our exquisite collection of timeless and meaningful designs.

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  1. List Of Popular Diamond Eternity Rings
  2. The History Of Eternity Rings
  3. Styles Of Eternity Ring
  4. Pros And Cons Of Eternity Rings
  5. Eternity Ring Settings
  6. Occasions For Eternity Rings
  7. Diamond Eternity Rings - FAQs
  8. Conclusion
Diamond Eternity Rings - Timeless Symbols Of Everlasting Love

An eternity ringadorned with diamondsis more than a mere piece of jewelry; it is a symbol of everlasting love, commitment, and a promise that knows no end. This exquisitely beautiful and meaningful accessory has become a timeless emblem of enduring relationships, encapsulating the very essence of an eternal bond.

Diamondeternity ringsare incredibly sought after for their enduring beauty and brightness. Diamonds are the toughest and most long-lasting gemstones, which makes them the ideal option for daily use. They are the perfect option for an eternity ring because they also stand for power, tenacity, and everlasting love.

Eternity rings, often set with diamonds, are a beautiful and meaningful symbol of everlasting love. These rings feature diamonds that encircle the entire band, representing an unbroken circle of commitment and unending love. Here are various types of diamondeternity rings in detail;

Classic Full Eternity Ring

1.2ct Natural Diamonds Eternity Wedding Ring Wedding Band
1.2ct Natural Diamonds Eternity Wedding Ring Wedding Band

In a full eternity ring, diamonds are set all the way around the band, offering an unbroken circle of diamonds. This design is a valid symbol of eternal commitment, as it features diamonds on all sides.

Half Eternity Ring

Gelin Square Diamond Eternity Ring in 14K Gold
Gelin Square Diamond Eternity Ring in 14K Gold

Half eternity rings have diamonds set on only the top half of the band, allowing for resizing and comfort. Half eternity rings are a popular choice, as they provide a balance between showcasing diamonds and comfort.

Three-Quarter Eternity Ring

3 Quarter Eternity Diamond Rings
3 Quarter Eternity Diamond Rings

In this style, diamonds are set on approximately three-quarters of the band's circumference, leaving a small section without stones. The three-quarter eternity ring combines the brilliance of diamonds with practicality, as it allows for resizing.

Shared Prong Eternity Ring

Shared Prong Diamond Eternity Ring in 14K White Gold
Shared Prong Diamond Eternity Ring in 14K White Gold

Shared prong settings hold the diamonds closely together, allowing more of each diamond to be visible. This design enhances the sparkle of the diamonds and provides a sleek and streamlined appearance.

U-Prong Eternity Ring

Full U-Prong Eternity Diamond Bespoke Ring
Full U-Prong Eternity Diamond Bespoke Ring

In a U-prong setting, small metal U-shaped prongs hold the diamonds, allowing more light to pass through. U-prong settings create a delicate and airy look while accentuating the brilliance of the diamonds.

French-Pave Eternity Ring

Delicate French Pavé Eternity Diamond Wedding Ring
Delicate French Pavé Eternity Diamond Wedding Ring

In French-pave settings, tiny diamonds are set close together, with small beads or prongs securing them. This design maximizes the diamond presence and provides an elegant and luxurious appearance.

Bezel-Set Eternity Ring

14K Gold Bezel Setting Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Eternity Ring
14K Gold Bezel Setting Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Eternity Ring

Diamonds are surrounded by metal bezels that protect and secure them in place. Bezel-set diamonds are well-protected, creating a modern and minimalist look.

Milgrain Eternity Ring

Channel Set Diamond Eternity Band with Milgrain Detail
Channel Set Diamond Eternity Band with Milgrain Detail

Milgrain involves adding tiny beaded or granulated details along the edges of the band or around the diamonds. This style offers a vintageand intricate look, often seen in antique and vintage-inspired designs.

Mixed Metal Eternity Ring

Half Set Diamond Eternity Ring in Mixed Metal
Half Set Diamond Eternity Ring in Mixed Metal

Rings with mixed metals combine two or more types of metals, creating visual contrast. This design adds a contemporary and unique element to the ring, making it a stylish choice.

Colored Diamond Eternity Ring

Gelin Rainbow Eternity Ring in 14K Gold
Gelin Rainbow Eternity Ring in 14K Gold

Colored diamonds (such as pink, blue, or yellow) are used in place of or alongside traditional white diamonds. Colored diamond eternity rings add a vibrant and personalized touch to the symbol of eternal love.

Eternity rings, whether full, half, or three-quarter, with various setting styles, provide an elegant and meaningful way to commemorate anniversaries or celebrate special milestones in a relationship. The choice of design and setting can be a reflection of individual style and preferences while maintaining the enduring symbolism of unbroken love and commitment.

The History Of Eternity Rings

Eternity rings date back to the period of the Ancient Egyptians when rings were given as tokens of everlasting love by husbands to their wives. The "ouroboros" symbol, which depicts a snake eating its tail, can be seen on some of these antique rings. It is thought to stand for eternity, unity, and the cycle of life and death. Marriage was supposed to endure a lifetime and even continue in the afterlife because the Egyptians believed in eternal life.

It is hardly unexpected that rings were used to symbolize an eternal union in Egyptian culture because the circle had such a strong symbolic meaning in that society. Since then, wedding bandsand eternity rings have developed into two different types of jewelry, yet they are both still given to partners in life as promises and tokens of love.

When diamond dealers were trying to find a way to sell tiny uncut diamonds from the Soviet Union in the 1960s, the modern diamond eternity ring was born. In order to produce a new product promoted to husbands as a gift for their wives to represent their ongoing commitment to marriage, they chose to encrust bands with these smaller diamonds.

Styles Of Eternity Ring

When selecting an eternity band, there are various design factors to take into account. But first, you should choose if you want a whole or partial eternity ring. Then, you can think about the band style, the setting, and the diamond form;

Full Eternity Rings

Diamonds or other precious stones are put in a continuous row around the entire band of full eternity rings. The constant circle of rocks in this eternity ring, which is the most classic style, stands for unending love.

Full eternity rings typically weigh more and cost more than half eternity rings because they have more gemstones in them, but they have a more opulent look and spectacular brilliance. Be aware that entire eternity rings cannot be resized and must precisely fit the wearer's finger size when purchasing one.

Half Eternity Rings

Half-eternity rings have a row of diamonds or other precious stones running down their faces, and the rest of the band is made entirely of metal. These rings are frequently chosen because they are lighter and more comfier for daily wear. The top of the ring still has a continuous row of stones as a representation of eternity.

Pros And Cons Of Eternity Rings

Here are some of the pros and cons of eternity rings;


  • Sparkle - A ring will more effectively collect and reflect light to produce the fire and sparkle we all love the more diamonds it contains.
  • Neutralize Spinning- When other rings spin, the priceless diamonds may be hidden beneath the finger, leaving you staring at a plain metal band. However, all eternity rings are equally stunning.
  • Symbolism - Half-diamond or three-quarter-diamond bands can be gorgeous, but they only correctly represent enduring love once they have a continuous circle of stones.
Sterling Silver Black Spinel Full Eternity Ring Set of 3
Sterling Silver Black Spinel Full Eternity Ring Set of 3


  • Cost- Compared to half or three-quarters of diamond bands, eternity rings require more gemstones. They are also more challenging to make since equal-sized stones must be used, and they must precisely fit the wearer's finger. These elements frequently increase the price of eternity rings.
  • Sizing - Because eternity rings need such expert craftsmanship to construct, they are challenging (and perhaps impossible) to adjust, especially if you need to make them larger.
  • Repairs - Eternity bands may require more upkeep than other rings due to the presence of stones on the underside of the band, which usually experiences the most wear and tear.

Eternity Ring Settings

The setting style is the next aspect to think about when choosing an eternity ring. There is a setting type for everyone, whether it be a bezel, channel set, or single prong. When selecting a setting style, keep in mind how rough you are on jewelry and how frequently you want to wear the ring.

The options offer varied levels of protection and durability. There is no such thing as a "good" or "bad" style; instead, pick the one that best suits your tastes for durability and style;

Prong Set

Because they allow more angles of the diamonds to be seen, prong-set eternity rings are frequently chosen. However, it's crucial to pay attention to all of the various prong designs' multiple levels of stone protection.


Small diamonds are arranged in a row for a seamless appearance in the pave style, which is well known. When two diamonds sparkle at different angles, it is pretty challenging to tell where one ends and the other begins. Although this design is highly appealing, it might be weaker than other possibilities.

The amount of wear and strain that each prong can withstand is limited since smaller diamonds require much smaller prongs. If you choose a pave ring, just be sure to have it checked by a jeweler on a regular basis and remove it when performing harder handwork.

Single Prong

These rings, sometimes known as "floating diamond bands," are distinctive in that they really emphasize the stone's shape. Look for a ring with a little bit of extra metal behind the stone, like this rose goldband from the Blue Nile because these rings only have one prong between each of the stones. This "seat" makes each stone more protected and aids in holding them in position.

Shared Prong

The shared prong band is the most common type of eternity band with prongs that you will encounter.

While still providing adequate protection against wear and tear, this type offers a great deal of versatility when it comes to the design underneath the stones (there can be a gallery, a low seat, or a weaving style). This platinumshared prong ring from James Allen has emerald-cut diamonds placed into it for a traditional appearance.

Full Prong

Full-pronged eternity bands, such as this ring from Angara below, are the most protective choice when it comes to prong eternity bands. Each diamond has four prongs surrounding it for a solid hold without reducing the ring's brightness. In order to provide safety and a snug fit for the wearer, the diamonds are also positioned low within the band.

14K White Gold Contoured Twist Tension Set Engagement Ring
14K White Gold Contoured Twist Tension Set Engagement Ring

Channel Set

The next improvement in an eternity band's security will be a channel set band. A row of diamonds set between two rows, or "channels," of metal defines a channel band. This design has long been considered a classic and is highly durable.

This straight band can be worn alone or in a classic stack with other rings. A channel set band may be the perfect option for you if you want to wear your eternity ring often and are rough with your jewelry.


The bezel set eternity band is last but not least. Up until recently, bezel-set eternity bands were less popular. Compared to other setting types, they offer the most significant level of security for diamonds. Bezel settings were generally avoided since the majority of the sides and bottom of the diamonds are hidden.

Claw Setting

Each diamond in an eternity ring that is claw-set is held in place by a little prong. This is the most conventional choice, enabling the most light to shine through the stone for a brilliant appearance. Claw settings need to be worn with caution since they are less secure than channel-set rings.

Occasions For Eternity Rings

Eternity rings are not limited to just one occasion; they can be given or worn to celebrate a variety of milestones;

  • Wedding Bands- Many couples opt for diamond eternity rings as their wedding bands, symbolizing the unending love they promise to each other in marriage.
  • Anniversaries - Eternity rings are a popular choice for celebrating significant anniversaries, such as the 10th, 20th, or 50th year of marriage.
  • Birth of a Child - Some parents choose to gift an eternity ring to commemorate the birth of a child, representing the love and unity of their growing family.
  • Personal Milestones- Eternity rings can be gifted to celebrate individual achievements, such as overcoming challenges, completing a degree, or reaching a significant life goal.

Diamond Eternity Rings - FAQs

Which Finger Should You Wear An Eternity Ring On?

To honor any occasion, they can be worn on the right hand or any finger. One of the appeals of eternity rings is how versatile they are.

Can You Wear An Eternity Band As An Engagement Ring?

Yes, you can wear an eternity band as an engagement ring. An eternity band can be a distinctive and fashionable alternative to the solitaire diamond that is frequently featured in traditional engagement bands.

What Does An Eternity Ring Symbolize?

Eternity rings are a promise of a lifetime commitment and a symbol of eternal love. These rings represent the circle of life as well. After the birth of a child, they are frequently presented to a spouse to symbolize the beginning of another journey of enduring love.

Can You Wear An Eternity Ring Every Day?

Wearing an eternity band as a single piece on your ring finger is the most conventional style. This timeless style gives off an air of ageless elegance and is the ideal everyday accessory.

Why Do Men Give Eternity Rings?

An eternity band ring was traditionally given as a symbol of the couple's ongoing commitment to love and care for one another on either the 10th or 60th wedding anniversary. There isn't a set of rules anymore.


Diamond eternity rings represent a profound and everlasting symbol of love, commitment, and unending devotion. These exquisite rings, adorned with diamonds that encircle the entire band, create a visual representation of an unbroken circle, mirroring the timeless nature of love itself.

The variety of designs and settings available for diamond eternity rings allows couples to find a style that resonates with their unique love story and personal preferences. Whether opting for a classic full-terternity ring that showcases diamonds on all sides, a practical and comfortable half-terternity ring, or a distinctive mixed metal design, each ring tells a story of enduring love.

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