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The Best Jewelry Themed Slots

Discover everything there is to know about video slots that are centered around jewelry. Read our guide to see which ones are the best to play.

Nov 11, 20217.7K Shares267.8K ViewsWritten By: Johnny K.Reviewed By: Luke Williams
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  1. Starburst
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  4. Nouveau Riche
  5. Reel Gems

There are some incredible themes when it comes to video slots. Lots of games have exciting action going on in the background. One theme that is often overlooked when talking about slots, is jewels and jewelry. Many people don’t realize just how widespread these games are. We’ve taken a look at some of the best ones out there, which you might not have previously known had a jewel-based theme in place.


Starburst is a slot that often surprises people when they find out it’s based around jewels. This is, because the name suggests a space theme. On top of that, the graphics have a really shiny look to them. It’s almost as though they came straight from the pagesof a manga from Japan.

Despite this surprise, it’s without a doubt the most famous of all the jewelry-themed slots out there. It offers players 10 paylines, and it boasts an awesome respin feature. This gives players the chance to fill up the middle reels with wild symbols and create some massive wins from there. If you’re looking for a jewelry-themed slot, then Starburst should definitely be your starting point.

Mice Dice

Mice Dice is one of the lesser-known slots out there. This is a huge shame, because it’s a slot that has a lot going for it. There are 25 paylines available, a bonus round, and a progressive jackpot. This really makes it an exciting game that is well worth playing. However, it also has a jewelry themein place.

What makes it obvious, is the lower value symbols in the game. Each of the playing card symbols has a bevelled look to the outside edge, and it is resplendent in jewels in the middle. It looks just like it could hang from the end of a neck chain. It’s a great looking game, and it is a lot of fun. 

Pure Platinum

It’s obvious that there’s a hint of a jewelry theme to this game from the moment it loads up. Players will see the symbols that look fantastic, and one of the most prominent symbols is a high-end watch. Some people might not class a watch as jewelry, but there’s no doubt that this watch wouldn’t just be a timekeeper. It’s definitely there to impress people who see it.

There are 40 paylines available in the game, which means that there are more ways to create wins than in a lot of other games. There’s also a free spins round which begins whenever at least 3 scatters drop onto the reels. This is definitely a game that will grab your attention when you load it up. Especially if that watch helps to create a nice big win. 

Nouveau Riche

Is it any surprise that a game with such a fancy title has a lot to do with jewelry? As the title suggests, it’s about the new moneysubsection of the upper class, but it is based in renaissance era France. You will see a number of different aristocrats appear on the screen, but that’s not where the real fun is.

There are a number of different jewels that land on the reels, which help to create some impressive wins. Each one is shaped into a brooch which houses the jewel. They look fantastic, and they have some decent payouts attached. There is also a free spin round, which adds some extra intrigue to the game. 

Reel Gems

This is a game that’s obvious about its theme from the very start. It has a jewelry box, a range of gems, a diamond, and a ringas some of its features. This ensures that players understand that this game is all about the bling.

There is a special bonus round where you get to pick from different prizes. This adds a lot of fun to the game. On top of this, there is also a free spins round, which can give players some lucrative wins as they play. It’s certainly one of the most obvious jewelry themed games, but it definitely has a huge amount going for it.

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