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To Celebrate 110 Years, Ben Bridge Donates $110K

Ben Bridge Jeweler has been giving back to the communities that it serves as part of the celebration of its 110th anniversary, and now, Ben Bridge donates $110K.

Dec 25, 2022103 Shares2.1K ViewsWritten By: Johnny K.Reviewed By: Luke Williams
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  3. The 11 People Who Will Receive Grants Are As Follows:

Ben Bridge Jeweler has been giving back to the communities that it serves as part of the celebration of its 110th anniversary, and now, Ben Bridge donates $110K.

The exquisite jeweler with its headquarters in Seattle, Washington, has given awards in the amount of $10,000 to 11 organizations that are active throughout the Pacific Northwest and California.

Education and management are at the center of each and every one of these programs, which is something that unites all of them.

Ben Bridge Jeweler

Samuel Silverman, who was a good guild watchmaker, opened his first store in downtown Seattle when he was 110 years old. Ben Bridge, whom his daughter Sally married, became a partner in the businessthat her father-in-law ran.

Ben Bridge Jeweler's elegant interior design
Ben Bridge Jeweler's elegant interior design

Sam moved to California in 1927, and Ben bought Sam's share of the business. He changed the name of the store to Ben Bridge Jeweler and started a tradition of service, quality, and value that is still going strong today.

Diverse Pool Of Leadership Development Initiatives

A specialized panel was brought together for the purpose of selecting 11 deserving organizations to receive grants out of a total of 40 applicants. The candidates represented a wide variety of leadership development programs.

Ben Bridge President and CEO Lisa Bridge said:

Ben Bridge has always been about diversity. For our 110th anniversary, we wanted to celebrate by investing in the next generation of diverse leaders. We are proud of the communities we serve and want to ensure a strong, vibrant, and equitable next 110 years.- Ben Bridge

The 11 People Who Will Receive Grants Are As Follows:

High school athletes in Bellevue, Washington who participate in the Athletes for Kids program are paired with children in the community who have disabilities or other special needs. Through the use of mentorship, the program encourages accepting and including others.

The Bellevue Schools Foundation, which also has its headquarters in Bellevue, is dedicated to advancing educational opportunities for students in grades K 12 across the state of Washington.

The organization has contributed more than $25 million to the support of programs that are not provided by funding at the local, state, or federal levels.

Black Coffee Northwest Grounded is a youth leadership program that supports kids in middle school and high school by offering safe locations for students to study after school and academic tutoring.

Black Coffee Northwest Grounded is based in the Seattle area. The services are provided at no cost to the pupils.

The Black in JewelryCoalition has teamed up with the Watch Technology Program at North Seattle College to form a new partnership. Both of these organizations have set their sights on producing watchmakers for the next generation who represent a wider range of backgrounds.

Homeboy Industries is hailed as the most comprehensive gang rehabilitation and re-entry program in the world, and it is located in the city of Los Angeles.

The group, which has been around for more than three decades, works to rehabilitate individuals who have been involved in criminal activity in the past and assist them in becoming productive members of their communities.

Students at Impact Public School are given the tools they need to be successful in further education.

The organization, which has its headquarters in the south Puget Sound region of Washington state, also campaigns for governmental policies that would reduce the opportunity gap and make it possible for all students to be successful regardless of their backgrounds.

The Journeyman Institute of Puget Sound, which is located in the same region as the other Puget Sound organizations, provides male mentorship to young men through participation in community service projects and outdoor activities.

Since the beginning of the civil rights struggle, the Tacoma Urban League has been in operation.

Even in today's modern times, they are dedicated to helping people from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, such as African Americans, other ethnic minorities, and people from other groups, achieve economic independence and social equality. This includes African Americans.

Team Read's goal is to empower young people to make more independent decisions by helping them improve their reading comprehension and leadership abilities. This organization's mission is to remove racist laws and practices and bring about educational parity. They are working toward this aim.

The Red Tail Hawks Flying Club of the Pacific Northwest is dedicated to introducing young people to the world of aviation, teaching them about the real-world applications of STEM skills, and fostering diversity in the aviation industry. The location of organization's headquarters is in the state of Washington.

The YMCA of Seattle and Snohomish Counties places an emphasis on the personal growth of young people, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and becoming responsible members of society.

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