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Accessories Every Male Needs

Male style has evolved drastically in recent years. From formal suits to smart jeans, the perfect man’s wardrobe now reflects a clever mix of both classic and contemporary fashion.

Feb 28, 20244.1K Shares60.3K ViewsWritten By: Johnny K.Reviewed By: Luke Williams
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  1. What Are The Best Male Style Accessories?
Accessories Every Male Needs

Male style has evolved drastically in recent years. From formal suits to smart jeans, the perfect man’s wardrobe now reflects a clever mix of both classic and contemporary fashion.

The best way to demonstrate this is in the growing world of male accessories. Whether you are heading for a game of blackjackat a smart casino or the annual dinner at the golf club, a set of high quality cufflinks or an impressive wristwatch can set off your outfit with style.

The days of a formal cummerbund or spats may be distant – but certain stylish extras still can serve to complement a man’s overall look.

We talked to fashion experts to find today’s most important male style accessories.

What Are The Best Male Style Accessories?


An elegant timepiece on your wrist is a simple way of adorning any outfit. It could be a classic mechanical watch or a modern smartwatch, both can do the job with style.


From a sturdy leather cuffs to arty beaded bracelet, fashionable men's wristwear has become increasingly diverse in recent years. Whatever you choose for your style statement, stackable bracelets or a single piece can add personality to any outfit.


Rings too have become more acceptable and diverse. It could be a signet ring, minimalist creation or striking statement ring.

They are all popular choices for today’s men's jewellery. Remember that rings can be worn alone or in multiples an eye-catching look.


Whether it's a simple silver chain or a bootstrap pendant, necklaces are now often considered a stylish accessory for men. Forget medallions and heavy gold, more creative pieces work best.

Looking for your own individual look? Layering different lengths and styles can create a unique and personalized look.

Used to hold formal shirt cuffs together, cufflinks also add a touch of elegance to businessattire. This makes them suitable for important meetings, presentations, or negotiations – as well as that classic dinner or party outfit.

Cufflinks are a staple for formal events like black-tie galas, weddings or award ceremonies. That’s because they add a sophisticated finishing touch to any tuxedo or formal suit.


Once there were briefcases and backpacks. Today the world of man’s bags has expanded in all directions.

They can now come in many various styles. This can include rucksacks, messenger bags, hip bags and clutch bags. Look for something that implies ‘functional yet stylish’.

It’s a contemporary extra but a well-chosen bag elevates an outfit, adding a touch of busy sophistication.


Nowadays male scarves aren't just for keeping warm – they're also cool fashion accessories. They are a brilliant way to add texture and color to an outfit.

Lightweight scarves in silk or cotton are popular everyday urban choices. Chunky knitted scarves can be an eye-catching way of staying warm too.

Scarves offer a stylish extra with both casual and formal looks.


A attractive pair of sunglasses is almost one of today’s must-have accessories for men.

Classic aviators, wayfarers and round frames have all had their day. Currently bold shapes and colours are often the stylish way to make a statement.


A good quality trouser belt can be another essential accessory that can tie an outfit together.

Classic leather belts in neutral colours are the most reliable versatile options, but woven or braided styles add a casual touch.

Be careful with big bright buckles, however. They’ve mostly had their day and can make the wearer look out-of-date.

Pocket Squares

Pocket squares are handkerchiefsthat are folded neatly into a top jacket breast pocket. It’s a small but formal detail that can make a big impact.

Today you can get away with folded neatly or casually stuffed into a pocket. Either way, a pocket square adds a pop of colour and personality to a suit or blazer.


From baseball caps to fedoras, hats have become the number one stylish way for men to add a finishing touch to an outfit. They also keep the sun and rain off!

Choosing a style that complements your face shape and personal style is more difficult. It’s simply a case of trying various hats.

It could be a classic cloth cap, baseball cap, woollen beanie or one of the classic hat types like trilbies or bowlers.

Try before you buy and keep a selection for different looks and occasions.

Keep the whole outfit in mind.

These are the best of the many accessories available to men today.

Whatever the event, always choose the ones that reflect your personal style. Accessories should make you feel confident and comfortable.

Keep the whole look of any outfit in mind. Accessories should never overpower the clothes you have chosen.

Remember that your style is important at any event – but feeling yourself and not being awkward or uncomfortable is even more vital.

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