Mimicking semi-precious stone

Inlaid bands are pretty but after a few years of frequent wear the thin slices of semi-precious stone tend to fall out. They are extremely difficult, if not impossible, to repair. There is an interesting option, though, for the person determined to keep the ring wearable.

The process of duplicating virtually any color using pastels and two-part epoxy resin to mimic stone is pretty straight forward and easy. The trick is to know a bit about color theory and to devote some time to trial and error. In this case, the task was to duplicate the color of the few remaining pieces of turquoise that were left in the ring.

Taking a sharp knife, the jeweler scrapes the pastels onto paper in a tiny mound and adds other colors until she creates the desired hue. The color will darken a bit when the epoxy resin is added. The two-part epoxy is mixed first and then the fine powder is added into the mixture, little by little, until she reaches the right color and opacity. The mix is then put into the ring cavity and left to cure for 24 hours. At last, she gives the ring a clean-up and a polish.


Scroll through the slideshow to view the process, step by step.