Caring for your new ear piercing

Did you know that we pierce ears at Grimball Jewelers?

Yes, we do! In fact, this service is complimentary with your purchase of our special earrings designed for new piercings. We offer piercing earrings in shiny 14K yellow gold ball studs that come in sizes from 2mm to 5mm. Same with sparkly cubic zirconia studs.

We have only one person qualified to pierce ears though, and to avoid disappoint we ask that you call ahead to make an appointment with Jenny.

We don't do cartilage piercing -- much as we love it. Only tender earlobes! Also. We do not piece children under the age of ten.

Caring for your new piercing

  1. Patience. Ear lobes usually take about eight to twelve weeks to heal after being pierced.
  2. Wash with soap and water (or saline solution) twice a day. Avoid rubbing alcohol, which can dry the piercing out. Oil-based soaps can be ideal. Not only do they clean the puncture, but the oils also soften up the surrounding tissue.
  3. Rotate the earring -- but ONLY when it's wet. Just don't move it when it's dry. Ow.
  4. Don't panic. Common side effects of ear piercing include swelling, redness, heat, and fluid secretion. 90% of the time, the piercing is simply irritated... not infected. If you are worried, visit your piercer (Jenny).