The scarab project: Repurposing an antique pin from 1867

Traveling all over the world and for 150 years, this scarab brooch arrived at Grimball Jewelers a couple of months ago. Our client found it in a "free to a good home" event sponsored by her apartment complex. Originally the piece was a pendant; at some point in its history it had been converted into a pin. Our client wanted to turn it back into a pendant that she could wear more often. The pin stem addition was only soldered on with lead, so we were able to easily remove it and restore any engraving that had been covered. A jump ring was attached and voila! The pin was a pendant again.

If you look closely, you'll see that the oval cabochon stone is chipped. But that was fine with our client. To her, it added to the the mystery of the prior owner. We also replaced three missing diamond chips with rose-cuts.

We did not polish the scarab pendant. The client wanted to preserve its aura of mystery and history.